How to Buy the Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump


Breastfeeding is today considered the best manner of feeding an infant up to the age of six months, as the nutrients that can be found only in a mother’s milk cannot be reproduced by commercial formulas. Breastfeeding moms need, however, a bit of help, to get the right flux of milk and using a breast pump is a good idea to do so. Hospital grade breast pumps are the most efficient and they are preferred by many. This buying guide is focused on the best breast pumps that are today used in hospitals, but can also be purchased for home use.

A.Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Double pumping

One feature to look for in a breast pump is double pumping that allows the initiation of lactation in both breasts at the same time. If you have erratic milk supply, you may prefer a unit with the double pumping feature.


Carrying case

An add-on you may not want to do without is a carrying case. Since you may want to use the breast pump in other places than your home, knowing that you can transport the unit around without any problems is helpful for your peace of mind.


Total weight

Hospital grade breast pumps are heavier than regular models, so aiming for a more lightweight model is recommended, especially if you need to transport it to work and back home again.


What Are the Top Hospital Grade Breast Pumps in 2019


We are well aware of how difficult it can be for breastfeeding moms to select the best hospital grade breast pump around. The next selection of units is based on users’ reviews who have expressed their honest opinions after purchasing and using them. We hope you will find your ideal choice among these popular models.


Medela Lactina Select


1.Medela Lactina SelectThe Medela Lactina Select is one of the most convenient hospital grade breast pumps you can find right now. Double pumping and single pumping options are available, so you can choose the one you like. The automatic suck and release system ensures that you will manage to initiate lactation without worrying about a thing.

Hospital grade pumps are more efficient than other types of breast pumps. This one is, as expected, easy to use and it guarantees great results. The vacuum release is designed to free the breast when suction can no longer draw more milk, in order to prevent over suction.

You can use this unit connected to an electric socket, or rely on its battery. The convenient carrying case accommodates both the unit and the charger, so you will never feel like you are lacking something when away from home.

You do not have to worry that the milk may become contaminated either, since the materials used for this pump are completely BPA free.

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Spectra Baby USA SPS100


2.Spectra Baby USAThe Spectra Baby USA is a hospital grade breast pump that helps you feed the baby regardless of the hour, day or night. Being able to store some of your milk in bottles for later use is very handy for busy moms, and it allows you to go to work and take care of your baby without any worries that she will not be properly fed.

This unit has a really nice design and it has a few features that have made many consumers name this the best hospital grade breast pump around.

Featuring a fully customizable program to help you choose the most suitable settings, the Spectra Baby USA is very handy and comfortable for moms. The quiet operation allows you to use it when you are in the same room with your baby without disturbing her peaceful sleep. The closed system allows you to maintain the hygiene of the unit, without fear that you will contaminate the bottle or the milk by accident.

Several accessories are readily provided for double pumping.

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Ardo medical Calypso-To-Go


3.Ardo medical Calypso-To-GoIt is always good to know that you can rely on a good quality product when feeding your baby is concerned. Named the quietest breast pump on the market, the Ardo medical Calypso-To-Go is praised not only by consumers but also by organizations sustaining breastfeeding.

The carrying bag will definitely catch your eye, because it is stylish and non-intrusive. No one will suspect you are carrying your dependable breast pump around, when you need to travel, or you need to take it to work. Manufactured in Switzerland, the breast pump is made of high grade materials that are safe for you and your baby.

A set of six bottles and various accessories to help you with pumping the milk out of your breasts are included. 64 setting combinations are available, so there is plenty of customization to enjoy when using this pump.

The model can be used for double pumping, so you will be able to take advantage of the same great benefits as expected from a hospital grade pump.

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