Top 10 Golf Irons Compared


Whenever you look in a golfing bag, you will notice that most of the space is taken by irons. Since they play such an important part in your game, you should always have the best golf irons available. Forged irons, cast irons, blade irons, cavity back irons are just a few varieties you will find on the market. The next list contains the best irons you can find and it will help you decide in a more efficient manner on the models you need. As any golfer knows, a good set of irons can truly make the difference on the golf course.


TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez Tour Iron Set


1.TaylorMade Men'sThis set is first in our top 10 golf irons list, because of the exquisite performance it provides. The 3 through 7 iron set is specially designed to achieve maximum speed and distance, so, if you aim high, you will not go wrong with this set. The speed pocket is created to help any high ball reach the furthest places, so these irons are good for a great start on the course. Everything gets higher with these irons: launch angle, peak trajectory, and, of course, your performance as a golfer.

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TaylorMade N1407707-P Men’s SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set


2.TaylorMade Men's SpeedBladeIf you’re aiming for lower scores and need a reliable ally, the TaylorMade Men’s SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set is just the thing you need. The design of these golf irons stands out, with the nickel chrome plating and dark smoke ion plating. The speed pocket is also a feature that puts distance between this set and others. Its elongated form creates more area for impact, so you will easily achieve a faster speed, a higher launch, and, naturally, the satisfaction of reducing your handicap with just a swing of your iron.

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TaylorMade Golf Men’s RocketBladez High Launch Iron Set


3.TaylorMade Golf Men'sDo you have a problematic launch? Then the TaylorMade Golf Men’s RocketBladez High Launch Iron Set was designed specifically for you. TaylorMade is famous in the world of golfers for its amazing iron sets, and this one does not disappoint, either. The high lofted heads on these irons will secure a higher launch, and the deep undercuts bring their contribution to achieving longer distances. You will not only love the look on these irons, but also the sound they make on impact with the ball, due to the special design and technology employed.

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Cobra Amp Cell Men’s Silver Iron Set


4.Cobra Amp Cell Men'sThese irons are, without a doubt, a piece of engineering. Various technologies are employed to help you achieve the best swing, regardless of situation. The E9 Face Technology creates true opportunities, allowing you to achieve greater distances without any troubles; it also balances the weight of the irons, so they are not taxing on your hand. The AMP Cell technology is responsible for weight distribution, as well, providing you with the best momentum to launch a perfect ball. All in all, this set is ideal for beginners and advanced players alike.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set


5.Cleveland Golf Men'sThis hybrid set is intended for those who want to enhance their game overall. If you are new to the game, a hybrid set is exactly for you. Control for shooting shorter greens, speed and distance for longer shots, are all benefits you can easily achieve with the Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set. An optimal launch and an ideal distance become easy to achieve, and the forgiveness these irons promote make the set good for beginners. The forged irons are designed to improve speed as well as ball feel.

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Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Silver Golf Iron Set


6.Cobra Men's Bio CellSurface is important for any top rated golf irons. Achieving the perfect surface, while balancing weight and creating more opportunities through particular designs, golf irons come in many shapes and sizes. The Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Silver Golf Iron Set is made of nothing but the best materials, and the design is top notch. This set features the largest unsupported surface so that the best possible flex is created on impact. This helps the ball travel faster and further, making those long greens a reality, even for golfers with some experience in the field.

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Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set


7.Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron SetMid trajectories become easy as a breeze with the Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set. The higher lofted clubs benefit of more blade height for guaranteed success. The full hollow construction ensures high performance and the face forged technology helps create more impact for ball speed. A special combination of polymer and aluminum is used for inserts, so that vibrations are reduced to a minimum. If you are looking for the perfect set of irons, this one will keep you high in the game, and you will become a better golfer, too.

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Cleveland Mens Cg Black Irons


8.Cleveland Mens 2019These irons are built for distance. Longer greens are no longer a threat, and you will start loving executing them. The Cleveland Mens Cg Black Irons feature larger heads, so more impact is provided for the ball to travel faster and further away. You will easily notice that these irons are lighter, so your swing will become faster, as well. The elegant design matches the great performance of this set and lower scores just wait for you to be written on the board. A high launch is also a great plus of this set.

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Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set


9.Callaway Men's StrataIf you are looking for great performance right out of the box, this set is one you cannot go wrong with. You will wish for nothing with this complete set of clubs. The irons in this set ensure maximum control through progressive sole width technology and perimeter weighing. Forgiveness, control, and accuracy are three of the benefits you will enjoy while swinging any of the clubs included in the set. For consumers on the lookout for a perfect set, the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set is bound to make an impression.

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Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set


10.Wilson Men's 2019 Profile XLSGetting a complete set is a great idea, because you will not have to worry that the clubs you are using are not matching in style and feel among themselves. You will definitely like the Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set, because it comes equipped with everything you need for the perfect swing on the golf course. An interesting aspect is that custom fitting is available, so, if you want to have these clubs created after you, Wilson makes it possible. The carry bag is an added bonus.

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