Things to Consider When Buying a Hand Planer


A rough, uneven wooden surface is made flat and level using a machine described in the best hand planer reviews. The rotating cutter head of a planer shaves off the top of a surface of wood. In the hands of a skilled tradesman, the power tool is kept constantly in contact with the wooden surface, leaving it evenly flat from one side to the other. Typically used in every aspect of carpentry, joinery and woodworking from large to small projects, the hand planer can be used to fashion out tables, chests, doors, even musical instruments, as well as countertops, bars and in shipbuilding.

A.Hand Planer


A key distinguishing factor between the machines you read about in the best hand planer reviews is the motor. Generally, a planer can be outfitted with one of two types of electric motor.

Induction motors are designed to deliver more powerful and greater precision. They are also more durable, compared to the second motor type. The robust motor does come with a certain heft and chunkiness, which makes this type of planer more suited for use in industrial settings, a permanent workshop or installation.

When you need something lightweight, check out units featured in the best hand planer reviews that are built with a universal motor. A universal motor is built into a handheld unit, making the machine perfect for mobility-seeking craftsmen.

You need to ensure that your hand planer comes with powerful motor that delivers a high RPM to carry out the planing task in one sweep.


Cutting Capacity

The products described in the best hand planer reviews feature different cutting capacities, which refer to how much the machine can normally shave off. The tool typically shaves off a millimeter of material at a time. Some models have depth stops built into them to facilitate thickness changes on the fly. Others offer the ability to shave off up to an average of 6 inches from the work piece.

In like manner, width denotes the size of the board that the planer can accommodate. Hand planers typically handle small board sizes, while permanently installed planers take on boards with greater width.



The cutter head of a hand planer is built with blades rotating at high speed to shave material off the board surface. The cutter head blades can number anywhere from two to five.

The stroke count is directly proportional to the number of the blades and the cutter head speed. Generally, you get a finer and smoother cut with higher speeds.

That being said, the quality of the best hand planer 2019 is not determined by speed alone. Some types of wood require slower speeds, while others require the exact opposite. It is always sensible to go with a machine that offers variable or adjustable speeds, instead of a unit with just a single speed.


Top Rated Hand Planers in 2019


You can’t pick just any hand planer off the shelf without knowing exactly why it’s the one you should get in the first place. Making the purchase necessitates having at least a working knowledge of its capability, your primary purpose for the machine, what features will be most useful to you, etc. Three great products are described here to help you make a great selection.


Makita KP0810 Planer


1.Makita KP0810 7.5 AmpLong considered the best hand planer 2019 on the market, the Makita KP0810 is engineered with power and robust cutting capacity balanced with ease of use. Perfect for door and window installation, fine woodworking and professional construction framing, this hand planer is outfitted with a powerful 7.5 amp motor that delivers greater output. The machine features a two-blade cutter head that can run at up to 16,000 RPM, delivering higher cutting capacity. The cutter head’s double-edge carbide blades ensure high performance, with the ability to shave off 5/32 inch of the stock and to handle a plane that’s up to 3.25 inches wide in a single pass.

This hand planer boasts a housing made of rigid die-cast aluminum and an all ball bearing construction, ensuring long tool life and supporting the planer drum for increased durability. Lightweight at just 7.3 pounds, this machine comes with power efficiency proportional to its weight. Enjoy comfortable operation thanks to the rubberized front and rear handles and the ergonomically centered balance. Both the work piece and the blades are protected by the spring-loaded stand that elevates the base. Chips can be ejected to either the left or right of the machine.

The depth adjustment dial comes with an easy-to-read scale plus click stops in 0.1mm divisions to ensure repeatable precision planing.

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Dewalt D26676 Portable Hand Planer


2.DEWALT D26676Built with a robust 5.5 Amp motor, the DEWALT D26676 3-1/4-Inch Portable Hand Planer provides a smooth, even finish even on the hardest of woods. Delivering up to 34,000 cuts per minute, the hand planer offers a conveniently fast removal rate, saving valuable time in the workshop. The machine is outfitted with large, industry-grade high speed steel blades that work great for framing and straight edging tasks. The steel blades can also be re-sharpened, reducing the need to make replacement purchases. The DEWALT D26676 accommodates reversible carbide blades for improved blade life and better material finish.

The DEWALT D26676 features a depth adjustment knob that can be calibrated to 1/16-Inch or approximately 1.5mm. It boasts precision-tooled front and back aluminum shoes that ensure a perfectly even cut and finish, as the components keep the machine in constant contact with the surface of the stock. The built-in kickstand enables the operator to leave the machine on the work surface without damaging the work piece. The front shoe has a precision-machined groove that enables edge chamfering. Belt durability is increased due to the Poly-V drive belt. User comfort is ensured with the ergonomically designed handle, which also prevents user fatigue.

The DeWalt D26676 ships with a rabbeting fence, a socket wrench and a blade re-sharpening tool to ensure optimal use.

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Wen 6530 Electric Hand Planer


3.WEN 6530 6-Amp ElectricBuilt with a robust 6 Amp motor that powers it to provide up to 34,000 cuts per minute, the WEN 6530 deserves to be included among the top rated hand planers 2019. It is geared with 16 positive depth stops that adjust the cutting depth from a range of 0 to 1/8 inch, which ensures a consistent result on the stock. The 5/16 inch rabbeting guide helps you make rabbets up to 1 inch in size. Weighing in at just 6 pounds, this is a lightweight power tool that will reduce operator fatigue even in case of extended use.

The kickstand allows you to place the unit on the stock without worrying about gouging the surface. With this highly useful device, you can plane away splinters, chips and misshapen edges most conveniently. Use this machine to fit wood and fix stubborn doors that refuse to slide into the jamb. Slice away irregularities that can make your project look unbalanced. Instead, boards can become smooth and nicely symmetrical. The 3.25-inch cutting width and maximum 1/8-inch cutting depth allow you to tackle bigger board pieces in just one go. The 16 positive stops are in increments of 1/128 inch to ensure precise shaving off of material.

A V-shaped groove on the base plate shoe easily flattens sharp post corners.

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