If you’d like to spend more time outdoors under the shelter of the best gazebo instead of slaving away and doing tiresome research, this short paragraph should assist you in making an informed decision. We have carefully looked over some of the popular offerings on the market and have been able to find what we consider a good option, the Sojag 500-6158274 Messina. With a roof made out of powder-coated galvanized steel, you are assured of a heavy-duty structure that makes a sturdy sun shelter over your head. No summers are too hot and uncomfortable outdoors thanks to the unit’s screened cupola that provides a ventilated area while protecting against nasty bugs. The remarkable designed look features all-around molding that also provides a strong structure overhead. You should not panic if you didn’t find the Sojag 500-6158274 Messina readily available because you can still go for the second best option, the Sunjoy 10×10 Summer Gazebo.



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Providing an excellent combination of elegance and functionality, gazebos are one of the most fantastic decorating ideas for the modern backyard. A gazebo provides outdoor shelter while being able to nicely define a space, aside from being appropriate both for formal and casual use. What makes a gazebo the ideal centerpiece of any backyard?

1.10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop

Appropriate shape and size for your needs

Gazebos come in a variety of designs for backyards. The shape and size of the unit should match or complement the surrounding structures and landscape. Before the selection process, you should carefully consider your yard, house and garden along with other conspicuous elements in the environment. More importantly, the intended purpose for the gazebo should also be a basis for the choice of shape and size of the gazebo.

Traditionally, gazebos are octagon-shaped. However, modern designs have given consumers a wide variety of choices including rectangular, square and oval. Oval and rectangular shapes are best for flexible floor space, for placing a table, recliner, one or two garden benches and chairs inside the gazebo. For social events such as an outdoor party, garden wedding ceremony or reception, or barbecue, you will want as much space as possible too, which an oval or rectangular gazebo can provide.

A square gazebo makes an excellent poolside retreat where you can enjoy your favorite summer beverage after taking a dip. It will also serve as a good fitness room or a space for meditation and prayer. You can also use it as a spa enclosure or hot tub gazebo for jacuzzi, for protection against the elements or just for privacy. Gardeners can also find good use of a square gazebo when they have to put plants in pots while avoiding being exposed to the sun.

The size of your gazebo is just as essential as its shape, especially when you want a balance between function and appearance. It should be large enough to remain the focus of your lawn or garden but not too large to dwarf out everything else on your property. The size of the base is what the manufacturer’s dimensions indicate. Those dimensions may not include any roof overhangs so care should be taken when placing the units near a tree, the house or other tall structure on the property. Get as much information as you can to ensure that what you get will fit where you intend to erect it.


Your choice of material in the gazebo construction

The most popular material for gazebos is wood, which always makes a natural-looking option in any outdoor furniture or structure. However, not all gorgeous wood types can be used for gazebo construction. There are three wood options available. Pressure-treated lumber is the least expensive and can be either pine or fir that has been treated chemically to ensure problem-free outdoor use. Strong and fantastic looking, pressure-treated lumber can range from brown to slightly green in color, depending on your preference. Both fir and pine age to a lovely gray color. A common trick that manufacturers use to save on more expensive wood is to use redwood or cedar in the visible parts of the gazebo while using pressure treated lumber in the hidden sections.

An extremely popular wood choice for gazebo making is cedar because it is comparatively soft and lightweight, which makes the material easy to handle during the building process. This rustic-looking material also has a distinctive aroma plus a natural resilience against decay and rotting. Redwood is a most popular material for outdoor structures because of its enviable strength, extreme attractiveness and ease of handling. It also boasts natural resistance to rot and insects. Redwood is the most expensive material but it offers genuine quality, beauty and value for money.

Metal gazebos can be made of steel, wrought iron or aluminum. Aluminum is the cheapest while wrought iron is the priciest. While aluminum gazebos are lightweight and strong, steel gazebos offer durability and permanence. That being said, wrought iron is preferred more than the other two materials because of its beauty and how it infuses any garden setting with old-world charm and elegance. Metal gazebos hardly require maintenance and will not warp, rot or be eaten by insects.

Vinyl gazebos need minimal maintenance as well while looking as lovely as genuine wood minus the warping or rotting. You can simply hose down a vinyl gazebo once a year. Stone gazebos such as those made from marble provide remarkable stately beauty but can command a really steep price. A pop-up gazebo can be set up for use only when and as needed and then stowed away afterwards.

There are patio gazebos that can be fixed to the floor or made to sit on the patio. It can be installed either by drilling holes in the floor or bolting the gazebo down. Although designed for simplicity than for anything else, a patio gazebo should still be heavy and robust enough to withstand strong winds.

You’ll want a foldable pop-up made of sturdy materials to make the unit stay in one piece when collapsed. A practical pop-up requires some assembly that can get complicated until you learn how to optimize the installation process. It can be enclosed or open-sided.

2.Outsunny Round Outdoor

A reliable gazebo canopy

You can choose between a hardtop or a soft top or gazebo canopy. Hardtop models are equipped with a solid roof, made either of aluminum or strong plastic. Some other substances including acrylic and polycarbonate can be mixed with the primary canopy element to ensure total protection from the elements including rain and snow.

