How to Buy One of the Best Ice Crushing Blenders


Perfect for blending fruits and vegetables, a good ice crushing blender can instantly make your favorite healthy cocktail. Boosting your body’s energy and helping you lose weight, getting a good blender model may prove to be quite a challenge. This article will help you find the best ice crushing blender for you and your family.



When it comes to ice crushing blenders, one of the first aspects to take into consideration is power. Depending on the model, power may vary from 300W up to 1000W or even more. When choosing your new blender take a good look at its power and select the model that suits you the best. Remember that low power models are more energy efficient and usually a little less noisy.



Another important aspect of a good blender is its blending bowl volume. An ice crushing blender with a large bowl makes blending a lot easier that a small capacity model. Capable of dealing with more vegetables and fruits, large volume blenders are the best choice.


Extra features

In order to get the most out of your money you must remember to take a look at any added options and features. Varying from extra bowls to food processor attachments, all these extra features may prove to be quite useful later on.


What Are the Most Appreciated Ice Crushing Blenders in 2019


Knowing the growing demand for a good blender, we researched through all of the ice crushing blender reviews and found three models that come on top of all the rest. Praised by all their users and earning top ranks from reviewers, each of these high quality models boasts excellent capabilities.


Ninja BL610 Professional Blender


Ice Crushing BlenderWith its strong engine and large capacity bowl, this ice crushing blender is by far one of the most efficient and powerful models available for purchase today. Ergonomically designed to be as functional as possible, the Ninja Professional is named by many the best ice crushing blender of the year.

Using one of the most powerful blending engines, this model comes with an incredible 1000 Watt output. Three speed modes give its user plenty of control over the blending process. With so much force, the Ninja Professional is capable of crushing and blending any type of food in seconds. Indeed, with this ice crushing blender, your fresh smoothie will be ready for you in matter of seconds.

Apart from the powerful blending engine, this model comes with an excellent large size bowl that allows it to blend whole fruits and vegetables with ease. With its 72oz capacity, the Ninja Professional blender comes on top of many other blenders, making it the ideal choice for large families and smoothie lovers.

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender


2.Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher BlenderFocusing on versatility and control, this ice crushing blender gives its users maximum flexibility, allowing them to choose with ease their preferred blending mode. With 14 different speed and crush options, the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is one of the best blenders money can buy today.

Using a smart wave motion that keeps the contents in constant contact with the mixer blades, the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is capable of blending with much more efficiency than other more powerful models. A 700Watt engine gives it plenty of power and force, making it one of the most efficient ice crushing blenders on the market.

When it comes to capacity, this blender comes with a large 40oz durable glass jar. Wide and solid, its jar can hold various fruits, vegetables and ice without the need for any cutting and chopping. With 14 blending modes, this model can deliver anything from smoothies to milkshakes or ice cream. and comfortable to use, the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is loved by all its users.

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Oster BccG08-RFP-NP9 Rapid Blend Blender


3.Oster Rapid Blend BlenderDesigned to offer its user maximum flexibility, this ice crushing blender can transform into a food processor in an instant. With its excellent food processor attachment, the Oster Rapid Blend is one of the few blenders that can mix, crush and blend any type of food. Perfect for everyday use, this blender is the best choice for all those who require a versatile and adaptable model.

Replacing bigger and more expensive food processors, this blender offers unprecedented flexibility. Using 8 different speed settings, and a wide 3-cup food bowl, the Oster Rapid Blend can be used to chop vegetables, mix salsa or create any type of sauce needed. Protecting its user from harmful chemicals, the food bowl is completely BPA free.

With its dual purpose, blender-food processor, this model will help users save a lot of time and space. Made from superior materials, featuring an all metal frame and durable parts, the Oster Rapid Blend is one of the most versatile and durable blenders you can get right now.

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