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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hot tub money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information about the best hot tubs for sale on the market by consulting expert review sites and looking into numerous customer feedback. Out of all the products we have checked out, we believe the Smart for Life Lifesmart Plug and Play is the best because of its open seating design that accommodates up to 4 adults without any barriers that only eat up precious space in the tub. Enabling hassle-free use, the hot tub is equipped with adjustable jets, Balboa topside controls as well as a top-loading filter so you and three of your friends can relax in the tub and not have to worry about difficult-to-access knobs or levers just to make the most of the product. The highly indestructible RockSolid Shell provides many years of service with normal use. The hot tub has built-in efficient energy management system to ensure effective use of electricity to run its various features. If the Smart for Life Lifesmart Plug and Play is unavailable, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa readily makes the second best option.



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Buying Guide


A hot tub requires a substantial investment cash wise, so any buyer will have to do their homework to find the best one for them by looking into reviews and ratings and even product endorsements from genuine buyers. Many hot tubs come with plenty of bells and whistles that make it hard to determine which features are essential and which are just meant to raise the unit’s aesthetic value. We consider the following aspects to be worth looking into.

A.1 Best hot tub reviews 1000

Efficient performance

Primarily, you want the hot tub to be able to hold the heated water temperature during use as well as in standby mode so there is little to no heat loss. The heater should transfer most of the generated heat from it to the water and not to the surrounding components. You also want the hot tub to be equipped with a cover that has tight, well-sealed hinges to prevent easy loss of heat, or numerous secure tie downs to hold the cover in place. Another important element that ensures efficient performance is a strong and robust motor that ensures fast and reliable heating of the water without using too much electricity.

Many hot tub models are so efficient at providing relaxation in heated water that they can even be used for hydrotherapy, which makes use of water to treat illnesses and for relief of body pain and aches. Soaking the body in heated water offers fantastic health benefits after a tiring day to coax tight knots in the muscles to go away and to ensure all-over soothing of aching joints. Hot tubs rely on a combination of air and water propelled through strategically laid out hot tub jets that serve to smoothly massage key areas that typically suffer from pain and stress. The jets deliver a range of pulsing, swirling and streaming water flow that is able to penetrate deep into the muscles, kneading them like a pair of strong hands to ease out the pain. Some hot tub models even allow you to customize the type of massage you can get.


Safety and Ease of use

Hot tub manufacturers have been trying to outdo each other in ensuring that their products are easy to use. Top-mounted controls enable easy reach so you won’t have to leave the tub just to change settings or to push knobs located on the tub sides. The jets should be adjustable to give you a greater number of options for altering the strength and direction of the spray, swirl, or pulsing of the water, for customized hydrotherapy every time. Hot tub use does pose health risks for people with heart conditions and other medical concerns as well as for pregnant women, so it is best to check with the doctor if you have those issues. In addition, make sure to ask a medical practitioner or physical therapist if hydrotherapy is appropriate for treating the kind of pain, joint and muscle symptoms you have.

The hot tub, if primarily designed for hydrotherapy, should offer whirlpool action that can help treat your health condition. It should be safe for use. Most hot tub users prefer a temperature range between 100 to 102 degrees fahrenheit, but others want the water temperature to go as high as 104 degrees fahrenheit.

A.2 Best hot tub reviews

Solid and reliable construction

You want the hot tub to require minimal installation requirements. Because of the sheer size of a hot tub, one may have to do major remodelling of the bathroom or an entire area of the house to accommodate the unit. This is why some people choose to get an inflatable model that they can just set up when needed either indoors (with enough floor space of course) or outdoors on a spacious open deck or patio. The tub should have ample size to accommodate your needs and also allow you space for entertaining with others. Molded seats are geared for users with average weight and height. Make sure they fit comfortably when you lie submerged in the water.

Basic or layered insulation does not perform as well as full foam insulation when it comes to reducing heat loss, soundproofing and supporting the tub. The least durable tubs are made of soft-sided vinyl or are inflatable. Thick wood, thermoplastic and stainless steel tubs are the toughest and less prone to breaking and damage. A cartridge filter decreases time and the need to use chemicals for maintaining the unit. Make sure the hot tub comes with a dependable warranty coverage.