A gazebo canopy offers a luxurious look to the structure. A range of strong fabrics is used such as polyester, nylon and canvas. The canopy will shield you from the sun but not so much from heavy rain or snow. The roof structure of either a hardtop or a soft top gazebo can be single or double tier. Resembling a pyramid, a single tier structure comes with a vented opening at its topmost point for free circulation of air. A double-tiered canopy features a second roof frame mounted on top, perfect for hanging lighting fixtures.



Top gazebos in 2019


There are plenty of options on gazebos on the market and this can make the buying process more stressful for the average consumer. We suggest looking into the helpful tips in the buying guide above. We have also showcased the best products below for a less complicated shopping journey.


Our recommendations


Sojag 500-6158274 Messina


2.Sojag 500-6158274

Outfitted with a charcoal colored rustproof aluminum frame, the Sojag 500-6158274 2 Track No.77 Messina ensures solid protection overhead that will stay strong during heavy winds and rain. The galvanized steel roof delivers sturdy protection while giving a sense of permanence. The PVC-coated nylon mosquito netting enables you to keep the bugs out while ensuring sufficient ventilation. This gazebo is designed to be a 4-season structure that provides a shaded area under which to relax by the pool and also a nice space to rest and relax with family and friends to enjoy wine or dine. Offering years of protection from the elements during outdoor gatherings, this gazebo makes your backyard a great extension of your living space.


Buy from Amazon for ($2625.94)




Sunjoy 10×10 Summer Gazebo


If you’re looking to turn your garden into a relaxation spot over the summer, this large gazebo is a smart investment. It is made out of durable steel and features a powder-coated finish that is can put up with high temperatures, direct sunlight, and rain. Therefore, you will be enjoying the same flawless finish for many years from now on.

The gazebo features a vented, soft-top canopy for increased stability in windy days as well. Also, it will keep you away from bugs, wind, dust, harmful sun rays or rain, offering you a relaxing and comfortable afternoon. The item is large enough to shelter about four chairs and one large coffee table. It is easy to mount and comes with a complete instructions manual.


Buy from Amazon for ($404.71)




Gazelle 25500 G5


The five-sided gazebo is large enough to accommodate 4-6 chairs and a center table, meaning it is perfect for relaxation, afternoon snacks or family dinners. It is more than 7 feet tall so you won’t have to worry about comfortably standing, even if you are a tall person.

The gazebo comes with a sturdy steel construction and a UV resistant polyester material that is also waterproof. Each of the walls comes with tight weave mesh to keep dust and bugs away while also ensuring maximum ventilation on hot summer days.

The item is portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble, meaning you won’t have to spend the entire weekend figuring out how to mount it. It weighs under 24 pounds.



Buy from Amazon for ($179.99)




Sunjoy Chatham


4As the name suggests the gazebo’s most powerful feature is the material used for its production. The steel construction with a hard top allows proper air flow and provides good protection against rain. This gazebo has beautiful design and this is surely what makes it one of the best gazebos in 2019. Unlike other gazebos this model comes in a dark color making it elegant and simple at the same time. It has the perfect weight and sturdiness.


Buy from Amazon for ($1499)




BrylaneHome New Hunter – Not Available


This is another model from Brylanehome that definitely deserves to be on this list. It is a water resistant gazebo designed to protect users from insects and sun exposure without losing the feeling of being outdoors. Although it has almost impenetrable protection for bugs this gazebo model allows sufficient air flow to make those staying inside it comfortable. It is really easy to install while storing it is even easier. The frames are made of steel which makes it a long lasting gazebo too.




Sunjoy Industries Lansing


Best gazebo reviewsWhen you are looking to buy a gazebo you should look at few things and durability is certainly one of them. This gazebo model has durability as its strongest asset. The steel frame coated with powder used for this gazebo are there to protect it from corrosion, something that is really important because gazebos are exposed to atmospheric influences throughout the year. It comes with corner shelves where people can place plants/flowers. The double roof guarantees proper air flow.




Brylanehome Hexagon Gazebo


This gazebo model comes with an interesting PVC coated polyester canvas canopy that has fire-retardant and waterproof properties. The netting doesn’t allow insects to penetrate inside and this is really important especially during summer nights.  Brylanehome is a brand that has introduced several gazebos to the public and this is their most popular gazebo. Compared to other models this gazebo is relatively big. All these features make this gazebo model the best gazebo in 2019 according to many experts.




Outsunny 01-0868


1.Outsunny Round Outdoor Patio

Boasting a revolutionary double-roof design, the Outsunny Round Outdoor ensures sufficient air circulation during those hot days when you just need to be outdoors with friends and family. This gazebo features a dome-shaped roof that prevents water from pooling on the canopy edges. The sturdy powder-coated steel frame provides adequately rigid support for a solid shelter over your head. The unit comes with velcro fasteners for the polyester walls to enable convenient connection as well as easy detachment of the walls to provide an enclosed or open feel, at your option. This way, you can also keep warm when the weather turns a bit chillier or keep the pesky insects out when needed.




Castlecreek Paradise


What makes this gazebo so popular is definitely its appearance. The double roof canopy gives the gazebo a real royal appearance and it is perfect for any type of garden. Furthermore, the practical dimensions this gazebo has make it ideal for both big and small gardens too. Finally, many people find this to be the best gazebo in 2019 because of the fact that it is so easy to install it. Anyone can assemble and erect this gazebo in just a couple of hours.