If you’re here just to find the best hybrid bikes for beginners and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best hybrid bikes for beginners on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the sixthreezero Explore Your Range is the best because of the outstanding benefits it offers. Its hybrid frame lets you navigate busy city streets and less beaten paths with the same ease. The saddle is covered with brown synthetic leather and it adds comfort. The rear rack allows you to mount extra baskets or panniers, if you like. If the sixthreezero Explore Your Range is unavailable, you could also consider the Schwinn Discover as the second best option.



Buying Guide


Hybrid bikes are much loved by people who like a simple means of transportation for commuting to and from work, with the possibility to engage in the occasional city break once in a while. Offering the comfort and pleasure of smooth riding like city bikes, and the same sturdiness and resilience to bumpy terrain like mountain bikes, these hybrids are a good choice for anyone who likes the freedom of being able to travel anywhere. In this buying guide, we will offer you essential information on how to get the best beginner hybrid bike that you can currently find on the market.

What kind of hybrid bikes are there?

Depending on what kind of cycling you intend to do most, you should know that there are models that are more biased towards offering mountain bike features, and models that are more like city bikes. So, as a beginner, you need to identify what kind of hybrid bike you would like to have according to your necessities.

A good hybrid bike for city rides, for instance, will come with a flat handlebar for maintaining an upright position without any strain. The tires will be slick, not the usually wide type you see on mountain bike, and they will allow you to navigate the concrete jungle at high speeds. Switching gears should be reasonably easy on such models.

If you are planning on riding mostly on rough terrain, you need to make sure that your bike will be able to handle such challenges. A suspension fork will surely be present in this type of hybrid bike, as this piece of the bike will be responsible for absorbing shocks. Hitting top speeds may not be exactly what such a bike will do best, but it will definitely be able to let you attack steeper hills with greater ease.


Popular choices of material

One thing you should be interested in is the kind of material has has been used for the frame. In case you live in an apartment building, and you need to hike your hybrid bike up the stairs, you will undoubtedly need to make sure that you are able to lift it and carry it in your arms.

That clearly means that an aluminum frame is a popular choice among cyclists because it is lightweight, reliable and it does not rust. Another great thing about it is that it is less expensive than carbon fiber. The latter is also a popular choice, but less common than aluminum, because of its pricier cost.


You mostly get what you pay for

The main components in a hybrid bike can vary in quality and performance depending on the manufacturer and the craftsmanship employed. As a simple rule to remember, Shimano is a brand renowned for good quality bike components, so if you notice this name mentioned in the specs, you will know that you are getting a good deal for your money. For more gearing options and extras, always expect to pay more, so the best course of action, as a beginner, is to settle only for the basic.


Top Rated hybrid bikes for beginners in 2019


The best hybrid bikes for beginners are showcased below. No matter which of them you will choose, rest assured that your needs for the right balance between performance and price is met, and, as a beginner, you will be given the best options available.


Our recommendations


sixthreezero Explore Your Range 


The sixthreezero Explore Your Range does not carry this name for nothing. This bike truly takes you where you want to go and it can do so fast. The hybrid frame allows you to take city trips and travel hard packed trails without a problem.

The diamond frame design is great for allowing easy entry for the rider, and the handlebar geometry is handy for maintaining an upright position that is very comfortable and specific to city bikes. Overall, the design of this bike is something to write home about, as its saddle covered in brown synthetic leather finds its match in the handlebar grips with classic stitching.

The model reviewed here is very pretty, but this is not all there is to like about it. Considered to be the best hybrid bike for the money in 2019 by the vast majority of buyers, this is a bike that will take you everywhere you like.

There are front and rear brakes that will help you stop fast and the double wall rims ensure a smooth ride. Changing gears is a breeze, and overall, this model provides great versatility. The rear rack allows mounting of extra baskets or panniers, depending on your taste and preference.

Buy from Amazon for ($369.99)




Schwinn Discover 


The best budget hybrid bikes reviews highly recommend this model from Schwinn as a great winner for anyone on the lookout for a versatile model that does not cost a lot of money. This model is created for those who want a hybrid bike capable of absorbing some shock.

A comfortable ride is quickly ensured by the padded saddle and the suspension installed on the seat post. While the tires on this bike are capable of riding over bumpier terrain, your body will not be forced to support the shocks. The aluminum frame keeps the total weight of this model to a minimum.

Men’s bikes need to be comfortable, too, especially when you plan a longer trip. The Schwinn Discover does everything right, and it offers you the possibility to use the same bike for city rides and trips outside the city.

The special suspension fork ensures that you will not feel every bump in the terrain and its grip shifters will help you switch gears with ease. Some assembly is required, but you will surely not mind putting this bike together, as the process is simple, and once you are done, you will be ready to take the bike outside for a ride.

Buy from Amazon for ($302.71)




Vilano Diverse B01FYGVCWO


The Vilano Diverse is one of the best hybrid bikes for beginners that are worthy of being mentioned on a shortlist of recommendations for anyone shopping for this kind of means of transportation. Whether you want a bike to be able to commute to work, or you want to join a group and ride together with them, or even engage in a longer distance adventure, you will find this particular model capable of offering you all that is needed for such fun activities. Some nice extras are provided, such as water bottle mounts, so you can easily keep well hydrated during longer trips.

The disk brakes are very handy for controlling your bike, especially when the weather is less than ideal and you have to ride on a wet road. The frame and fork are made from aluminum and they are lightweight, without sacrificing the durability of this bike.

The platform pedals are considered a great plus, as well. Equipped with high-quality Shimano components, this hybrid bike offers high performance for the price it demands. The upright handlebar ensures extra comfort, and you will inevitably love riding this bike. For a budget minded option, this is a great recommendation.ne

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