If you’re here just to find the best golf shoes and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We’ve taken a chance to check on the owner feedback and sales figures of some of the most critically acclaimed options out there. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Adidas TECH RESPONSE 4.0-M are the best golf shoes for the money as they can have a favorable impact on your golfing because they are durable, versatile, and above all, comfortable. The 6-spike configuration belonging to this unit is a reassuring feature, as it allows golfers to tend to their game without being bothered to get their balance back from time to time. What’s more, this Adidas option has been constructed out of some of the best materials in the industry, which is why you shouldn’t have anything to worry about with regard to the reliability offered by the unit. If the Adidas TECH RESPONSE 4.0-M are out of stock, you ought to consider the ECCO Hybrid 2 Hydromax as they are the second best choice.



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In order to enjoy your time on the golf course, you need to have a good pair of golf shoes. If you’re like most golfers, you enjoy walking around the course, and this is why manufacturers of golf footwear have performed extensive research and development to allow players to do that comfortably while enabling them to enjoy great golf. Find a pair easily by keeping these essential considerations in mind.

1.Callaway Footwear


Whether the golf shoes are for men or for women, they can be of any type including spiked or cleated golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes, golf boots and golf sandals.

A spiked or cleated golf shoe delivers breathability and comfort. It also boasts water resistance, traction and style. Choose a pair that suits your personal taste as well as what you want the shoes to do for you on the course. Whether you want it lightweight and/ or waterproof, the choice is ultimately up to you. Spiked golf shoes offer stability while you execute your swing, giving you better grip largely because of the greatly stable upper. With modern technology, spiked golf shoes are now made lightweight and stable.

Spikeless or street golf shoes are low-profile ones basically designed for style and comfort. If you want golf shoes that feel like running shoes, spikeless is the way to go. Lightweight and flat soled, this kind of golf shoes mostly utilize dimpled soles or rubber studs instead of regular golf spikes, making them ideal for firm surfaces like the driving range, as well as for the 19th hole.

Street-style shoes are also preferred by professionals. Designed to be good for gout sufferers who don’t want to miss a great round of golf with their buddies, spikeless golf shoes also provide comfort that can aid foot pain or back pain, such as those for plantar fasciitis sufferers who love the game. Street shoes do compromise on waterproofing, grip and stability, with molded soles that deliver decreased grip in wet or longer grass. The soles of spikeless golf shoes may be an issue, but the creation of fresh technologies for rubber has somehow overcome the concern on worn out spikes being not replaceable on street golf shoes. Manufacturers of spikeless golf shoes now claim that the rubber studs or dimpled soles are geared to outlast the natural lifetime of the shoes themselves.

Golf boots offer defense against the elements with their appearance being similar to hiking boots. They boast waterproof ability despite their heavier profile. However, they do present some form of limitation around the ankles when you make your swing. Golf boots do provide reliable warmth and traction, making them ideal for golfing during the winter season. You can enjoy higher water protection with gaiters in some models, which can be a bit pricey because of their thick material for waterproofing that covers the entire boot, which can effectively keep out mud and water.

Golf sandals have been inspired by players in hot climates. They feature an open, toeless design that makes them breathable for summer golfing. Designed for buggy golf, golf sandals have straps that can become uncomfortable during long walks and be potential causes of a blister or two. Less costly compared to other golf shoe styles, sandals have a relatively lower resistance to wet weather and provide decreased lateral support as well.



With the evolution of golf shoe technology comes the development of golf shoe materials that range from manmade or synthetic to natural. Manmade materials are now used in the outsole and upper to ensure the fusion of stability, comfort and waterproof ability.

Leather continues to be the most widely used material for golf shoes on sale in today’s market. Processed leather is added to the outside of the golf shoes to create a snug-fitting, no-stretch waterproof shoe. The leather typically comes in a saddle for design, which contributes to stability on the surface of the shoe. Remember: golf shoes, like other athletic footwear, are extra wide shoes compared to traditional saddle shoes since they are constructed on an athletic-style base.

