In order to find the best hybrid bikes for cruising on bike trails and commuting on city streets we have gathered information from consumer feedback, expert reviews, social media activity, and even compared prices, brand quality and value for your money to find a model that stands out from the others. We consider the Schwinn Discover to be among the best womens hybrid bikes for several reasons that include its sturdy aluminum frame, padded saddle style seat, upright handlebars that are swept back for a more comfortable position, along with its 21 speeds that ensure you can easily ride over all types of terrain. This hybrid bike also comes with dependable brakes that ensure you will always be able to safely come to stop, even when you are pedaling downhill. While this is the best hybrid bicycle we understand that it might not be priced for all budgets or readily available when you need it, which is why we also recommend the Sixthreezero Hybrid Cruiser as another option. It is also designed to ride comfortably on city streets and bike trails which makes it a great choice for commuting and casual rides around the neighborhood, and its affordable price also fits most budgets.


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Combining the features of a mountain and road bike, a hybrid bicycle can be used in a variety of situations. These bikes typically come with a sturdy frame that can handle almost any type of terrain, are designed to be fast and responsive. Great as a commuter bike or for recreation, the following tips can help you find the right hybrid bicycle for you.

1.Schwinn Discover


One of the first factors to consider is the frame of the bike since this will determine its overall weight. Frames that are constructed from lightweight materials allow you to ride for longer distances without becoming overly tired. Some bikes for sale have frames constructed from high tensile steel which is durable and inexpensive. Chromoly steel is lightweight and also priced lower than other materials, and can often be found on some of the best women’s bikes.

Aluminum frames are priced slightly higher, but this material is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and durable enough to handle rugged terrain. You can also find hybrid bike frames constructed from carbon fiber, but this lightweight and durable material might not fit everyone’s budget. It is important to consider where you will most often be riding when you are choosing a bike frame. Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for a stronger frame, especially if you plan on doing a lot of off road biking.



Suspension and brakes

The suspension system on a hybrid bike absorb some of the impact shock that occurs when you are riding over bumpy terrain, and the amount you need is often a matter of personal preference. Some models come with suspension in the front forks, while other bicycles also include it in the rear seat post. Front suspension generally use coil springs or an elastomer, and both are capable of absorbing some of the impact that occurs on bumpy or uneven terrain.  You can also find Diamondback bikes and other models that only come with front suspension and add a rear seat post if you need more impact absorbing protection at a later date.

Brakes are another important consideration and there are three main types to choose from. The least expensive and easiest to maintain are linear brakes, which are also lightweight and able to provide plenty of stopping power. Disc brakes are slightly heavier, but have the advantage of offering more control. If you are more likely to stick to paved surfaces you might want to choose a hybrid bike with hub brakes. While these durable brakes do not have the control or stopping power of the other types, they are incredibly easy to maintain and great for riders who simply want to cruise around town.



When you are trying to decide on a bike size it is important to take a minute and consider the height of the rider. If the hybrid bike is too short or tall it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to ride. Frames can range in size from 12 inches up to 26 inches on hybrid bikes, and the best way to find the right one for you is to measure the distance from the ground to your inseam. Most hybrid bikes also come with seats that can be raised or lowered a few inches to make it easier for you to find a comfortable height.

2.Diamondback Edgewood


The number of gears you need on a hybrid bike will depend on where you are riding. If you only plan on cruising around the neighborhood and occasionally tackling a small hill, you will probably be fine on a hybrid bike that comes with 5 to 8 gears. Models that come with 24 or even 27 speeds have the lower gears you need for hill climbing, along with the higher ones for downhill riding making them a good choice for long distance and experienced off road riders.

Hybrid bikes can also come with push button or twist style shifters and both are easy and convenient to use when you are riding.




Top rated hybrid bikes in 2019


Hybrid bicycles have combined comfort, durability and performance into a bike that can go almost anywhere. It is the perfect choice for commuting to work or for recreational biking on and off road. Designed to be easy to handle and fun to ride, we have the best hybrid bikes showcased below so you can find the right one for you.


Our recommendations


Schwinn Discover


1) Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

If you love to conquer miles on two wheels and spend your free time cycling, the Discover Multi-Purpose Bike from Schwinn is worth considering. Designed for commuting and beyond, this bike is committed to delivering comfortable, stable, and easy riding.

The bike sports an aluminum city frame and a padded saddle for boosted comfort. In order to make sure you keep the right position when riding, the product has a swept-back handlebar with an adjustable stem.

Bike responsiveness is ensured by the Schwinn suspension fork that also absorbs shock. Ease of use is enhanced by the 21-speed SRAM grip shifters that will help you change gears rapidly and easily. The bike also comes with a Shimano rear derailleur, a Schwinn alloy crank as well as an alloy front and rear linear pull brakes.

