How to Buy the Best Hard Floor Steam Cleaner


Steam is a very efficient agent against bacteria and allergens, and steam cleaners are more and more popular since they can handle various tasks with ease. When cleaning hard floors, steam cleaners are your best ally, because they remove all the grease and dirt without having you work hard for it. This guide is intended to help you discover the best hard floor steam cleaner at the moment.



It is important to know that your steam cleaner can handle large surfaces, if you have a lot of cleaning to do. The best way to find out is by taking a look at the water tank capacity. Instead of going for a model that will force you to take trips to the sink several times per cleaning session, opt for one with a larger tank.


Heating time

Once you start your steam cleaner, you most probably want it to get to work right away. However, a long heating time can stand in the way of your desire. Smaller cleaners come with a very short heating time that can reach less than 20 seconds. Larger models may take even up to 10 minutes.


Extra mop pads

The mop pad can get dirty easily. Some models are sold with washable pads, while others need replacements. The washable type is preferred, because it can save you quite a bit of money.


Highest Rated Hard Floor Steam Cleaners in 2019


Are you looking for the best steam cleaners and you have no idea where to start? The following list contains three of the best products, according to consumers who praise them for their dependability, functionality and ability to clean hard floors with outstanding results. Don’t hesitate; see if any of these steam cleaners is what you need.


Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Steam Mop


Hard Floor Steam CleanerThe Hoover TwinTank WH20200 is your best ally against the bacteria in your home. Even the cleanest houses can still harbor allergens that are simply too small to be vacuumed efficiently. Steam does what other cleaning devices cannot; it kills bacteria and disinfects any area, without the need to appeal to harsh chemicals.

The model reviewed here comes equipped with a two tank system. Why is this aspect important? In case you only want to clean with steam, just one tank will be used, while, if you also want to add a disinfectant solution, the second tank will help you out.

Hard floors can something be difficult to clean, especially when you have to deal with stubborn stains. The quick dial control on this model lets you adjust between light and heavy operation, so you can insist only on areas that are harder to clean up.

There is another reason why the Hoover TwinTank WH20200 is considered the best hard floor steam cleaner around. It does not deal only with hard floors, but it can be used for refreshing your carpets, as well.

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Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Steam Mop


2.Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-OneAre your hard floors giving you a hard time when it’s time for cleaning? The Bissell 1132A is a really dependable model that helps you vacuuming debris and use steam on your hard floors, leaving nothing but outstanding cleanliness behind.

Being both a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner, the applications of this device are numerous. Some extras are also readily available, which is a nice touch and may tip the balance for some consumers who are unsure what cleaner to choose. Four mop pads are included, so you will not have to buy replacements for quite a while.

Another feature that makes the Bissell 1132A stand apart is its Dry Tank technology. Because this steam cleaner also vacuums, it is important to know that the steam will not infiltrate in the dust bin. Due to this technology, the dust bin is kept completely dry all the time, and you do not have to worry about a thing.

The Quick-Release pad tray allows you to change mop pads with great ease.

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Eureka Enviro 313A Floor Steamer


3.Eureka Enviro 313AIn case you specifically want a steam cleaner designed for hard floors, you’ve come to the right place. The Eureka Enviro 313A makes sure that your hard floors will always be clean and free of dangerous bacteria, and it also helps you save money on powerful chemicals for floor cleaning.

This model has an indicator light that lets you know when there is no more water left to continue cleaning. Users also appreciate the adjustable height handle, making it easy to use for shorter and taller individuals alike.

The cleaning head is large enough to cover a lot of surface at the same time. The lightweight design makes the Eureka Enviro 313A a great choice for those who do not need a bulky steam cleaner.

Two extra steam pads are included, for your convenience, along with a funnel and a measuring cup that make refilling a breeze.

Tap water can be used with this steam cleaner, but keep in mind that if the water in your area is rich in calcium, you may need to switch to distilled water.

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