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Adding a high chair to the furniture in your kitchen becomes a necessity by the time your baby starts eating solid food, which is around 6 months old. Picking a high chair for your baby is, however, pretty serious, since you definitely want nothing but the best. We compiled the best high chair reviews on the web and we created this helpful buying guide, so you can make a solid choice with zero headaches.



The last thing you need is to worry about your child’s safety, while everybody is gathered around the kitchen table, enjoying their meal. It is a big moment for your kid when she gets to sit at the same table with the grownups, but it is a big moment for you too. To avoid any mishaps from ruining these beautiful moments, always pick a high chair that is stable and safe. A good quality harness will keep your baby in place, even if she tends to explore the world around her, by trying to lean over the arms of the chair. Certifications, such as the one from JPMA, are necessary to testify for the safety features available.



The best high chair 2019 should be not only safe enough for your peace of mind, but also very comfortable for your baby. The seat must be roomy and the extra cover or padding must make sure that your kid is going to have a fun time as he sits on it. Imagine how you would feel if the chair you sit on while eating was uncomfortable. Keep this simple aspect in mind, and you will get a great chair for your baby.


Easy to clean

Once your baby starts eating solid food, a series of messy events will be triggered. There will be spilled food, spilled juice, and everything with a great potential of causing stains. The chair you pick must be easy to clean, or you will have a hard time maintaining it in top shape. Pick a model that does not have crevices or seams, because that’s where pieces of food are most likely to get stuck.


Top High Chiars in 2019


Now that you are more familiar with what you want from a high chair for your baby, let’s see the best high chairs 2019 that are available for sale at the moment. We want you to choose the best model for you and your kid, and we hope one of these popular models is exactly what you want.


Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster (B00AHVR6T0)


1.Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and BoosterGraco is famous for making high quality baby products, so a high chair from this company is expected to be outstanding in all respects. Considered by many best high chair reviews to be the number one choice parents should take a serious look at, the Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster is also enjoying an overwhelming number of positive comments from users.

Probably the most important feature to mention about this Graco high chair is that it is actually more than that. The model converts to a booster chair, as your kid grows up, which means that this could be quite a handy investment on the long run. Since babies grow pretty fast, you will probably like the idea of purchasing a solid high chair that can be used for a long time.

Safety is a big thing for Graco, as is for parents everywhere. The available – and convertible – 3 to 5 point safety harness keeps your baby secure all the time, so you can enjoy the first meals together without a glitch.

The Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster is the best high chair 2019 for many parents and it could be the one for you, too. The padding is machine washable and easy to clean and the 3 position reclining feature adds to the appeal.

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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair (B0042D69YM)


2.Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High ChairSpace can be a hefty commodity for many households, so you will need any new furniture to be easy to accommodate in your existing rooms. Especially in your kitchen, the furniture in general must not take a lot of space. The same principle applies to high chairs, and having a good quality model that does not take over the room, making it hard for people to move around it, can be a true godsend.

The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair has a quirkier design than what you normally see when you go shopping for high chairs. However, the modern looking design has practical value, too; it is geared towards saving space and it does so brilliantly.

Mentioned by plenty of top rated high chairs reviews, this model from Fisher-Price is a great hit with parents, and many prefer it because of its design and general appeal. The construction is smooth and crevice free, so you will not engage in any treasure hunting for food remains stuck on the chair.

The model comes equipped with restraint straps, and the height and recline can be adjusted in order to provide the baby with the best comfort possible.

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Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair (B00CXGPNII)


3.Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High ChairFor parents who are more nostalgic about the traditional high chairs of their childhood, the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair offers one of the best options available right now.

The classic look of this high chair recommends it, but modern features are readily provided, as well. Made entirely of wood, unlike other models that are made of plastic and metal, this Summer Infant product will integrate perfectly with your kitchen.

Among the best high chairs 2019, the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair has 3 recline positions, so your baby will be comfortable all the time. The tray can be released with ease and it is also easy to wash in your dishwasher without a problem.

The vinyl coated padding adds to the general appeal and it is also easy to clean and to maintain. Say goodbye to stubborn stains; this chair will be really easy to care for.

Safety is not an issue taken lightly by the manufacturer, so a 5 point safety harness is provided with the chair, so you will know that your kid is kept secure all the time.

The tray can also be adjusted, so you can use it as you see fit, while your baby sits comfortably.

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