If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best golf irons money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best golf irons for the money on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Callaway X Hot appears to be the best you can find right now. The model features a larger sweet spot, so it is more forgiving with beginners; it will improve your distance without a problem and thus increase your level of play in no time. A steel shaft contributes to the durability of this model, and it must be mentioned that it comes in all flexibility options possible, so you can choose one, depending on your style of playing. The way the head is designed increases ball speeds at superior levels. If the Callaway X Hot is out of stock, you could also consider the Callaway Men’s XR as the second best option.



Buying Guide


Performing on the golf course is not exactly an easy feat, so you need all the extra edge you can get in order to lower your score and improve your swing. One way to do so is to shop around for good and reliable golf irons. These clubs represent the base of any accomplished golf player, and you should always start with them. This golf iron buying guide is focused on providing you with the best information on what things to keep in mind when you are shopping for this type of golf clubs. Armed with this new data, you will feel more confident that you will be able to purchase a suitable golf iron.


The head design

The first thing you should look at when you are shopping for golf irons is how the head of the club is designed. This matters a great deal if you want to pick golf irons that are a good fit for your level of play and your style. For instance, an oversized head is more forgiving than other types, and it is preferred by beginners. Also, in case you want a model that is a good fit for seniors, you may want to get a club with a larger head, so that hitting the ball becomes easier. This type of club head comes with a super deep cavity on the side, to increase its forgiveness even further. The sole also needs to be larger, so that the center of gravity is lower and you have more chances of actually hitting the ball.

Further on, the midsize option for the club head design is a good choice for those who prefer to improve their game after already being well in charge of the basics. The cavity is not as deep as in large head models, or the sole as wide. For novice to advanced players, progress can be made by adding a bit a challenge with midsized club heads for the irons. You will also find that there are models on the market with really shallow cavities. These are said to have you work the ball, and they are a good option for players with some experience under their belt.


Comparison Table


Product Type Price Adult/Kid Shaft Our Rating Where to buy

Callaway X Hot

6 Iron $$$ Adult Graphite A+ AMAZON

Tour Striker Men’s Pro

5 Iron $$$$ Adult Graphite B+ AMAZON

Intech Future Tour Pee Wee

7 Iron $$ Kids Composite A AMAZON

Callaway Men’s XR

PW $$$$$ Adult Steel B AMAZON

Tour Striker

Swing trainer $$$$$ Adult Uniflex Steel C+ AMAZON



Shaft material and stiffness

Next on the list we will talk about the shaft. There are mainly two materials used for the shaft: steel and graphite. The least expensive choice is steel which is also durable and it provides consistency throughout your play. Graphite, on the other hand, is more lightweight, and adds flexibility. In order to “feel” the iron, so to speak, graphite is a better choice, because it provides great feedback as you swing. Soon enough, you will greatly improve your game and you will fall in love forever with graphite shaft models. A mix of steel and graphite can be found in the shafts of newer models, but this is not yet a common practice, although it is believed to combine the advantages of both steel and graphite.

Stiffness is another thing worthy of being mentioned when talking about the shaft of an iron club. Higher flexibility is a better choice for someone who is a beginner, because you will be able to control your ball better. However, for those who prefer speed, a stiffer shaft is to be preferred.



Some manufacturers are generous enough to offer a fitting guide to buyers. If you find a set of irons you truly like, but they do not feel just as great in your hand, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for some custom fitting. For instance, if you prefer a stiffer flex to your irons, you can get the manufacturer to customize the irons you need. The length of the shaft is among the simplest things to customize. If you are taller than average, you will need an iron with a longer shaft. You can even go as further as to ask the manufacturer to change the design of the club head, in order to match your playing style.



Top rated golf irons for the money


Now that you know more about selecting the best irons available for sale, it is time to see what reliable models are now sold on the market, as they are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Callaway X Hot


best golf irons for the moneyOne of the top rated golf clubs on the market, the Callaway X Hot Individual Iron is engineered to combine variable face thickness and Hyperbolic Face Technology, resulting in the creation of a large sweet spot that enables sure hitting of the ball while effectively increasing ball speeds across the face. This golf club delivers longer and more consistent distance. The undercut cavity system/deep clubface enables the center of gravity to be precisely positioned during manufacture, thus ensuring greater face compliance. This is the best individual iron designed to maximize ball speed. Thanks to the Feel Management Technology, sound is finely tuned via the dual material medallion, which promotes a sharp, dynamic feel at increased speeds.


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Callaway Men’s XR


4. Callaway Men's XR Individual IronsThis top rated golf club delivers awesome ball speed from its cup 360, effectively propelling the ball towards the goal accurately. The Callaway Men’s XR Individual Iron boasts an improved face cup system that acts like a spring to launch shots that hit low on the face, thereby raising ball speeds. The ball speed is higher at every other impact location, as well. The lower center of gravity contributes to higher moment of inertia as well as increased ball velocity. The new innovative construction and shape give you the best iron designed specifically for speed while being given special attention to detail and refinement. The two-piece construction is further supplemented with the dual heat treatment to ensure quality craftsmanship.


