Top rated heart rate monitors in 2019


People are now much more health conscious than ever. In order to keep a good health and a fit body, they do everything. But keeping oneself in a good shape does not require all those heavy workouts shown in TVs. You have to train smartly for faster result. If you can keep a track on your heart beat rate, you will be able to lose fat much quicker. Keep reading our best heart rate monitors reviews list and discover the product that best fits you.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Strap Price Timer/Clock Compatibility Our Rating Where to buy

MIO Alpha I

Strapless $$$$ YES Watch A+ AMAZON

Polar H7

Strap $$$ No Iphone, Ipad and more A AMAZON

Wahoo Fitness Blue

Strap $$$ No iOS devices and more B+ AMAZON

Timex T5K470

Strapless $$ YES Watch B AMAZON

60beat HR001

Strap $$ No Samsung Galaxy and more C AMAZON


Our Top Choices


MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor


The advent of Alpha’s innovative technology has changed the world of heart rate monitoring. This is the first sport type wrist watch which will be able to count your heart beats accurately. You do not have to wear chest strap for monitoring heart beats. This item is compatible with your Smartphone as well as other fitness devices. The Bluetooth device provide the connectivity between the heart rate monitor and the fitness application. Now you have the freedom to burn your fats effectively for just more than $200.

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Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor


Best Heart Rate Monitors ReviewsThe Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and helps you to perform your training more effectively. This heart rate monitor is smarter than any other training applications and provides you the information like calories burnt, elapsed distance, speed, time taken for the workout etc. it includes a soft and comfortable hand washable chest strap. Get your Smart Heart Rate Monitor now, train with it, and keep your body fit.

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Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Monitor for Iphone


This is a smart heart rate monitor particularly made for iOS devices. It needs an iOS version 4.0 or a later one. All the latest versions of apple devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad support this application. Whether you are running or cycling it works extremely well. You can easily track your workout timing, max heart beat, average heart beat zone and many more. The Best heart rate monitors reviews provide you the secret of getting fit and smart at an affordable price.

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Timex T5K470 Heart Rate Monitor


The Timex Heart Rate Monitor does not include any chest strap and is designed to keep you healthy. Its smart technology continuously tracks your training and alerts you when you reach the target zone thus preventing you from overexertion. This system can be used as wrist watch. Just put it on before starting the training session to make your training more effective. It also features a countdown timer, alarm and is water resistance up to 30 meters. The price its very accessible.

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60beat HR001 Heart Rate Monitor for Iphone


The smartest heart rate monitor ever that connects to your iOS devices directly through Bluetooth and no dongle is required in this system. A lot of applications are available in the market. It covers a wide variety of exercises like running, cycling, meditation, sleep therapy etc. This system unit stores data for future use. It consumes less energy than other Bluetooth devices.  The 60beat Heart Rate Monitor is the smartest of all in the list of best heart rate monitors reviews. You don`t have to spend much for a heart rate monitor.

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