Being able to take a hot shower whenever you like is one of the perks of modern society, along with free wifi, and processed food full of gluten. However, finding the right gas water heater to provide you with that hot water any time of the day is quite hard, especially if you don’t know exactly what to choose. So, after going through loads of online reviews ourselves, we have reached the conclusion that one of the best gas water heaters in the industry right now is the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG because it burns at approximately 140,000 BTU, it requires a 4-inch stainless steel venting, and comes with inlet and outlet thermistors for providing a constant water temperature. If this Takagi item is not available for purchase, you can also check the Camplux 16L 4.22GPM product as a great alternative in terms of costs, and functionality.



Buying guide


If you’re in the market for the best gas water heater, you need to take into consideration certain aspects to make sure you made the right purchase choice. So go through our comprehensive shopping guide and find out everything you need to know about the best water heater on gas available for sale right away.

Why get a gas water heater in the first place?

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your choice. There are several types of water heaters on the market, including those fueled by gas and regular electricity. However,  gas-fueled boilers are a greater investment because they cost less and will provide the right amount of hot water without increasing your monthly electricity costs.

Moreover, gas heaters are mainly suitable for larger families, especially if you still want to have enough money to pay the other bills, and still being able to survive through the month.

And, compared to the electric models, water heaters fueled by gas are more reliable in the long term, and can also be stored in unheated rooms.


The size of your household

A good gas water heater will not only provide you with hot water, but will also take care of all your household needs, and make sure you always get to finish your chores without running out of water during an important moment. Thus, the first thing you need to take into account when looking for the right gas boiler is the size of your household.

Obviously, some gas-based burners are specifically designed to meet the needs of large families with an increased water consumption, while others are perfect for smaller apartments with one or two inhabitants.

So think wisely of your family needs – how many times per day is the shower used, how often do you cook, shave or perform other activities that require the use of hot water, and then decide which type of water heater is the perfect one for you.


Think about the climate you live in

Another thing to take into consideration is the actual place you live in. Do you live in a house that is fully insulated? Are winters warm or usually cold and full of snow? If you live in a state with low temperatures and cold winters, you might want to invest in a unit that is more powerful and will be able to maintain your water hot regardless of the temperatures outside.

Similarly, if your house is fully insulated and you keep your boiler inside too, there is no need to opt for more powerful items, especially if there aren’t too many family members either.


Tank or tankless?

Last but not least, you should also consider the type of your gas water heater. The regular models come with attached water tanks that can store the water and maintain it hot when you’re not using it. The downside is that once the tank is empty, you will have to wait up to 40-45 minutes until you can take a shower and enjoy your hot water again.

Tankless designs are often more expensive and harder to mount, but they are also more convenient in the long term as they will only provide hot water when needed, and won’t use too much fuel to heat the entire tank of water at once. This means lower monthly gas bills and a more convenient use of household water.

If you’re not really sure which item is the best one for you, we suggest reading some reviews of gas water heaters online and see what other buyers have to say about certain products.



Top Rated Gas Water Heaters in 2019


In addition, we have our own list of top choices that you might want to consider.


Our Recommandations


Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG


This is one of the most popular water heating solution chosen by thousands of clients across the country and not only. The item is suitable for small households, apartments or store bathrooms where there is little water consumption, but you still want to have hot water whenever you need it.

This product will provide enough hot water for 2-3 showers at once in a warm climate, so it makes one of the most convenient choices for average households across the country. It is also suitable for smaller apartments and cottages in cold climates, as long as you are willing to wait for a little until the water gets hot again.

Most of the customers who already purchased the item consider it to be a great value in terms of price and quality, so you should definitely opt for one yourself if you are running a low-maintenance household.

It is easy to install and very user-friendly, meaning you won’t have any problems learning how to properly use it. It comes with a digital remote to precisely control the water temperature and make all the adjustments you want, whenever you want. Furthermore, the product can also be adjusted to fit different altitudes, so if you live in the mountains, you are in luck!

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Camplux 16L 4.22 GPM


This product is ready to provide 4.22 gallons of hot water per minute, more than enough to suit a medium-sized household and all its requirements.

Thanks to the digital control display you will be able to adjust the temperature according to your needs and chores around the house. This way you will never run out of hot water and you will be able to enjoy a refreshing hot shower in the morning, and still use the remaining water for other household activities, including cooking and cleaning the dishes.

The simple design and the high output structure make this product easy to use with almost maximum thermal efficiency. In other words, this water heater is ready to provide hot water instantly and help you with everything around the house.

The safety features are extremely important when looking for a great water heater, and this item provides them nonetheless. The flame-failure device, the 20-minute automatic safety device, and the anti-freezing protection are enabled to help you safely enjoy your new gas boiler, regardless of the weather conditions.

Lastly, the product is delivered with everything you need to install it and enjoy hot water right away – CSA-approved gas regulator, all required adapters, and a multi-functional shower head.

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Rheem RTG-64XLN 6.4 GPM


This water heater is designed for the outdoor use and comes with a tankless design, hence the increased retail value. It is ready to provide up to 6.4 gallons of hot water per minute, at a 35-degree rise. In other words, the product is heavy-duty and will help you perform all your activities perfectly.

It is perfect for larger households with big hot water demands, and can easily support a family of 6-7 members or more.

The water heater comes with a remote control so you can have access to all its features instantly, regardless of the place you are. This way you can adjust the water temperature to suit your needs, depending on the type of chore you want to perform around the house.

Included in the box you will also receive a 10-feet thermostat wire so you can set the water at a perfect temperature and keep it that way, no matter your duties in the household.

The low-NOx version is Energy Star certified, meaning the product is good for the environment, and for your budget as well. This Rheem water boiler will deliver the right temperature for your hot water without consuming too much gas or eliminate toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

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