If you happen to be on the lookout for the best hunting spotting scope, and you don’t have time to do your own research, find everything you need to know in this paragraph. We looked at customer reviews, social media activity, sales numbers, and overall value, and now we can warmly recommend the Vortex Optics Diamondback, as the number one item on our list. The special anti-reflective coating used will allow you to spot game at far distances without a problem. The Porro prism employed on this model also contributes to overall image performance, which is essential for detecting your prey. You will certainly appreciate the angled design that lets you use the scope with smaller tripods, and also increases stability. If the Vortex Optics Diamondback is no longer available, the next model we recommend is the Bushnell Legend Ultra, as it comes as a close second regarding performance and features.



Buying guide


Binoculars can only help you this much when you are out on the field, and you are prepared to spot game at far distances. This is where a spotting scope comes into play. Locating game and evaluating its position in maximum comfort is easy with the help of this piece of equipment. We want to help you identify the best spotting scope available, which is why we offer this buying guide.

What kind of field of view should you get?

One of the critical aspects to bear in mind when you compare different spotting scopes is the field of view. This value is calculated in linear feet or angular degrees. You should know that the more magnification a spotting scope has, the less field of view you will have, which simply means that you must strike a balance between the two.

Concentrate on the design of the eyepiece if you want to know more about the field of view of a certain model. Check the specifications offered by the manufacturer, to see what kind of design is used. Some are made for wide angle viewing, which grants a wider field of view as well. When you observe wildlife, such a design is essential to being able to follow moving targets.

However, if you want a model with long eye relief, be aware that the field of view will be narrower. Another aspect related to the field of view is focal length, as a wide field of view is associated with short focal lengths.


Focusing mechanism

If you truly want to get a good hunting spotting scope, you will need to learn a few things about the focusing mechanism present on the model you intend to buy. A helical device consists of a rubberized ring placed around the barrel; changing the focus happens when you turn this ring. When you are after moving targets, these particular spotting scopes are the most indicated.

The next focusing mechanism available is the rack and pinion type. It is usually more widespread on astronomical telescopes, and its primary role is to make focusing a smooth and fast experience. While this may be something, you would like to consider, bear in mind that when used for hunting, the external components can be affected by dust and water.

The last type we must mention here is the knob focusing mechanism. It is slower than the other two presented above, but its main advantage is precision. If accuracy matters most than anything else, this is the type of focusing mechanism you should go for.


Magnification power

Let’s not forget about magnification, when we are talking about spotting scopes. One interesting fact about this piece of hunting equipment is that they can start at a low magnification value, and then switched to a higher power when you finally spot your target.

Depending on what kind of activity you want to use the spotting scope for, you may want to go with lower or higher magnification power. Nonetheless, bear in mind that more magnification narrows the field of view.



Top Rated Hunting Spotting Scopes in 2019


Now you know all the important aspects of spotting scopes and what you should focus on when you go shopping for one. We want to help you even further, by listing below the most popular models for sale that you can purchase right now.


Our Recommendations


Vortex Optics Diamondback


The Vortex Optics Diamondback packs a lot of power underneath its hood. Many buyers appreciate its light and compact body that allows you to pick this piece of equipment and take it along with you on hunting trips, without sacrificing too much room in your luggage. As compact as it may be, this model impresses through excellent performance.

The lenses are coated with unique XR anti-reflective film that makes sure that you will always have a clear image of the target. A lot of the spotting scope reviews available online highly recommend models with some anti-reflection capabilities because glare can distort the image you see through the lens a great deal.

There is no reason to suffer through such ordeals, as the Vortex Optics Diamondback is capable of providing you with reliable image quality and anti-glare features. The Porro prism system contributes to the accuracy of the picture you will see through the lens. This helps to create an image that is correct on the vertical as well as on the horizontal line.

The 20-60x magnification power is more than adequate, and the angled design helps with stability. Because it is waterproof, it can be used in rainy weather without any issues.

Buy from Amazon for ($399)




Bushnell Legend Ultra HD


The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD is aimed at offering you the possibility to acquire maximum performance when out in the field. The ED Prime glass used is designed for low dispersion, to provide you with an image that has nearly perfect color tuning, and high resolution. You will feel like no detail is lost when you’re watching your prey through the lenses of this spotting scope.

The fully multi-coated optics do a great job at providing you with ideal image quality. Good contrast is achieved through the means of the bak-4 prisms used in the making of this model. That means that even when you go hunting in low light conditions, you will still be able to spot your prey without a problem.

If you need to make adjustments, the dual-focus controls are there exactly for this purpose. The lenses are protected by a special rain guard, so inclement weather will not trouble you.

Even if you happen to breathe over the lenses, they will not fog, and you will still get to see the same perfect image quality. The model is compact and lightweight, allowing you to take it along on trips, without overcrowding your luggage.

Buy from Amazon for ($457.99)




BARSKA Colorado


If you are looking for a cheap spotting scope that still comes packed with a lot of features and high performance, you should go for the BARSKA Colorado. This model is ideal for increased observation power, no matter where you are and what kind of hunting you want to get involved in.

Whether you want to engage in target shooting, range shooting, use it for hunting wildlife, or for observing stars in the sky, you will find it a good option. The fully coated optics increase image quality and gathers enough light to allow you to see everything crisp and vivid.

The large objective ensures that you get enough field of view so that you can spot wildlife from great distances. Also, the adjustable magnification power contributes to the overall great value of this model. You will quickly identify the prey you are after, and then you will be able to follow it without losing any detail.

The model is waterproof and fog-proof, which means that you can use it in all kinds of weather conditions, even the harshest possible. Due to its low weight, it is easy to carry around. The spotting scope comes with its own tripod, a carrying case, and a neck strap.

Buy from Amazon for ($75.19)