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A high quality GPS device can help drivers reach their destinations easier. This is the driving assistant that helps people avoid traffic jams, identify Points of Interest and discover the right route. Experienced drivers go to extensive lengths to find the best GPS 2019 because they understand the value of reaching different destinations faster. A good GPS reduces the amount of time people spend behind the wheel. We took the liberty of testing 30 of the most popular GPS models on the market in order to provide the right assistance. Five GPS devices registered the best results during our technical tests:


Garmin nuvi 257LMT Portable Vehicle GPS


Most of the current best GPS reviews 2019 underline the efficiency of the 257LMT nuvi from Garmin. This portable vehicle GPS has an interactive 5.0” display with impressive dual-orientation functions. Drivers can view the traffic data vertically or horizontally! The GPS device is loaded with detailed maps of Canada and U.S, and also benefits from free lifetime map updates. This GPS device will allow drivers to find millions of POIs like restaurants, various businesses, stores, travel destinations with ease. Simply enter the information and find the right route. This advanced GPS includes Real Directions and Garmin Real Voice for a more relaxed driving experience.

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Garmin nuvi 54 Portable Vehicle GPS


With the best GPS 2019, drivers will be able to find comfort on the road. Now, for proper driving experiences we recommend the Garmin nuvi 54 GPS! This portable vehicle GPS device has a 5 inch WQVGA display with a detailed 480 x 272 pixel resolution. Drivers can use this GPS in order to keep track of distance, speed and the proper route. The device comes with preloaded informative maps of Canada and also the U.S. It also includes different POIs (points of interest) like restaurants, hotels, gas shops, shopping malls and parking spots. This GPS device includes text-to-speech voice controls that make it easy for people to drive better than ever.

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Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM GPS Navigator


It is important to consult the best GPS reviews 2016 before choosing a particular product. More and more drivers have already installed the RV9145-LM RoadMate from Magellanin their cars! This stunning driving navigator has a 7 inch touchscreen display which helps people see the routes in more detail. The GPS device includes aOneTouch Favorites Menu which permits a safe personalization process! This driving “assistant” offers quick access to beloved destinations and also popular searches. The GPS device is loaded with Canada and U.S maps, picked directly from the Trailer Life Directory! The RV9145-LM RoadMate has a special RV profile, with unique settings for vehicle and RV settings.

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A growing number of drivers are currently trying to find an efficient GPS, capable of helping them drive better. Now, for an interactive driving experience we recommend the START 55YM GPS from TomTom. This GPS device has a big 5” screen which allows drivers to see U.S. and Canada maps. The device benefits from Free Lifetime traffic and special map updates for a complete driving experience. In addition to the interactive design, the GPS includes IQ routes and also Map Share technology which reduces time spent behind the wheel. The GPS has preloaded Points of Interests, which include hotels, restaurants, gas stations and many more.

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Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS


Best GPS 2019Out of the best products available on the market, the nuvi 3597LMTHD portable GPS from Garmin is without a doubt a great choice. This device has a 5.0” high-resolution display with an exclusive “pinch and zoom” feature, letting drivers have a better view of the traffic data. In addition to the interactive platform, this GPS offers dual-orientation in both vertical and horizontal mode. The portable vehicle GPS is fully loaded with informative maps of North America. It has free lifetime map updates which offer drivers the chance to drive better and pick the right route. The GPS device can display 3D buildings and driving routes for a comprehensive view!

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