Top rated range finders deals


Golf is a very exciting sport and many people spend most of their free time to enjoy this relaxing and pleasurable game. It makes sense, though, that golfers look for the best golf range finders deals so as to take this sport’s fun even further and find the products that will help them improve their game’s stats.


Leupold GX-1 Digital golf rangefinder


Best golf range finders deals

Considered as one of the best golf range finders deals nowadays, the Leupold GX-1 model is a golf range finder that can serve the most demanding needs. It helps golfers get a good idea and a precise estimatation of their distance to the hole, as it is built-in with an accurate optics, which allows exactly that, with the help of a dependable scanner. The PinHunter, Prism Lock that comes with the unit allows golfers to know what golf club to use by knowing the precise distance to the target with the use of the laser beam. Definitely, one of the best golf range finders with a Quick Set Menu that is allowing easy, simple and fast access to the device without troubles.



Bushnell Pro 1600 golf Laser rangefinder


A lot of good reviews  have been written about the Bushnell Golf Laser Range Finder Pro 1600 model. That is one of the reasons why this model has been regarded as one of the deals in the market so far. This golf range finder provides precise estimation of the distance with the use of the latest technology enhancements. This model includes a digital inclinometer so as to measure distance even when dealing with uneven terrains and ground elevations. Surely, one of the best golf range finders out there for most avid golfers and a sure way to boost golfers’ confidence in their game.



Bushnell Tour V2 Standard edition golf laser rangefinder


An advance model that has been regarded as one of the deals in the market today, is a great helping hand for all golfers. The Bushnell Tour V2 model is a  golf range finder model that delivers accuracy that varies from a distance of 5 up to 1000 yards and appeals to most golfers in the world.  Being one of the best golf range finders, this model comes with the PinSeeker feature that points out the exact and accurate distance, measuring approximately 300 yards to the flag or target. Moreover, with the use of its advance 24mm lens with 5x magnification capability as well as a first class laser beam, it captures the distance measurement accurately.



Virtuabotix Ultrasonic distance rangefinder/obstacle detection module


A GPS equipped golf range finder has been considered as one of the deals that stand out in today’s market. This model is built with enhanced and improved Arduino-type features that allow golfers to come up with accurate distance stats. Providing precise and reliable data, which range from 10 to a thousand yards, with the use of its PinSeeker technology, it comes with high quality optics and offers a 5x magnification capacity by using the GPS satellite receiver as well as pre-loaded North American courses, giving it the reputation of being one of the best golf range finders this year.



Bushnell Hybrid PinSeeker laser rangefinder


One the best golf range finders released in the current market is the Bushnell Hybrid laser range finder with PinSeeker technology. It has been regarded as one of the best golf range finders deals due to its GPS locator that provides an accurate distance measurement of a certain location. All the advanced features that come with this model, allow golfers to gather exact distance stats. With the use of the PinSeeker technology, it covers a range of 10 to a thousand yards with a plus/minus one yard difference and due to its embedded 16.000 courses in the North American region it is more than just a simple golf range finder.This model also comes with an excellent optics that offer magnification of up to 5 times.