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Tour Striker Men’s Pro 5


2. Tour Striker Men's Pro 5 Iron Golf ClubThe Tour Striker Men’s Pro 5 Iron Golf Club is another top rated piece of golf equipment that is also the number one selling training club. Built to increase your clubhead speed, the Tour Striker Men’s Pro 5 Iron Golf Club helps you develop tour-rated impact with regular practice using it. The Tour Striker is an affordable golf club that helps deliver lower scores, greater shooting precision and greater distance. Also available as a 7, 7X or 8 iron, this affordable golf club can also be bought as a 5 iron and sand wedge. The Tour Striker Men’s Pro 5 Iron Golf Club has a graphite shaft that absorbs vibration better and is lighter than steel shafts. The reduced weight of the shaft can also increase swing speed.


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Paragon Rising Star Kids



Golf is a very enjoyable sport, and children can take it up at a young age. However, for their small hands and short stature, special irons should be provided, or otherwise, they will not be able to land a single swing. The Paragon Rising Star Kids offers a great solution, since it is designed for kids aged 8 to 10 years old. Rewarded with important accolades, as the model made the Hot List Gold Award from Golf Digest, this iron makes things simpler. The wide sole is made of stainless steel and offers a wide area of impact so kids can learn how to play. The shaft is made of graphite, making the iron more lightweight and also, more durable.


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TaylorMade RBZ 



This model is designed for right handed players, so this is something to keep in mind when you are shopping for a dependable golf iron. The stiff flex is a better fit for more advance players which, again, is something to consider when you go shopping for the perfect iron for your needs. In case you need an iron for slow swing speed, you would do better with a model that is more flexible. The model presented here comes with a custom grip design for better comfort and convenience. All in all, this is a good buy if you prefer a stiff flex shaft and you are right handed.


Buy from Amazon for ($49.99)




Intech Future Tour Pee Wee 7


3. Intech Future Tour Pee Wee 7 IronThis cheap golf club is incredibly priced under $30, best for 5-year-olds seeking to develop their young golf playing skills till they achieve intermediate levels. The Intech Future Tour Pee Wee 7 Iron ships with a divot repair tool to fix the ball mark and ensure that the green stays in good shape. The divot repair tool also teaches the child golfer about courtesy in course management. The higher lofted iron helps launch the ball into the air as the beginner starts learning. The composite graphite shaft not only contributes to the reduced weight of the golf club for the benefit of the young user, but also absorbs vibration better than steel, to ensure less stress on the hands and wrists.


Buy from Amazon for ($28.24)




Tour Striker Golf Club Swing Trainer


5. Tour Striker Golf Club Swing TrainerThe exquisitely redesigned Tour Striker Golf Club Swing Trainer is cast of 433 stainless steel for better directional control compared to shafts made of graphite. The stainless steel shaft also delivers greater consistency in your shots for lower scores. This top rated golf club helps the player learn how to get the sweet spot at a quicker rate under the ball’s center of gravity. This can be achieved by naturally applying forward shaft lean during the impact. The inventor of the club forwards that lower handicappers will do well with the 7 iron, while less experienced golfers are best advised to start with the pitching wedge.


Buy from Amazon for ($110.98)





Products which are no longer available



Callaway Golf Diablo Edge


Best golf irons for the money

For a more remarkable golfing experience, the use of the Callaway golf Diablo Edge forged irons is really applicable. This can be bought in sets which consist of PW and 7 irons for 4, 5, and 6,7,8,9. Because of the professional involvement you will be experiencing, this Callaway golf Diablo Edge forged irons became one of the best seller golf iron in the U.S. Long distance gaming is really appropriate with the use of this Callaway golf Diablo Edge forged irons.



Callaway Razr X HL


For more precise shot and game, the Callaway Razr X HL iron set can be used. It has a solid impact sole that is useful for the game to provide interaction and better golfing rate. With this, you can be assured of the exact distance the golfing ball may land. The RAZR technology increases the tendency to have a precise golfing pattern for the game. A professional and durable Callaway Razr will surely meet your standards. This is considered to be the best golf iron for the money.



Taylor Made R11


The Taylor Made R11 iron set provides users with the ability to shot the ball at a faster speed along with the distance. This is because of the inverted Cone technology situated in this iron. It has an ultra-thin thickness that results for the ball to move swiftly. The compact design of this Taylor Made R11 iron allows the user to manipulate the iron without the doubt that it will be damaged. Also, the multi-functional sole can be used anytime in any situation based from the owner’s discretion.



Mizuno JPX 800


Greater performance can be given by this Mizuno JPX 800 model for every golf player. This has an unusual pocket cavity and is also furnished with Max COR technology that makes an excellent and perfect shot for the user in the field. Golf lovers are now using this Mizuno JPX 800 iron model because of the material cavity badge and Global technology platform that provides user to make a flawless and impeccable game. The quality is really proven by the results.



Mizuno MP-59


Because of the exceptional design and quality, the Mizuno MP-59 iron pure titanium is now having a firm name in the field of golf irons. This is commonly used by players because of the impressive shot provided for every gamer. Aside from that, it is fortified with the Ti Muscle technology that makes every game perfect and smooth. The Mizuno MP-59 iron is light in weight that’s why users are comfortable when playing. This is one of the common golf iron used by players in the U.S.