Featuring a classic look that will match just about all the outfits in your wardrobe, the bike has a rear rack that will make it easier for you to carry your groceries and bag when you’re out there. It also sports ProMax linear pull brakes so you can enjoy a good stopping power.


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Sixthreezero Hybrid Cruiser


Exploring your city or reaching your workplace is just a matter of fun with the Women’s Hybrid Cruiser from Sixthreezero. The bike was designed to meet your cruising, commuting, and leisure riding needs. As such, it features quality materials and a design that ensure comfort and durability.

The 17.5-inch swooping step-through aluminum frame and the 7-speed Shimano external hub render it perfect for a variety of riding styles. The bike design encourages an upright riding style and keeps your shoulder and back comfortable whereas the curvy and lightweight frame is easy to maneuver.

Furthermore, the foot-forward design enables a correct leg extension. This will only boost your comfort even more. Stability when riding is enhanced by the 26-inch, 1.95-inch wide whitewall semi-slick tires the bike sports. It can speed up to 30 MPH.

The product comes with a matching fender and rear rack to help you with optional baskets. It also boasts front and rear hand brakes so you can enjoy easy stopping. Given its dimensions, the bike is ideal for riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4-inch tall.


Buy from Amazon for ($397.99)




Diamondback Bicycles Vital


Whether you want to go out for a leisure ride or to exercise and get in better shape, the versatile Vital 2 model from Diamondback Bicycles is an option to bear in mind. Sporting a design that will keep you comfortable yet alert and aggressive in the saddle, this bike is durable, stable, and stylish.

With a DB aluminum frame and an adjustable stem that will allow you to personalize the angle and height of the handlebars, your ride will be the synonym of comfort and stability. The Kenda Cross tires and the SSW700 Double Tunnel aluminum alloy rims will work well even on pavement and dirt.

No need to worry if your route is a bit bumpy as the KindShock suspension seatpost and HL Zoom suspension fork will work together to smooth any bumps you encounter. Plus, the Diamondback Dual Density Comfort Grips will make sure to absorb those bumps and, thus, prevent your back, arms, and hands from doing so.

Changing gears is smooth, rapid, and easy due to the Shimano EF-51 7-speed shifters, TX-55 rear derailleur, and TX51 front derailleur. Plus, the Tektro linear brakes will ensure safe stopping.


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Vilano Performance


Vilano Performance Hybrid BikeThere are several reasons why consumers love this hybrid bike but perhaps the two most obvious ones are that it is comfortable and has a durable construction. Designed to be easy to ride over any type of terrain, this hybrid bike has an aluminum frame that is lightweight and easy to maneuver, along with durable alloy rims that are resistant to dents caused by rocks or bumps in the road.

You can easily bike uphill and along softer, loosely packed paths with 21 speeds to choose from. Not only does this make it easier for you to pedal, it also helps conserve your energy for when you really need it. You also have the advantage of the high profile wheels, which help you stay comfortable when you are cruising along at higher speeds.

In addition, you also have the advantage of the rear rack and water bottle holder, which are easy to mount onto the aluminum frame, allowing you to easily carry everything you need on your bike ride. The additional rear rack is also perfect for briefcases and bags, making this a great hybrid bicycle for commuters.


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Giordano RS700


Giordano RS700 Hybrid BikeSome of the best hybrid bike reviews point out that you will love the comfortable design that still places you in the best position to get the speed and power you need on some rides. This bicycle still includes all of the great features associated with a road bike, only now you have the advantage of the extremely comfortable design.

The aluminum frame is lightweight and designed to give you the speed you need when you are on a road course, while the unique handlebars feature a more comfortable flat construction. Even though you are still positioned for aggressive riding, the flatter handlebars help prevent your back and shoulders from being uncomfortably hunched over.

With 21 speeds that ensure you can easily handle everything from soft dirt and sand to steep hill climbs, this hybrid bike will make it easy to get and stay in shape. The powerful brakes ensure smooth and precise stopping power to help ensure your safety. You will also appreciate the extremely affordable price that makes it perfect for adults who want to get in shape or commuters who do not want to rely on motorized transportation.


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Products which are no longer available


Jeep Compass


Considered by thousands of satisfied users as the best hybrid bike in 2019, regarding quality and efficiency, the Jeep Compass men’s model is a high-performance way to go from one place to another without any problems. This hybrid bike comes equipped with the Shimano 21 speed drive train and a precise adjustable stem and with light weight 700c allow rims for a touch of style and elegance. To this extent it comes as no surprise to see the Jeep Compass men’s hybrid bike as the primary choice for men used to quality and stability.