The top material for the lining of golf shoes is Goretex, which offers waterproof capability. This material can be of different versions, based on the manufacturer. For winter golfing, extremely water resistant and thick material is a favorite. Goretex is fully waterproof while being breathable, and will come with a significantly warmer feel compared to leather.

Instead of a material encompassing the golf shoes, some models use a synthetic upper, which is less costly. The man made material is a nonporous polyester laid over the shoe to protect the outer shell. Thinner and lighter than leather, synthetic material may not be as breathable as leather, though.

2.PUMA Men'S


To maintain good traction during execution of your golf swing, your golf shoes should be anchored to the ground to ensure maximum stability. This is where the golf shoe spikes play a huge role. Plastic or soft spikes are lightweight while being more friendly to the green, compared to metal spikes. Soft or plastic spikes have a wider size to ensure that the weight of the player is spread evenly across a wider area. Plastic spikes are easily replaced.

Metal spikes, though becoming less common, are still utilized by many tour pros. They are longer and sharper, offering greater traction on the course compared to plastic ones.


Lacing System

Traditional shoe laces provide the most common way of doing up golf shoes. They are great for high arches since you can secure the shoe to your foot in a snug or tight manner. Velcro offers a more casual approach for golf shoes. Some golf shoe makers adopt their exclusive lacing systems in some models, with mechanical forms preventing the loosening of the lace during play.



Top rated Golf Shoes in 2019


There are hundreds of golf shoes from numerous golf shoe manufacturers, so finding a great pair can be a challenge. To help you make an easier decision, we present what we consider the best golf shoes on the market.


Our recommendations





Weighing in at just three pounds, this Adidas model makes an excellent choice for golfing amateurs and professionals alike, as it allows them to focus on their performance and strategy without fiddling with their shoes. Given that they have been equipped with a lightweight mesh and synthetic upper, it goes without saying that enhanced ventilation is one of the many advantages they offer. What’s more, the soft EVA insole increases user’s comfort levels even further. It’s also worth noting that the 6-spike configuration is an amazing addition as it can allow golfers to benefit from improved stability and traction.



The mesh and synthetic upper make this pair of shoes both lightweight and breathable.

Remaining stable on the course is a dream come true thanks to the 6-spike configuration that this model has been equipped with.

Since the shoes are supportive, they can be many purposes other than golfing.

Offering incredible ventilation, the Adidas TECH RESPONSE shoes are a great choice for hot days.

Most of the individuals who have purchased the product say that it fits just as expected.



If the grass was recently watered, the shoes might become too wet to be comfortable.


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ECCO Hybrid 2


Designed with your comfort in mind, the Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoes from Ecco should not go unchecked when you’re interested in renewing your golf gear. Thanks to the materials used, they will keep you comfortable and dry no matter the weather.

The shoes feature soft and breathable leather uppers that were treated to provide the user with protection from various natural elements. Thanks to the molded traction bars, you will enjoy many traction angles and a great grip.

Excellent support and enhanced comfort are further ensured by the anatomical shape boasted by the shoes. They are ideal for every aspect and moment of your game.


Boosted comfort, durability, flexibility, and a great grip are the main benefits you will get to enjoy when wearing this pair of shoes.

The ECCO Dynamic Traction System used provides you with hundreds of traction angles and, thus, a superb grip no matter the weather conditions.

Made from durable, wear-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane, the shoes are lightweight and promise to keep up with extended use.

The ultra-premium insole is shock-absorbing and flexible. The silicon printing technology featured will prevent any undesired foot movement during your swing.

The soft and breathable Yak leather uppers are treated to make sure you are not affected by natural elements and you get enhanced protection.

The product is available in four different colors.



Just like with other shoes, the fit might not correspond according to some customers. Therefore, make sure you check the size chart before your purchase.

