GPS Price comparison


Are you fed up for finding out your way towards your destination? Then here is the solution to your problem, as GPS has been introduced with all the facilities clears your destination. Yet, there are several Global Positioning Systems but the best GPS ratings would be given to that GPS system which satisfies all the need of every person.


Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT


Best GPS Ratings This Garmin GPS system is not the only a GPS navigator but yet it would let you to find out your destination with the help of your voice, as well. This feature of this GPS system makes it very special as while driving it would be easy for anyone just to say where he / she wants to go. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, one can transfer all his contact information on this device, which lets you track your beloved ones addresses. This device also comes with the advantage of lifetime updating of maps and landmarks which make it useful for everyone.



Garmin Nuvi 3490LMT


3490LMT is another product of Garmin brand and also has some advanced feature from its previous version which is in 2595LMT. The new function of this 4.3 inches screen is its 3D landmarks and terrains view, through which one can easily identify the place. Best GPS ratings would be given to such gadget, which would be helpful in every type of situation because this system has both voice command and 3D landmarks. This GPS device comes with a pre-installed version of Garmin Guidance 3.0.



Garmin Nuvi 1390/1390T


The best viewing feature of this Garmin nuvi 1390/1390T makes it more convenient and popular among people, as it has the widescreen which allows you to view the map with high quality. Yet the size of screen is quite small since it has 4.3 inches screen, but with the feature of wide spread it gives you the view of 7 inches screen. It comes with the pre installed city navigator for North American zone, that’s why it is mostly used in the Northern regions of America. With the help of its touch, one can easily use it as he is using his cell phone.



Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT


Large GPS devices would be more suitable for the SUV’s and yet for other luxury cars. Yes, the largest screen of GPS with 5 inches comes in this product of Garmin and its model is 1490LMT. All other features like Bluetooth and lifetime map updates are included in this device, as well. The TFT screen of 5 inches allows you to view the map with 480 x 272 pixels. It has low light contrast so it will be hard if you get out of your vehicle. However, if one comes out of his own car, then it would not be problem for reading maps on this device as it comes with sunlight readability functionality.



Garmin Nuvi 3790T


With the additional feature of voice command, the GPS 3790T comes with 4.3 inches screen which also comes under the banner of Garmin. Multi Touch function of this device makes it easy for you to zoom in or out from specific location. It is as easy as doing it on your Apple’s I-phone. Also with the utility of Bluetooth, this device has a microphone, which allows you to locate your destination without touching it. Yet, it not compulsory to use it in your car only, but it can be used outside your car as well.