Golf range finders Price comparison


Golf is a relaxing yet engaging game, suitable to players of all ages.  Many players, intent on the perfect statistics, are now using technology to their benefit. Golf range finders are very useful in determining distance to the hole. At our site you will find the best golf range finders ratings, for a variety of products out there.


Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf range finder


Best golf range finders ratings

The best in the market today, the GX-1 range finder uses the Pin-Hunter and Prism lock features to range a pin quickly and accurately. The range finder sends out a laser beam at the target and then distinguishes the pin from the other objects with its proprietary GX software. This is the trademark feature of the GX-1 – it doesn’t range the first object the laser beam encounters but uses its advanced technology to correctly pick out the pin. The prism lock features freezes the screen when it detects a prism topped flag stick. These two features combined provide fantastic ranging with high accuracy rate that works perfectly in both fog and scan modes.



Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser range finder


A strong contender in the market, the Bushnell Pro 1600 is the only range finder that takes into account elevation changes when ranging a target pin. Based on the elevation, the digital inclinometer considers the degree change in calculating the distance between golfer and flag stick. It is waterproof for wet days, and offers 7X magnification and ranging between 5-1600 yards and with an accuracy of + / – 1 yard. It is the most popular product in the market today used by a large number of golfers. With the 1600 Pro, you get a perfect stroke every time.



Bushnell Tour V2 Standard edition Golf laser range finder


Ultra light, ultra compact, the V2 laser rangefinder is small, sleek and very handy. It is equipped with Pin Seeker technology that ranges up to 300 yards. It comes with 5X magnification and ranges up to +/-1 yard without the need for reflectors. When multiple targets are acquired, the closest is ranged. The Pin Seeker mode ensures that ranging is done for the flagstick and not any other background targets. It can also be used in SCAN mode in which allows you to survey the landscape, and the LCD is continuously updated with the distances between you and each target. Portability is its best feature, and it is extremely easy to carry around. For such a small device, it has fantastic ranging capabilities.



Virtuabotix Ultrasonic distance range finder


Top range finder model, the Virtuabotix ultrasonic distance rangefinder is packed with a fantastic obstacle detecting feature courtesy its free Arduino library .It has a very high precision of up to 0.3cm. It has a sensor angle covers from 15 to 35 degrees when scanning the green for obstacles and flagsticks. The Virtuabotix is small and portable and clearly pinpoints obstacles and flags so that the golfer has a good idea of the obstacles between him and the pin as well as the distance to the flagstick. He can then choose the appropriate club, and swing according to the distance and obstacles.



Bushnell Hybrid Pin Seeker laser range finder


This rangefinder combines the power of both GPS technology as well as Pin Seeker technology; to accurately pinpoint the distance between the golfer and the flag. Pin Seeker ranges with precision to determine the distance to the flagstick, discarding distances to other obstacles like trees and poles. GPS provides the distance to different parts of the green for more than 16,000 North American courses. The Hybrid pin also provides 5X magnification, Auto Course recognition and Auto hole advance features. It is very easy to operate, accurate and ranges very fast. One of the top players, the hybrid Pin Seeker is one of the top rated among the best golf range finders ratings in the market today.