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New Balance NBG518

If a stable, comfortable, and lightweight design is what you want from your next pair of golf shoes, then you might want to consider the NBG518 model from New Balance for all that. Created with your comfort in mind, the shoes come with design cuts and materials that will keep you in better contact with the ground.

Enhanced breathability is ensured by the mesh uppers that these shoes sport. Their revolutionary REVlite midsole will provide you with comfort whether you’re just walking the course or focusing on your swing. The product is available in three different color combinations to meet all preferences.



Enhancing your traction and game through a comfortable and durable design is the philosophy behind this pair of shoes.

Their design and the materials they feature were chosen to take your comfort to the next level whether you’re walking the course or concentrating on your swing.

The Ndurance Spikeless rubber outsoles used, the 10 mm heels, and the shape of the shoes will keep you in better contact with the ground. This will further translate into a better grip and a better game.

The shoes are lightweight as well as breathable. They feature mesh uppers.

The REVlite 10mm drop midsole promises to deliver premium responsiveness and lightweight cushioning.

You can get them in three different color combinations: Lime, Navy/Red, and White/Black.


At least a few customers found the size they ordered to be inappropriate. It is recommended to check the size chart before adding them to your shopping cart.


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Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Comfort 


1.Callaway Footwear

Carrying a sleek, athletic look, the Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Comfort is equipped with a cutting edge new permanent traction outsole that distinguishes the golf shoes from the competition. These golf shoes offer maximum stability on the green thanks to their all-rubber engineered traction system in the form of comfort spikes. The comfort spikes are unlike traditional metal spikes in that they are gentler to the green and will not tear up the course while maintaining maximum stability as you execute your winning swing. The upper is constructed of soft synthetic material that is easy to clean so even after a rough day on the course, the shoes can still look brand new after cleaning.


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Adidas Men’s Crossflex


Best Golf shoes reviewsWhen it comes to professional golfing shoes, you might want to learn more about the Adidas Crossflex, designed especially for men. As some of the best golf shoes in 2019, this pair is made out of synthetic materials, which are very comfortable during each moment of the game. Are you ready to expand your golfing skills? If you are then these golfing shoes certainly represent a major investment, without taking too much money out of your pocket. They have a manmade sole and include a mesh upper for enhanced breathable comfort. The shoes come with a lightweight format EVA spikeless outsole for better cushioning.


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Nike Golf Men’s Heritage III Gold


For millions of people around the world, sport is synonym with Nike products, known for their smooth design. Out of the top golf shoes in 2019 it seems you can opt with confidence for the Nike Heritage III, which represent a great investment for anyone who loves to golf. The pair weighs only 3 pounds and it allows you to stay focused on the game that you love. The shoes were designed with special innovations that help athletes perform better than ever. Are you ready to push yourself and experience quality results? If you are, this pair of shoes will improve your game!


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Oakley Men’s Ripcord


Are you looking for a great pair to have while playing golf? If your answer is yes then you might want to learn more things about the Oakley men’s Ripcord golf shoes, designed with special materials that impress through their solid built and high comfort levels. Considered by many as the best golf shoes in 2019, this pair is lightweight and very easy to wear. The shoes are designed with a cool lace-up which enhances the general style: sleek and worthy of showing of on the course. They also include waterproof leather upper and perforated accents for better functionality. You won’t be disappointed by this pair!


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Callaway Men’s XTT LT


It can be pretty difficult to find a powerful pair of golfing shoes, designed with attention in order to enhance stability during each game. So, if you are looking for something special, suited to your gaming skills, the Callaway men’s XTT LT Golf shoes represent a great addition. The shoes are designed with leather and a completely waterproof lace-up set of features which deliver enhanced midsole support. The shoes also feature Chevron spikes that deliver enhanced traction and heightened stability for better flexing while shooting. As so many players pointed out, these shoes represent a great addition to beginners and pros.


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