Top Rated Hidden Spy Security Cameras in 2019


Capturing still pictures or video on the sly, the different products featured in the best hidden spy security camera reviews are typically small and undetectable. Spy cameras are useful for proving acts of neglect, theft and more. Some users employ such devices for playing pranks or capturing funny videos. Spy cams are available in a variety of sizes for every purpose.


enKo Products® 4 in 1 – Mini Home Security Hidden Camera


Best Hidden Spy Security Camera ReviewsUsing advanced technology, this model is the best hidden spy security camera 2019 for how it is activated through motion detection. It also offers excellent night vision to give you peace of mind and security. The size of the device is diminutive at 3 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches, around the same size as a typical credit card in two dimensions, so you can tuck it discretely into a small space.

The fashionable design enables easy blending into a variety of home settings. The camera comes with the needed accessories to enable problem-free set up.

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GW Security Inc GWSF9 Professional SONY CCD Hidden Camera


Delivering clear images via a high of 600 TV lines horizontal resolution, the GW Security Inc GWSF9 deserves to be the best hidden spy security camera 2019. It offers low lux in minimum lighting conditions to enable dramatic capture of images. With its 18 pieces of infrared LED, the camera is able to capture images up to 65 feet range.

The camera offers auto white balance so no ghosting or blurry images result in the daylight. The device also comes with backlight compensation, which prevents underexposure of the main subject even with bright lighting behind it.

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Jumbl JU-SC02B Mini Hidden Spy Camera


For other people, the Jumbl JU-SC02B Mini Hidden Spy Camera may just be another portable radio clock. This is what makes this model a top seller in plenty of best hidden spy security camera reviews. Able to see without being seen, this security camera can operate on a rechargeable battery. It can also be plugged into an AC outlet.

The hidden camera captures time-stamped images. It can be set to record only upon detection of motion. The product comes with infrared capabilities so it can do scene capture even when lighting is at minimum levels.

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BrickHouse Security Camscura Micro HD Hidden Camera


The oxymoron “hidden in plain sight” has never been more demonstrable than with the BrickHouse Security Camscura Micro HD Hidden Camera. Use this device to turn any item in the house into a hidden camera. Capable of capturing hours of video on just one battery charge, the hidden camera records videos in crisp, high-definition quality. The device is compact and rugged. You can install it into a stuffed toy or an inconsequential tissue box.

Recording can be set according to preference, whether based on vibration, sound or motion or just at a specific time.

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Hidden Camera Motion Detection Alarm Clock


The 1280×720 HD Color Motion Detection Hidden Camera captures audiovisual recording in real time so you can view up-to-the-minute images in a specified area or space. Video resolution is tops at 1280 x 720p. It can be remotely controlled or can be set to record only upon detection of motion. The device offers up to 12 hours of continuous video recording so you won’t miss a thing.

The hidden camera also provides full digital alarm clock function so it remains discrete as it does the surveillance job. It supports 32 gigabytes TF card in Max to enable storage of recorded images and videos.

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