If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hybrid bikes for women money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best bikes for women on the market by looking at what customers and experts alike have to say, along with overall value for the price. Out of the products we have looked at, the Schwinn Discover is the best you can find right now. A road bike at its best, this model will help you tackle the sidewalk and every bump in it with grace. With 21 speeds, the bike allows you to pick your pace, no questions ask. Comfortable and stylish, this is one of the best hybrid bikes for women you can find. If you cannot find the Schwinn Discover because it is no longer available, pick the Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Vital 2, which is similar in quality and features.



How to Choose a New Hybrid Bike for Women


There are many things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a hybrid bike for a woman or a teenage girl. Hybrids are best because they combine the advantages of road bikes with those of mountain bikes, so they are generally sturdier and better at tackling all kinds of terrain. This buying guide will help get the bike you need for commuting, running errands or road trips.

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The first thing you should look at when searching for a good hybrid bike is the tires. The standard type is represented by 700cc tires. They are easy to handle when rolling on pavement and you will also find them more manageable when you are riding up hill. On the other hand, the tires you can find on a hybrid bike for women are similar to the ones installed on mountain bikes. This means that they are more inflated and they are easy on you when you are riding over bumpy terrain. While great for riding around the city, hybrid bikes are a great choice for outdoor adventures, too.



After looking at the tires, it is a good idea to take a good look at the frame. This should be lightweight and comfortable. Frames made of aluminum are lightweight and they are quite common. Aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion, so it will serve you for a long time. Carbon fiber frames are even more lightweight and more resistant, but they are more expensive, so you should focus on striking a balance that is to your liking.



The type of suspension found on hybrid bikes is a fork suspension. The design serves for tackling bumpier terrain, since it can absorb the impact caused by rough terrain and obstacles. A suspension seatpost helps with comfort. When buying a hybrid bike, it is important to check all the available features, so you can enjoy the best comfort. A smooth, comfortable ride helps a great deal when you are riding throughout the city or even outside of it. A hybrid bike will serve both purposes with the same results, which is why they are so popular.



The seat of your bike should be made from comfortable materials and it should have ergonomic features. A seat with cutouts to reduce pressure on softer tissue is a great choice, for instance.



Top Rated Hybrid Bikes for Women in 2019


Now that you know a lot of things about the best hybrid bikes for women, take a look at the models exposed below. They are the most popular among consumers right now and they sport great features you will love having in your bike.



Schwinn Discover


1.Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid BikeSchwinn is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the US and the quality of their craftsmanship is obvious in this product. The white version of the Schwinn Discover is designed for women and it serves as a great means of transportation when you are commuting or you simply want to enjoy a ride. The frame is made of aluminum and very lightweight, while the tires are standard 700cc. One aspect that will please the ladies is the classic look that makes this bike work with anything you intend to wear, be it sporty or more city like.

Many consider this model to be the best ladies hybrid bike under 500 dollars. The fork suspension will help you tackle the concrete jungle with more ease and the built in rack will allow you to do the shopping in a convenient manner. A great fit for any type of rider, the Schwinn Discover is a great choice.


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Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Vital 2


2. Diamondback Bicycles 2019 Women's Vital 2 Complete Hybrid BikeAnother model mentioned by many of the reviews of 2019, the Diamondback Bicycles 2019 Women’s Vital 2 is highly appreciated by female cyclists because of its nice looks. Although the bike is delivered non-assembled, you will find it really easy to put it together and do some basic repairs if the need arises. A model loved by both girls and women alike, this bike will make your daily rides more fun and more comfortable.

All the components are built to last and the seat is designed to offer maximum comfort for the anatomy of a woman. The tires are a combination between road bike tires and mountain bike tires, so they behave rather well in all kinds of circumstances. This means that you will be able to take this bike to work for regular commuting, as well as for outdoor rides.

Because of its hybrid configuration, you can sit upright, which is less taxing on your back.


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Northwoods Springdale


3. Northwoods Springdale Women's 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700cA model for beginners that is much appreciated by consumers is the Northwoods Springdale. Featuring 700cc tires and a lightweight aluminum frame, this is the type of bike that is highly recommended for the daily commuter. Because you can sit upright, you will be able to ride on this bike for hours, without experiencing any major discomfort, especially in the back area. If you will find this model for sale, it is a recommended choice due to its hybrid configuration and the great comfort it offers.

21 speeds are available to choose from, so you will find this very versatile and convenient. The rear rack is there for storing a few purchases, in case you want to go shopping on your bike. The linear pull brakes offer you great confidence that you will be able to stop the bike, even when going downhill, or in other, less than ideal circumstances. This is, hands down, one of the hybrid women’s bikes worth the money right now.


Buy from Amazon for ($189.99)