If you need some advice regarding the best gas smoker on the market look no further because we’ve gathered useful information about everything you need to know in regards to this type of products. All our research is based on the feedback received from experts and customers and on the evaluation of the social media activity.  We’ve come to the conclusion that the product that fits the profile is the Char- Broil 14101550 because it provides options for smoking, roasting, and grilling without having to use charcoal or oil. Besides, the inner walls are heated so that the food is cooked evenly and it uses a smoker box for extra flavor.  This product is a fantastic option but you can always go with the Smoke Hollow 38202G if the first one is out of stock. 



Buying guide  


Given the fact that there are so many gas smokers on the market it’s no wonder that you have a hard time deciding. In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve crafted a buying guide that shows which features to look for when choosing the best gas smoker.



You don’t need a large gas smoker if you only plan to put together some barbecue sessions in the weekend. This means that you’ll probably cook for no more than 20 people. You can easily do that with a small or medium smoker device.  

Generally, gas smokers recipes recommend using one pound of meat per person which is quite enough for a nice friends and family meal. Information regarding the amount of food that can be cooked is found in the manual instructions or written on the package box.

Otherwise, if you enjoy social gatherings and parties then search for a larger gas smoker for sale. Just be careful when you select a model because you’ll need much more storage space if you opt for a heavy capacity smoking device.  



Most gas smoker tips recommend choosing a unit that ensures multiple functions for cooking meats and other types of food. The way a unit is designed can have an impact on how the grilling and the roasting process are handled.  

For instance, you’ll find many products that have a vertical or a horizontal design. Don’t think that this is not an important feature because a good gas smoker allows you to pick up and move it anywhere you desire, without making any effort. The portability of a smoker is extremely useful especially if you plan on going outdoors; this feature is also handy for camping or food gatherings, every once in a while.  

A good product option is a vertical model which provides more smoke for the meat. As you know, smoke has a natural tendency to rise above but a vertical smoker keeps it around the food, thus, adding extra flavor and tenderness. To add to this variety of benefits, vertical gas smokers get heated faster than horizontal ones. Plus, the covers of the gas smoker ensure the meat is cooked evenly and stays moist.

You should also look for units  that, besides the smoking option, allow you to grill the food. These are more practical and enable you to experiment with a variety of cooking styles and recipes.  


Temperature control    

As far as the temperature range, the best gas smoker reviews talk about models that come with a thermometer located right on the door. This way, you can actually see the heat level from the inner compartment and avoid burning or overcooking the food.

Aside from the temperature gauge, you should pay attention to the control buttons and the air vents that allow you to set the heat according to your cooking recipe. Therefore, if you like to make sure that smoke is created at lower temperatures, a good alternative is a gas smoker that lets you set the level of heat manually.  

Another thing to consider is the ability of the device to maintain a proper temperature inside the cooking chamber. Cooking food doesn’t require a higher temperature but mostly depends on the smoke quality.  



Top Rated Gas Smokers in 2019


With these essential features explained, you should continue reading and see some useful product suggestions presented below. We’ve made this selection after a particular research on the greatest gas smoker units on the market.   


Our Recommendations


Char-Broil 14101550


This well-known gas smoker unit from Char-Broil performs three different cooking jobs thanks to the smoking, roasting and grilling features it comes with. You can consider this smoker ideal for you if you want to try out different recipes or if you need to cook fast and save precious time spent with your family or friends.

The thing that you’ll most likely appreciate is the way it distributes the heat evenly in the entire cooking compartment, ensuring the cooked meat is tender and juicy. Specified in the product description, the device benefits from a unique infrared technology which allows grilling to be done equally on the entire food surface.

This happens because the temperature is filtered through a special system. Plus, this characteristic prevents the meat from drying out. If you want to make a good impression among your friends or family, this gas smoker will surprise them with the excellent taste of food it delivers.  

Because of the gas heating system, there’s no need to deal with finding charcoals or pellets to heat up the smoker. All you have to do is to plug it into a power source, add you favorite chips and start smoking, roasting or grilling as your heart desires.  

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Smoke Hollow 38202G


The Smoke Hollow 38202G Gas Smoker is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to cook food recipes without limitations.  

While many customers complain about gas smokers that don’t provide a larger cooking compartment, this unit offers plenty of space to grill racks of ribs and pork shoulders simultaneously.

You’ll definitely appreciate the two-door design that allows you to add water or wood while cooking, without letting the smoke escape the chamber.

In addition to that, the model comes with four adjustable chrome-plated cooking grates that can be used for slow cooking or for high-temperature roasting. And the bonus part is undoubtedly the sausage rack located inside the cooking chamber that will come in handy for pleasing your party guests.  

Even though this gas smoker model is larger than similar products available for sale, it heats up quite easily due to the propane gas. Therefore, once you turn on the cooking unit there’s no need to wait for it to reach the desired level of heating because it gets warm in no time.  

As far as the construction materials, the entire device looks and feels sturdy and can be used no matter the temperature outside or the season.  

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Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 


This product provides a generous cooking surface of around 784 square inches, and it is suitable for large parties and family get-togethers. The four adjustable steel wire racks allow you to easily display different types of meats to be smoked and cooked according to your culinary preferences.

It features a 15,000 BTU cast iron burner with electronic push-button ignition for easily controlling and turning on the smoker. This powerful burner will allow you to cook and smoke meat perfectly, regardless of how demanding you are with your food.

The integrated porcelain enameled steel water bowl allows you to control the smoking inside the device and opt for juicier or dryer foods.

Some of the other features of this smoker include smoking or cooking heat control options for customizing your meat and reaching the perfect type of smoke. Besides, the feet on this product increase its size, allowing you to easily access all its features and the racks inside.

Most of the customers who purchased the item were very pleased with its quality, claiming it delivers different layers of smoking, depending on your own tastes. The smoker is perfect for both smoking and slow cooking and can accommodate various types of meat. The adjustable temperature allows you to perfectly smoke chicken, ham, beef, sausage, fish or seafood.

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Camp Chef SMV18S


Another great alternative for a gas smoker is the Camp Chef SMV18S. Although a small version of this model, it is ranked as one fantastic unit thanks to the high level of temperature it can reach. Besides, the product offers a variety of cooking options and it is built entirely from top notch materials.  

Given its temperature range, you don’t have limits for the foods you can cook with this gas smoker. Basically, the product is suitable for smoking ribs, turkey, fish but also for baking pies or bread. And if you’re a genuine pizza lover then this smoking hot tool will put your cravings to rest.   

The problem with many gas smokers is the absence of control when it comes to setting the desired temperature. This is not an issue with this model because you can easily change the settings as many times you like during the roasting process.  

Although the product is light the building metals are sturdy enough to hold it together and to ensure that no heat or smoke is released while the food is prepared.  

If you plan on cooking small pieces, there’s no need to worry because the smoker has two adjustable smoker racks and one jerky rack that can accommodate a wide array of food sizes.

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