How to Pick Out the Right Hunting Bow:


With so many variations in types, sizes, total weight, draw weight and, of course, price, shopping for a proper hunting bow can be as challenging as searching for a new house. It is therefore advisable to get properly informed before going shopping for a bow ideal for your hunting trips.


Total bow weight

The total bow weight is very important when choosing the right hunting bow. A bow that is too taxing on your arms because of its weight can ruin your hunting experience, making you too slow to be able to chase on fast prey. It may also prevent you from keeping a steady aim. Do not forget to add the quiver weight as well as the arrows on top of the bow weight. This is the main reason why most popular hunting bows 2019 are usually properly balanced or more lightweight.


Bow size

After the total bow weight you should look more into size. Depending on your body frame and posture you will require a certain size. There are a lot of charts and tips on finding the perfect hunting bow size for you, usually involving measuring your height and arm span while relaxed. If you practice target shooting then your best bet is to find a hunting bow with a size close to your target bow, minimizing any problems that may appear later on. Do not go shopping for a hunting bow without taking a good look online for bow sizes charts and tips.


Draw weight

Third important aspect when shopping for a hunting bow is the draw weight. Each hunting bow has a specific draw weight, and usually the more draw weight a bow has the faster the arrow will be. Unfortunately people tend to aim for the highest draw weight possible without understanding their own limits. An immediate consequence is a drop in performance when trying to use the bow. Also please remember that in colder climates your movement is limited by heavy clothing, therefore choosing a slightly less powerful bow may actually increase your hunting abilities.


Ease of use

When it comes to choosing the right hunting bow all top rated hunting bow reviews agree that for a beginner bow hunter the most important quality in a hunting bow is its ease of use. Aim for a bow that has adjustable draw weight, light total weight and proper balance and you will be sure that your bow hunting trips will be enjoyable and – why not – memorable.


Top Rated Hunting Bows in 2019


While searching through the best hunting bow reviews we have identified three hunting bows that we want to recommend for your best hunting experience with this type of weapon. We focused mainly on lightweight models, with highly customizable features, versatility and, of course, pricing, so you can have plenty to choose from.


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black Ops


Best Hunting Bow ReviewsThis hunting bow is the bestseller of all hunting bows and a top of the line model that many hunters love. Its customizable draw weight from 5lbs up to 70lbs makes it perfect for any kind of hunter, being a good choice for kids as well as adults. Women seem to prefer it, as well, because of its customizable features. The Diamond Archery model can also adjust its drawing length from 13” to 30” without any special tools.

Because of many favorable reviews from users this bow has already made it to the top of the best hunting bow 2019 chart for its versatility and performance.

The Infinite Edge Bow has an ultra-light durable body frame, perfect for long outdoor hunting trips or short target practices in the backyard. The hard durable rubber grip together with its lightweight aluminum riser creates a perfect balance and grip making it capable of incredible accuracy.

Appreciated by both novices and veterans, the Infinite Edge Bow is one of the best deals you can find. With its perfect weight and adjustable draw length and draw weight, this model is perfect for all, with no exceptions.

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Diamond Archery by Bowtech Core Compound Bow Package


The second hunting bow we recommend is another Diamond Archery model. This specific bow is in a league of its own. With a top speed of over 300 feet per second, a perfect durable and balanced frame, and a ton of customizations available, this bow is a must buy for anyone hunter shopping for a good and reliable hunting bow.

With adjustable draw length from 25” to 30” and adjustable draw weight from 40lbs to 70 lbs this bow will satisfy even the most seasoned bow hunters out there. Light and reliable, with great balance, smooth and silent, this hunting bow truly has it all. For perfect accuracy it even has a powerful 10x magnification scope, making incredible grouping even when shooting from a long range.

This is another model you will often find at the top of the best hunting bow 2019 list. Durable and strong, easy to use and sporting great accuracy it is one of the best bows you will find on the market nowadays.

With all those qualities there is no wonder that the most appreciated hunting bow reviews call this bow the “perfect hunting bow” for any outdoor experience, hunting or target practice. If you decide to purchase this particular model, you will surely not be disappointed with its performance.

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SAS Siege Compound Bow


Geared towards bow hunting beginners, this compound bow is a perfect reasonably priced starter bow. Functional and fun, with great accuracy and lightweight this bow can offer countless hours of fun on both hunting trips or target practice rounds.

Best hunting bow reviews name this bow the best starter bow for its ease of use, performance, durability and its great price. While ideal for beginners this bow can be also used on the field by more advanced hunters especially when hunting for fast prey.

As with all compound bows, SAS Siege will only require about 17lbs of draw weight in order to deliver its full 55lbs of draw weight, shooting arrows at over 200 feet per second without taxing the hunter’s strength.

SAS Siege is a great bow for boys and girls but also for anyone with a small body frame; it comes with great sights helping new hunters make their debut with ease and great satisfaction. This bow offers all these at a super competitive price, and it is one of the best choices for any new archer today.

Thinking hard on what kind of bow to buy for your young boy or girl? Relax and think no more, this bow is the perfect choice! It will make their bow shooting days great and their hunting debut memorable.

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