In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best garage vacuums? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best garage vacuums on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, value for the money and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the VacuMaid GV50PRO came up on top of the competition. This is the type of garage vacuum you will purchase for life. The housing is made of durable galvannealed steel that is built to last for a lifetime. The 50 feet hose allows for plenty of movement freedom, so you can thoroughly clean your garage, even when the amount of dirt is really high. All kinds of accessories are provided with your purchase, such as a dusting brush, upholstery tools, a hanger and caddy, for your extra convenience. Cleaning your garage has never been easier and you will not regret your purchase if you go for this model. If the VacuMaid GV50PRO is unavailable, you could also consider the VacuMaid GV30 as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Weight Warranty Our  Rating Where to buy

VacuMaid GV50PRO

Corded electric $$$$ 30 lbs Included A+ AMAZON

Hoover L2310

Corded electric $$$ 30 lbs Included A AMAZON

BISSELL 18P03 Garage Pro

Corded electric $$$ 30 lbs Included B+ AMAZON

VacMaster VWM510

Corded electric $$ 26 lbs Included B AMAZON

Shop-Vac 3942000

Corded electric $$ 16 lbs No C AMAZON



Buying Guide


Having a garage vacuum cleaner can be indispensable, if you want to clean your car with ease, or you want to keep your garage really clean. A lot of dirt and debris can build up inside a garage, as well as inside your car, so you will need all the help you can get to tidy up. A garage vacuum is more than just a simple vacuum cleaner. Just imagine all the hassle of hauling up your vacuum cleaner to the garage and then notice that it cannot do that great a job. Garage vacuums have certain characteristics that make them so efficient in cleaning dirt inside a car and a garage. If you are thinking about getting one of these, there is no better way that to learn a bit more about these products and what to look for.


Hose length

One of the most obvious downsides to using a regular vacuum cleaner to clean your car and your garage is that the hose length, even in the most competitive models currently available, cannot compete with what you really need. You will notice that garage vacuum cleaners come with really long hoses, and the longer the hose, the more convenient the model will be. The best vacuum for garage floors is one that does not only provides reliable suction power, but also one that has a long hose, so you can manipulate it in and out your car with great ease. A unit with a short hose will not reach the toughest spots inside a vehicle and that is why you should not count on a regular vacuum cleaner to do the work. 30 feet is a pretty standard length for hoses installed on garage vacuums, for the simple reason that you need plenty of leeway to move around and reach difficult spots.


Wall mountable

A good and reliable garage vacuum cleaner should be one that does not stand in your way. That can be pretty difficult to achieve, if you need to carry the canister of the vacuum everywhere you have to go. Manufacturers of the best models currently available have thought about this predicament and they came with a pretty awesome solution. You will discover that most of the models praised by the garage vacuum cleaner reviews are wall mountable, which means that you will be able to place the vacuum cleaner on one of the walls of your garage and only use the hose. This is quite a convenient solution, as you will not have to trip over the vacuum cleaner all the time, and, when you are done, you will simply hook the hose on the hanger and leave things tidy and clean, exactly how you like them to be. This helps with storing the vacuum cleaner away, as well. A wall mounted unit will be ready for use anytime your car is dirty or your garage needs a thorough cleaning.



There are many things one would love having in a vacuum cleaner created for a garage. A model with a lot of power may do a fine job at cleaning large surfaces, but, when you need to deal with more complicated spots, you will find that a few accessories never hurt. The best models you can find on the market right now come with quite a few accessories. For instance, you will need plenty of crevice tools to get inside areas that are really difficult to clean, as is the case with the inside of a vehicle. The dirty mats can be taken outside and washed, but not the entire floor. This must be cleaned thoroughly in order to have a really clean car. A vacuum cleaner equipped with some reliable crevice tools will do the work fast and easy. A dusting brush is another accessory you may love to have, since there will be plenty of dust to deal with. A telescopic wand will come in handy, too, when you have to reach higher areas. A vacuum cleaner designed for your garage can be a reliable tool, but only with the right accessories.



Top rated garage vacuums in 2019


Now that you are better informed on this category of cleaning products, it is time to meet the best garage vacuums available, as they are showcased below.


Our recommendations


VacuMaid GV50PRO


A growing number of users and technicians are using with confidence the VacuMaid GV50 vacuum cleaner, a product very popular in the United States of America and United Kingdom. The model includes a 50’ hose, hanger, caddy, wands, a solid dusting brush and also various floor and upholstery tools. GV50 vacuum from VacuMaid has a galvannealed steel and also is powder coated thus being fully corrosion resistant. Furthermore you will discover that the vacuum has a solid 7 gallon dirt capacity, making it one of the best garage vacuum in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($335)




VacuMaid GV30



Among the vacuum cleaners currently available for sale, the VacuMaid GV30 stands apart because of its great features. The special Ametek Lamb motor it comes equipped with has a proven longer lifespan than other models on the market, and its sturdy construction stands as warranty for its durability. It is no wonder that the manufacturer offers a 5 year residential warranty with your purchase. You can mount the system on the wall and the 30 feet long hose will allow you to clean around the garage fast and easy. Accessories like a dusting brush and crevice tools help achieving the level of cleanliness you want in your garage.


Buy from Amazon for ($249)


Hoover L2310 GUV


Best garage vacuum reviews

Considered by thousands of technicians as one of the best garage vacuum in 2019, the L2310 GUV model from Hoover was designed with attention in order to help the user clean fast without dealing into any problems at all. The model has a rugged, high-capacity and bagless vacuum which makes it ideal for workshop or garage cleaning. Furthermore Hoover L2310 GUV vacuum has a heavy-duty and solid all-steel construction and more importantly a powerful but yet surprisingly quiet 10-amp motor that helps you get the job done.


Buy from Amazon for ($163.36)






The majority of the most recent top rated garage vacuum reviews, coming from satisfied users and technicians underline the efficiency and precision of the Bissell garage pro, a model very popular in the United States of America and Canada alike. This vacuum cleaner measures 11 by 11 by 26 inches and can be used with ease on carpets, bare floors, garage, car or workshops. Garage Pro from Bissell vacuum has a solid 12 amp wet and dry power that allows the user to suction with great ease dirt, debris or anything else.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.99)




VacMaster VWM510


VacMaster is renowned for its high quality and efficiency in cleaning garages, workshops or work studios. To this extent the VWM510 model makes no exception, reuniting the proper capabilities in cleaning vast areas with ease and no hassle at all. This wall mount wet and dry vacuum is powered by solid industrial 2-stage motor with a precise remote control. The model comes with a strong five-gallon tank is makes every day vacuuming a lot easier. To this extent it comes as no surprise to see more and more people consider the model as one of the best garage vacuum in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($95.8)




Shop-Vac 9520262 – Not Available


Most of the latest top rated garage vacuum reviews, underline the strong functionality and efficiency of the 9520262 model from Shop-Vac, a product designed to help people clean with ease any facility or location. This model comes equipped with a powerful 4-1/2-horsepower motor that delivers an impressive and precise suction and airflow strength of 165 cubic feet per minute. Shop-Vac 9520262 vacuum cleaner is wall mountable thus ensuring a vast centralized cleaning action every time you desire. Furthermore this cleaner has the capacity to clean up, wet or dry debris or dirt.