How to Buy the Best Rated Gas Grill under 200


Gas grills seem, at first glance, to be simple enough devices to help you avoid any headache when you go shopping for one. However, once you start reading about BTUs, fuel, cooking areas and so on, choosing one can easily become an overwhelming task. To understand more about these cooking appliances and pick the right one from the pile, read further and we will tell you all about the essentials for buying the best gas grill under 200.


Cooking surface

How many people do you intend to feed with the specialties cooked on your brand new gas grill? Cooking surface is important, because it gives you a clear idea on what exactly to expect in terms of how many burgers you can cook at the same time.


BTU rating

BTUs stand for British Thermal Units and their number shows you how much heat is produced by your gas grill. However, superior BTU rating doesn’t necessarily mean that your grill will do a better job than other models. Always opt for a reputable brand to avoid any mishaps.



Stainless steel is best for cooking appliances, as you may well know by now, and gas grills are no exceptions to the rule. However, aluminum and cast iron are other great choices because of their durability.


What Are the Most Appreciated Gas Grill under 200?


Consumers’ preferences always play an important role in helping others decide. Models that have been tried and tested are considered to be the best gas grills, because there are so many people praising them and their capabilities. Take a look at these three grills that are currently popular with consumers, as one of them may be exactly what you want.


Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE


Gas Grill under 200In case you are planning many trips to the great outdoors this summer and you feel like all is lacking is a full size gas grill, you should consider the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. Working on propane, this model is much larger than similar propane grills which are usually built to be small and convenient for cramped spaces.

You do not have to worry that this great looking gas grill will not fit in the trunk of your car. The model folds with ease, and it comes equipped with a handle and wheels, so you can set it up and carry it around as you please.

The cast iron frame is durable and the areas that get in touch with food are coated with high quality ceramic. Ceramic is now considered the best material for coating cooking surfaces in kitchen utensils and appliances because it conducts heat evenly and it does not contaminate food, like other materials.

The large cooking surface, which is 285 square inches, and the 20,000 BTUs available make the Coleman RoadTrip LXE the best gas grill under 200 you can purchase right now.

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Weber 50060001 Q 1000


2.Weber 50060001 Q 1000Weber is one of the best manufacturers of gas grills, and the Weber 50060001 Q 1000 respects the same tradition of offering customers efficiency, convenience and all around great quality. A newer version of the Q 100, this particular Weber gas grill is built for portability. A large handle and side handles make it easy to move this grill around, until you find the perfect spot for cooking some burgers.

The model folds with ease and it can be accommodated in any car trunk, so, if you plan on traveling with your favorite gas grill on tow, there is nothing easier than packing the Weber 50060001 Q 1000 and taking it along.

This Weber grill works with liquid propane and it uses disposable LP cylinders, for convenience. Especially if you plan on packing some fuel for the road, this feature comes in handy.

The 8500 BTU rating heats evenly the 189 square inch cooking surface, offering you plenty of space to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner with ease, and that while having a lot of fun.

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Char-Broil 463722314 Gas Grill


3.Char-Broil Gas GrillWith three burners, 36,000 BTUs and an extra side burner provided by this stylish gas grill, you will care for nothing else when you want to host a barbecue party in your backyard.

The wire grates used for the burners are coated with ceramic that not only helps you cook faster and healthier, but it also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The surface area has 370 square inches, but you should also count in the extra 175 square inches offered by the additional side burner.

Larger than other models on the market, but also more competitive and more efficient, the Char-Broil Gas Grill is made of high grade materials and it is built to last. In case you are considering a small investment for your future barbecue parties, you cannot go wrong with this model. It is durable, efficient, and stylish and it is sold for an unbeatable price.

The three different burners and the extra one have individual controls, so you can prepare different dishes with different cooking times without losing a minute of your precious time.

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