If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best home subwoofer money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best home subwoofers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the BIC America F12 appears to be the best you can find right now. Port noise is eliminated, due to the superior Venturi technology employed. This is quite a big thing for those who are looking for superior performance, so it is, without a doubt, one of the most important features. A 5 year warranty is provided by the manufacturer so you can really count on the abilities of this model for years to come. Another great plus is that it works with both the Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS. If the BIC America F12 is out of stock, you could also consider the Polk Audio PSW505 as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Frequency Range Price Watts Size (inches) Our Rating Where to buy

BIC America F12

25Hz – 200Hz $$$ 475 12 A+ AMAZON

Polk Audio PSW505

23Hz – 160Hz $$$$$ 460 12 A AMAZON

Yamaha YST-SW216BL

40Hz – 140Hz $$ 100 10 B+ AMAZON

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones

38 Hz – 150 Hz $$ 100 8 B AMAZON


25Hz – 150Hz $$$$ 400 10 C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


If you truly want to set up a home theater in your living room or any other spare room inside your household, you cannot bring your dream to life without getting a good and reliable subwoofer. We want to come to your aid by offering you this short and to the point home subwoofer buying guide, hoping that it will help you decide on a good quality model that you can use for years to come. Why is a subwoofer so important for your home theater system? The human ear can perceive sounds on a very wide range, but low frequency sounds are not well rendered just by any audio device. This is where a subwoofer comes into play, with its deep bass capabilities. Any thump, crash or other low frequency sound will be rendered with high accuracy, so your movie watching experience will totally change. But first, see what features you should look for in a home subwoofer.



The best home audio subwoofer is not necessarily the model that everyone praises, but rather the one that truly fits your needs. That is why you should first consider the size of your desired subwoofer, before going over other specs. A larger subwoofer is a better fit for a larger room, as you may easily imagine. 10 inch and 12 inch subwoofers are currently the norm, and they work just fine for a large room. Since many people prefer placing their home theater systems in the largest rooms in their homes, here is your starting point for putting together the most awesome home theater, starting with a reliable subwoofer.


Front firing or down firing?

Next on your list should be to decide whether you want a subwoofer that is front firing or down firing. This is something that refers to where the woofer will go inside a cabinet enclosure. Basically, where and how you place your subwoofer will influence the quality and power of sound, depending on what type you are dealing with. Make the wrong match and you will not be very pleased with the results. That being said, let’s get down to what the above terms mean. Down firing models are those that should be placed on the bottom of a cabinet enclosure. Front firing models are the ones that come with woofers on the sides. You will find these to be best for music, because the sound will engulf you, truly making you feel the beautiful notes. Normally, high quality models should be able to offer you the same high sound quality, no matter where you put them, but, if you want to play safe, just follow the recommendations above.


Powered or passive?

Another question to find an answer for is whether you should get a powered or a passive subwoofer. The best home theater subwoofer reviews offer more insight on particular models that are part from both categories, so it all boils down to preferences in the end. The thing with passive models is that they are not that good at delivering the same high sound quality as powered models. This doesn’t mean that you should never get a passive model. If you match it with a good amplifier, you will be good to go and your unit may be on par with powered models, if not better. Those who prefer to put together their own rigs often opt for passive subwoofers, since they can try various amplifiers and see what effects they can get. This kind of customization is what proves fascinating for people with a knack for audio systems. Powered subwoofers come with internal amplifiers that boost the sound, and they can be a pretty straightforward choice. People who are not that much into trying out different versions of a home theater system usually prefer powered subwoofers, since they do not need to shop around for an external amplifier, unless they really want to do so.



Top rated home subwoofers in 2019


Now that you know more about how to select this type of audio device for your home, get ready to meet the best home subwoofers currently available for sale on the market, as they are showcased below.


Our recommendations


BIC America F12


best home subwooferThe BIC America F12 has 12-inch front-firing speaker and comes equipped with a high 475-watt peak amplifier created by an advanced Bash technology. More and more people use with confidence the BIC America subwoofer with frequency response 25Hz to 200Hz, a solid sensitivity of 90dB, magnetic shielding and also gold-plated terminals that allows the user to experience delicate and clear sounds. With a modern aspect, the BIC subwoofer can fit in any home, bringing a touch of the latest technology. It comes as no surprise to see the current top rated home subwoofer reviews speak so highly of the BIC model.


