Expert Buying Advice for Guitar Amplifiers


Buying a product worthy of mention in the best guitar amplifier reviews is very much like opening a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. Forrest Gump’s mom might have been talking about life, but considering how your guitar amp is going to be a huge part of your musical life, you’d better give that advice a lot of thought!


Amp Types

If you carefully read through the best guitar amplifier reviews, you’ll notice that the units can be one of four types.

Tube amps are widely popular for their native distortion, warm and robust tone and louder sound production compared to solid-state amplifiers. Tube amps are distinctive for having separate channels that can transition instantly from clean to distorted tones. They need occasional changing and their performance turns progressively worse over time.

A solid-state model has a transistor preamp and may also come with distortion. It is the unit of choice for players who want reliable and sturdy touring gear.

Digital or modeling amps utilize digital (d-uh!) processors to approximate older generation tube technology sound. They use software that simulates the sound of a tube model and cabinet. As they are programmable, modeling amps are able to be an all-amps-in-one package.

The best of each type of amp comes together in a hybrid amp, which can easily be the best guitar amplifier 2019. This model has an actual tube connected to the solid state power element of the device. Many models of this type have a preamp section tube as well as a power section outfitted with solid state circuitry, with both components designed to produce a tube tone without actual power tubes.



Depending on the type of venue you plan to play in, your choice of the best guitar amplifier 2019 can be of two types of configurations. Combination or combo models are amply equipped to pack in the power you need to fill a small hall or club. The speaker and amplifier are housed in a single cabinet.

A high-powered stack (two cabinets and one head) with terrific sonic power is just what you need to fill a huge auditorium or open arena. A unit with a separate 4” x 12” speaker cabinet and a 100-watt head should be enough. You can use any amp head with almost any speaker cabinet.

Other players mic a small amp and run it into a PA system that can handle the unit.


Speaker Size and Power

Your budget and application pretty much influence your choice on the size and power rating of the product you choose from among those mentioned in the best guitar amplifier reviews.

Modeling or solid state combo units are heavily favored as practice amps. They can come with small speakers, probably 8” or 10” ones, as well as low power, perhaps something between the 10- to 30-watt range. Tube or modeling combos are practical for smaller or rehearsal venues, perhaps with 12-inch speakers and 50-watt ratings.

Larger venues require an average power rating of 100 watts or more, supplemented with combo amps composed of 12-inch speaker pairs or “twins”. However, a separate head and speaker may prove more effective.


Top Rated Guitar Amplifiers in 2019


Guitar aficionados will do well to get a hold of the best guitar amplifier reviews to be able to get a pretty good idea on what can serve their purpose perfectly. Reading yields results, as it can provide you with more information than when you first started out on your research. We’ve compiled data on three bestselling products to help you along.


Fender Mustang I V2


1.Fender Mustang I V2 Combo Electric Guitar AmplifierUndoubtedly one of the top rated guitar amplifiers 2019, this Fender Mustang V.2 model boasts of a new look and new features combined with the flexibility you have come to expect from such a stellar product. The Fender Mustang I V2 Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier packs superb muscle and overall modern guitar versatility, coming as it does with intelligent pitch shifting, five new effects and five new amp models.

You get the revolutionary Fender FUSE software plus USB connectivity, which empowers you to let your musical creativity flow and your imagination to fly.

The 17 high quality Fender and other amp models include 5 state-of-the-art ones like the ‘60s Thrift and the ‘57 Twin. You have 24 onboard presets to play with, which provides unlimited storage with your PC. Enjoy a full gamut of effects such as reverb, tremolo, delay/echo, and phaser, in addition to new ones such as pitch shifting, Green Screamer and Big Fuzz. There are plenty more available through Fender FUSE.

Despite its small size, the guitar amplifier provides excellent depth and dimensionality of sound. The intuitive controls simplify usage. The build quality is stellar, truly made for years of use. You have bright LEDs and sturdy buttons and knobs to help you use the amp effectively.

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Line 6 Spider IV 15


2.Line 6 Spider IV 15 Modeling Guitar AmplifierPlay like the rock star you’re destined to be with the Line 6 Spider IV 15 Modeling Guitar Amplifier. With this unit, you can plug into perfectly executed British and American amp tones, all pared down to the basics. You have access to a range of tones that any guitarist can ever dream of. Inspired by the 100-watt Marshall Plexi, the guitar amp packs a classic crunch with brilliantly clean tones for flawless sound reproduction.

This model is geared with Insane, simply one of the wickedest amp models from Spider IV. Insane offers plenty of distortion in a lean and mean package.

Fine-tuning all your tones is easily done via the front-panel 3-band EQ that comes with Treble, Mid and Bass knobs. Sculpt your tones perfectly, just the way you like them to be! The dedicated Drive knob gives you the grit you want, packing as much distortion as you require so you can give your clean tones just a tiny bit of kick and your already dirty tones a lot more bad-ass spice. Or roll it all back with the Drive knob to play some classic mid-gain sound from your crunchy tones.

Quick and easy volume balancing is achieved via the Channel volume knob, so your high-gain lead tones are consistently parallel to your cleaned-up rhythm tones.

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Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Vamp-Series


3.Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Vamp-Series AmplifierIf you want a solid, decent amp without having to break the bank, the Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Vamp-Series Amplifier is a great solution. This product is a great starter with its built-in 3-Band Equalizer that offers control of Bass, Treble and Mid-Range. Always have a hold on your guitar sound with this revolutionary model that packs as much punch as you need. The guitar amp offers tons of power, considering it is only an 8-inch model.

This light and portable model offers high- and low-level inputs for easy use. There’s minimal feedback so you can play to your desired level and still have control. The overdrive is perfect for rock. Use the gain control to kick everything into high gear. Enjoy classic blown-out sound or choose to put in some delay effect utilizing the built-in digital delay. Want to practice without causing your neighbors to petition you out of the neighborhood? Simply plug in your headphones into the amp and fire away!

This powerful guitar amplifier will blow your mind. It offers simple setup and is exceptionally easy to use. Enjoy mind-blowing sound with just the right amount of distortion when you want grit, or the cleanest sound, should you choose not to add crunch.

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