There are plenty of hot tub brands and models on the market, which can make it pretty challenging to choose one. Hopefully, the above buying guide can help you get a concrete idea of what to look for in a hot tub to enable you to make a more informed buying decision. We have also showcased the top rated products below to help you enjoy a smoother buying experience.



Top rated hot tubs in 2017


Who doesn’t love to take a long bath in a beautiful hot tub? The growing interest for such devices is not surprising, giving people’s desire for special moments, in hot and steaming water. Now, there are many models present on the market, designed to meet different requirements. You ought to read some of the best hot tub reviews, written down by satisfied customers and use the information wisely. Once you are properly informed on the top rated products available on the market, you will be able to find a hot tub, designed with attention to meet your every needs.


Our recommendations


Smart for Life Lifesmart AMZ-FF-LUNA


Most of the current best Hot Tub reviews underline the efficiency of the Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play, a special spa with carefully selected accessories for enhanced comfort. This high quality tub incorporates the Rock Solid shell which can resist for months on end. The 110 volt Plug & Play spa is very easy to install, taking only a couple of minutes of your time.

Furthermore, the tub uses ECO Smart technology which safely manages energy consumption. It requires less energy and delivers heightened performance, every time you turn the tub on. You will also control everything on the tub by making use of the digital command center.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($3083.13)




Smart for Life Lifesmart FF-SMPLCTY


Are you shopping for a high quality hot tub, ideal to complete your back or front yard? If you are then you can choose one of the top Hot Tubs in 2017 from Lifesmart, Rock Solid Simplicity. This 110 volt Plug and Play spa lets you install it without any problems whatsoever.

It is absolutely very easy to set out: fill and plug, that’s all! This hot tub uses Eco Smart technology and delivers precise performance due to the full-foam insulation system. It can be used by 4 persons who can enjoy 12 high therapy jets, which will leave you relaxed and satisfied.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($2798.61)




Coleman Lay-Z


1.Coleman Lay-Z Spa

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa allows you to treat yourself and three of your friends to a relaxing spa experience. This hot tub heats the water while generating soothing bubble jets that work on aching muscles and joints to soothe the pain away for a relaxing end to a stressful day.

The fabric coated material on the outer walls of this inflatable unit ensures easy maintenance and comfort. The supplied pool cover features an aluminum foil coating that keeps the water extra warm for energy efficiency.

The heating system provides rapid operation and convenient push button controls plus easy-read display so you can view the selected settings at a glance. The integrated water filtration system ensures that the water in the hot tub is always ready for use.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




M-Spa Model B-90 Apline


Shopping for a brand new hot tub is pretty exciting for thousands of men and women that want to enjoy special moments in pleasurable environment. One of the best Hot Tubs in 2017 comes from M-Spa, the Model B-90 Apline, which constitutes a great addition to any home.

This tub allows you to enjoy a soothing and natural environment, filled with passion and reasons to laugh. You can use the tub after an extensive workout or simply after a stressful week. Some call this hot tub the affordable luxury item that you’ve always wanted to own but didn’t know about.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Great Escape Spas Laguna40


Shopping for a brand new hot tub may prove to be quite challenging given the wide selection on the market today. Today, you have the possibility to choose with confidence the Great Escape Spas 6-Person hot tub which offers high levels of relaxation to every user.

This carefully designed hot tub comes with a user-friendly digital topside set of controls which give you the possibility to choose the ideal temperature. It is able to provide advanced hydrotherapeutic effects on the neck, calves, shoulders and feet, through precise jets. The hot tub was specially built and precisely insulated, with an advanced multi-layered fiberglass construction and durable acrylic surface!


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Great Escapes Spas KBR631DXG0


1. Great Escapes Spas Home and GardenGoing through the present best Hot Tubs in 2017 represents an important step in discovering the ideal product, suited for your home’s personality! Now, you have the possibility to opt for the Home and Garden Spas 6-Person hot tub, designed to offer a place of relaxation and even entertainment, for family members and friends as well.

You can set the proper temperature on the hot tub, through the easy to use digital controls and enjoy the full hydro-therapeutic jets. This particular hot tub was designed by with comfort and high quality in mind, letting you enjoy special moments in a hot water environment.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($3449.99)