Buy from Amazon for ($221.91)




Polk Audio PSW505


2A professional audio system requires a powerful subwoofer with the capacity to enhance the audio experience though heighten sound clarity. The Polk Audio PSW505 subwoofer includes a magnetically shielded 12-inch long-throw woofer that enhance the sounds coming from movies, documentaries, TV-shows or other types of visual entertainment. Due to the slot-load venting system, the turbulence, noises or distortion of sounds is limited to a minimum. As one of the current best home subwoofers in 2019, the Polk PSW505 model ensures up to 300 watts of strong power and audio clarity.


Buy from Amazon for ($399)







There are two most important things to love about this home subwoofer. First of all, the high performance it delivers, including the deepest bass possible. When you are firing up this home subwoofer, you will feel the music in your gut, and probably your neighbors will have something to say about it, too. The second thing we must mention is its superior placement flexibility. Due to its front firing driver and its digital amplifier, you can basically place this model anywhere you like, without fearing that you will lose sound quality or power. Compatible with most receivers, this one is a highly recommended purchase.


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Yamaha YST-SW216BL


Best Home subwoofers 2019As one of thebest home subwoofers in 2019, the Yamaha YST-SW216BL 100-watt model sets new standards for high quality when it comes to clear audio experiences. Due to the presence of the high dynamic power and low noise system maintained by the Advanced YST II, Yamaha helps the user experience complete audio pleasure. The model comes equipped with front-firing active subwoofer, a powerful linear port that minimizes extraneous noises, 25D 180Hz low frequency response and also a 10O long-stroke cone driver, ensures the clear high audio quality every time you turn on Yamaha YST.


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Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed


1.Pioneer SW-8MK2The affordable and top rated SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer from Pioneer offers a low-distortion means of enjoying the deep lows of your favorite music and movie sound. This new model is sure to merit your most discriminating taste with its awesome 100-watt amplifier that brings you front and center in all the earthshaking audio delivery. The vented closure ensures an extended deep, seamless bass performance. Get flexible installation from the high- and low-level inputs. Customized setup is enabled thanks to the phase and frequency controls. Boasting amazing low-end frequency sound delivery in an awesome design, the SW-8MK2 provides a spectacular home theater and music experience for you.


Buy from Amazon for ($128.51)






2.JBL ES250PBKMade with a 12-Inch cellulose-fiber cone that is both strong and light, the top rated JBL ES250PBK High-Performance 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer makes a great new addition to your home and entertainment system. The powerful 400-watt amplifier delivers awesome sound performance while the JBL computer-optimized bass-reflex port provides less turbulence with deeper bass. This subwoofer unit works really well with other JBL ES speakers. It is equipped with premium components to ensure minimal audio distortion. The subwoofer will look good in any setting thanks to the exceptional style that matches its substance. The unit ensures uniform piston motion thanks to the polymer coating reinforcement of the cone.


Buy from Amazon for ($319.98)





Products which are no longer available



BIC America VK-12


Almost all of the top rated home subwoofer reviews speak well about the effectiveness and durability of the BIC America VK-12 model. This device is a front-firing powered subwoofer which maintains a clear audio pattern coming from various sources. Equipped with 12-inch Kevlar woofer that sustains high strength and enhanced sound dispersion, balancing the clarity of 1000-watts peak output. Furthermore, the user can control with ease the volume and other sound features of everything playing. The model comes with a beautifully crafted black lacquer finish.



MartinLogan DYNBLD Dynamo


The MartinLogan audio systems are known for their efficiency and great functionality, drawing from years of technical expertise. The DYNBLD Dynamo Subwoofer delivers unmatched audio performance due to the compact design and subtle comfort ability. This subwoofer has embedded in its basic structure the Low-Distortion aluminum-cone which maintains great audio durability and clarity. The power of the device revolves around 200 Watts of sheer audio delight every time you turn it on. This is the reason why so many of the current top rated home subwoofer reviews underline its effectiveness.