What to Consider When Buying a Heated Mattress Pad


A heated mattress pad may be a better idea than an electric blanket, because it offers more even heat, and it doesn’t present the same risk of accidents. When it comes to purchasing a heated mattress pad, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. With so many models on the market, it may feel a bit of a daunting task to just pick one and take home with you. If you are feeling at a loss, read the next guide that is designed to help you out with this endeavor.

Best Heated Mattress Pad


Heated mattress pads are different from electric blankets to some degree, because they are placed on the mattress, instead of covering you, but the way they work is very similar. This means that both types of products work by using electricity, and accidents may occur when electricity is involved. Make sure that the product you intend to purchase has all the necessary certifications to ensure your peace of mind.



A good quality mattress pad can serve you for many years, so always make sure to check the details offered by the manufacturer in regards to warranty. A five year warranty is a solid proof that the product was thoroughly tested and it is made of the best materials to offer the same satisfaction for years to come. The best heated mattress pad reviews highly recommend models that have great durability and are made of high quality materials, so your search should start with them.



A network of wires is hidden under the cover of the mattress pad, and they are the ones responsible for providing heat. They must be supple and almost as good as invisible, so they do not impact on the quality of your sleep. You may place other covers and sheets over it, but sensitive sleepers may feel if there are bulky wires everywhere.



A cool extra the top rated heated mattress pads 2019 come equipped with is something called dual zones. This means that you can make one side of the bed warmer and the other cooler, in order to accommodate the specific needs of both people sharing the same bed.


Top Rated Heated Mattress Pads in 2019


Are you looking for a good quality heated mattress pad, to ensure a better sleep for you and your spouse? The next three models are the most popular at the moment, because they offer superior comfort, nice extras, and the peace of mind that is naturally provided by products tested for safety.



Soft Heat 744849 Heated Mattress Pad


1.Soft Heat Heated Mattress PadThis product is not only safe for use, but it also provides great comfort during winter nights, when the weather drops to freezing temperatures. The Soft Heat Heated Mattress Pad is easy to wash and maintain, without experiencing any of the usual shrinking and stretching other mattress pads goes through once tossed in the washing machine.

The low voltage used is safe for human use and it ensures that you will enjoy a great sleep at night, without worrying about a thing.

The Soft Heat Heated Mattress Pad is designed with comfort in mind. The wires used to heat the mattress pad are very thin and you will not be able to feel them through the fabric. The pad will feel just like any cover thrown on the bed, only that this feels more luxurious and more comfortable.

In case you need a mattress pad capable of satisfying both your partner’s need for comfort and yours, you will find this model right up your alley. The two separate zones allow you to control the heat delivered on your side of the bed. Considered the best heated mattress pad 2019, this model offers all the benefits required for a comfortable sleep.

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Sunbeam MSU3GQS-P000-12A00 Heated Mattress Pad


2.Sunbeam Heated Mattress PadYou will never experience the unpleasant sensation of getting inside a cold bed, if you start using the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad. Made of polyester, the mattress pad is safe to wash with the help of your washing machine, and you can use a dryer, as well, without damaging its texture, or its structure of wires.

The 145 thread count makes sure that the pad feels soft enough, so you will not be able to tell the difference between your favorite bed sheets and this great quality mattress pad.

The dual zone control makes sure that both you and your spouse can enjoy a great and comfortable night’s sleep, without depending on the other’s preferences. The 10 heat settings are enough to satisfy even the pickiest sleeper, and the 10 hour shut off function helps you out by stopping the heat when you are no longer in bed. Many electric blanket accidents are related to how users often forget to unplug them; no such worries are associated with such high quality heated mattress pads, and the fact that they use low voltage also helps a great deal.

You will not have to worry about too hot or too cold spots, either. The ThermoFine technology used provides consistent temperature across the entire surface.

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Biddeford 5902-908221-100 Heated Mattress Pad


3.Biddeford Heated Mattress PadFor those who are looking for a durable item, the Biddeford Heated Mattress Pad is exactly what they need. With a 5 year warranty and made of high quality materials, this model is among the best you can currently find.

When you are not using the pad, you can place it in its own zipper bag. The bag comes with handles, to help you carry the pad with you when you need it on vacation or in another location.

You will find this great heated mattress pad easy to wash and to maintain. You can toss the pad in your washing machine and dry it in the dryer, and you will not notice any signs of wear and tear. A good addition to your household, the Biddeford Heated Mattress Pad is often mentioned by the best heated mattress pad reviews out there because of the superior comfort it provides.

With dual zone control for maximum comfort for both bed occupants, you will find this nice looking mattress pad a very good investment in your healthy sleeping habits for years to come. The heat released by the pad can also be therapeutic, as it helps relieving pain and enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

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