Diamondback Insight 2 Performance


The collaboration between Diamondback and Shimano has made some of the best hybrid bikes in 2019. Features of a mountain bike combine harmoniously with those of a city type, making a hybrid that is suitable not only for exercises but also for commuting and training.  Stability is a strong point when it comes to bikes and this offers it through the large diameter of the wheels. It also has 8 speeds, a geometric design that brings maximum comfort to your rides and solid, double wall rims. Its weight is 20 pounds. For a right fit you can choose from 5 sizes.



Diamondback Men’s Edgewood Sport


ddiamondThe Diamondback Men’s Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike has big, sleek and breezy 700c Wheels, SSW700 Double Tunnel Alloy Rims, DB Deluxe 2-Density Hybrid Saddle and a 6061-T6 aluminum hybrid frame; features that will certainly delight most bikers. If you’re looking for both comfort and efficiency, then this is a perfect match for you. This unit is more dynamic than a comfort bike, yet more convenient than a typical road bike. This is mainly because of its 63mm Travel Sport Comfort Hybrid Suspension Fork. Aside from this, this unit is also convenient to control and durably built for your full satisfaction.



Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer


Schwinn Women Wayfarer 700C BicycleThe Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer 700C Bicycle is ideal for bikers who want to relax and take a comfortable and leisurely ride around the park or village. Its steel retro city frame and fork, the Shimano 7 speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shift shifters offers style, protection, comfort and convenience all at the same time. Because it’s easy to controll and shift gears it can give you a position where you can be upright and comfortable at the same time. This unit also contains light but durable wheels as most best hybrid bikes reviews mention. 



Schwinn Volare


People know full well that Schwinn creates efficient and high quality bikes. To this extent, the Volare hybrid bike makes no exception, reuniting the vast technical expertise of the Schwinn engineers. This men’s road bike comes with a solid aluminum fitness frame, a strong steel road fork and a flat bar that provides a safe and upright ride. Furthermore the Volare hybrid bike has a precise Shimano EasyFire 21-speed shifter that delivers excellent performance. This is why most top rated hybrid bike reviews gave the model high marks and positive feedback.


Schwinn Crest Urban


Most of the latest top rated hybrid bike reviews coming from technicians and specialists underline the strong design and fluid functionality of the Schwinn Crest Urban men’s hybrid bike. This model has a solid 17-inch aluminum hybrid frame, a precise TX-31 rear derailleur and SRAM 21-speed grip shifters that offer greater stability and efficiency during any ride. Furthermore, the Crest Urban bike from Schwinn comes equipped with the SR Suntour suspension fork and a solid steel-cage platform pedals, 700cc rims and smooth-rolling 700 x 38c hybrid tires.



Schwinn Excursion


Considered by thousands of people as one of the best hybrid bike in 2019, in terms of quality and efficiency, the Excursion men’s hybrid bike from Schwinn delivers high stability irrespective of the terrain. The bike has a solid Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame, a SR Suntour Trekking front suspension fork and also a strong Sturmey Archer 3 Spd internal shifting system that allows the user to have greater stability and comfort while riding. More and more people are using the Schwinn Excursion model as their daily commute.


Diamondback Edgewood


Diamondback Bicycles 2015 EdgewoodThis hybrid bicycle is designed to be easy to handle and comfortable to ride. It combines the best features of a touring and road bike, making it ideal for longer rides around your neighborhood, and you will also appreciate its affordable price. It is perfect for teens who have outgrown their old kid’s bike, and adults who are simply looking for a fun and relaxing way to get in shape.

This bike is designed to be easy to assemble, and while the suspension isn’t adjustable, you will still enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The durable frame is constructed from lightweight aluminum for easy maneuverability, and you also have the advantage of the strong alloy rims. With easy to shift gears and reliable brakes, you are ready to start cruising around your neighborhood.

You will also love the comfortable seat, along with the slightly raised handle bars. This lets you sit in a more comfortable upright position, also making it easier to reach the brakes and gear shifters. With 21 speeds, you will be able to handle any type of terrain without having to strain your leg muscles. Perfect for adults and teens, it is easy to see why this is often considered the best hybrid bike for beginners.


Schwinn Capitol


Schwinn Capitol 700c Men's 18Schwinn is known for manufacturing high quality products, and this hybrid bike is no exception. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to maneuver and a durable suspension for a smooth ride, it is easy to see why this is considered one of the best hybrid bikes of 2019. Perfect for long bike rides, you will also appreciate its comfortable design.

Along with plenty of padding, the seat also features shock absorbing springs, which help to ensure your comfort while you are riding. You also have the advantage of the high profile rims that are perfect for cruising. The rims are constructed from a strong alloy that is also used for the front and rear brakes. Not only can this bike handle rocks and bumps without any problems, you can also stop in an instant.

Designed to be safe to ride and last through years of continual use, you also have the advantage of the included lifetime warranty. With 21 speeds that make it easier to cover any type of terrain, this hybrid bike can actually make getting in shape enjoyable and fun.