How to Buy a Reliable Ice Fishing Drill


When you read the best ice fishing drill reviews, you can familiarize yourself with one great tool that allows you to punch a hole through three feet of ice without requiring a massive amount of upper body strength. After all, not everyone can be Popeye or Brutus and drill just one hole using humongous muscle power to use an ice saw or chisel . To help you buy a great quality ice auger or ice fishing drill, these are the elements to look into.

Best Ice fishing drill


When checking out the devices in the best ice fishing drill reviews, you’ll find that they are either manual or hand driven models, or power units.

Economical, clean and quiet, hand ice fishing drills are simple machines that are lighter to carry. They need no gas or oil and generate less noise and vibration during the cutting process. A hand drill starts on the first pull and has a simple design with fewer parts that can break down when you’re out in the ice. A manual ice fishing drill is ideal for use in relatively thin ice and for making only a few trips out every year. This model also helps you generate more body heat so you don’t get cold easily. The most common hand drill size is the 6-inch blade, but there are 4-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch models as well.

Power ice fishing drills are equipped with various features. They also come in different sizes. Two-cycle motor models are common, but the oil residue can be a bother. Four-cycle motor models need no oil-and-gas mixes, so they start easier, burn cleaner and run more seamlessly.

Propane-powered models are easy to run and need less maintenance.


Premium Blades

Bits are available with a single blade, two blades and four blades to deliver versatile cutting speed. The latest improvement is serrated blades, although some models do come with a combination of serrated and standard blades. The best ice fishing drill 2019 may have serrated blades that can slice away better, as they chip away at smaller segments like teeth, which breaks the surface up more easily. An exciting blade feature is the power-point or pivot-tip center blade, which gnaws into the surface while preventing the blade in the ice from wobbling around. This enables you to start a hole more quickly while reducing the fatigue from fighting the wobble.


Light Weight

Most top rated ice fishing drills 2019 boast a reduced weight due to improved bit styles combined with efficient four-cycle motors. Weighing in as little as 20 pounds, these types are a no-brainer compared to earlier models that can be as heavy as 35 pounds. The lighter weight leads to minimal shoulder and arm fatigue.



No matter what size or type of auger you have, a few accessories can help ensure efficient usage. A blade cover protects the tip of the exhaust from breaking, as well as anything the blades come in contact with. Some models are equipped with an EZ connect collar adapter for removing the powerhead from the blade during travel. An auger hauler makes it easy to carry the ice fishing drill while keeping the blades protected from damage, and can also provide a convenient storage compartment for spark plugs and ice fishing tools.


Top Rated Ice Fishing Drills in 2019


Unless you plan to stay out long in the ice and literally freeze in solitary and contemplative isolation, you will need to get an ice fishing drill that offers quality features to help you catch more fish in less time. The key is to spend some extra time reading and doing research on this type of equipment, but if that is not to your liking, we recommend getting any one of these three tools for a rewarding ice fishing trip.


Eskimo Quantum Power Ice Fishing Auger


1.Eskimo Quantum PowerPosing no problems at starting in cold weather, the Eskimo Quantum Power Ice Fishing Auger takes just a few pulls to start up. A primer button ensures quick response starting. The extra-large recoil handle enables you to start the motor even with mittens or gloves on. Cutting through several inches of ice effortlessly, the power ice fishing drill offers comfort and control during operation. The powerhead is equipped with foam grips that reduce vibration and also keep the handles from slipping. The see-through gas tank enables easy viewing of the fuel level for convenient and timely refilling.

This easy-to-use, cost effective machine is designed to meet your ice-fishing requirements. It comes with features found only in high-end machines, yet is priced economically to fit your budget. The high-performance two-stroke, 43cc Viper engine provides more than enough power at 8,000 RPM to the cutting blades. The muffler guard protects the operator from hot areas, for added safety. For precise power control, the fingertip throttle trigger ensures hassle-free use. The blades move at a steady and slow pace, so you won’t have to fight to keep the machine upright and working. Get unmatched drilling speed from the dual stainless steel blades and centering point.

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Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger


2.Strikemaster Ice Fishing Hand AugerAvailable in 7- and 8-inch sizes, the Strikemaster Mora Hand Ice Auger is constructed with extra-sharp chrome-alloy stainless steel twin blades. This simple ice fishing tool delivers up to five times the performance of competing hand auger models. Outfitted with high alloy carbon steel blades, Strikemaster Mora Hand Ice Auger will cut through the ice and hold at the first turn. The cushion grip handle works superbly well with the cushioned top knob to give you an exceptional ergonomically designed handle system that provides comfort while cutting.

The innovative three-stage telescoping/adjustable handle design enables modification of the height of the handle from just 48 inches to a maximum of 57 inches for easy and customized use by both adults and children. The blade guard protects the most essential parts of the auger during travel. The auger has powder coated paint to reduce ice buildup during drilling. Lightweight at just 6 pounds, the Strikemaster Ice Fishing Hand Auger carries a simple rotary design that enhances easy use. This device is perfect for use when you take infrequent trips out in the ice and only for short periods at a time.

Since it is a manual model, you won’t need to do repeated purchases for fuel and you also stay warm in the ice since you use muscle power that helps you generate body heat.

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Jiffy PRO4 Propane Ice Drill


3.Jiffy PRO4 Propane Ice DrillRequiring no fuel mixes, no priming and no flooding, the Jiffy PRO4 Propane Ice Drill does all the heavy lifting so you can truly enjoy fishing. Drill through solid ice while saving plenty of time so you won’t have to stay out longer than necessary. Smooth and effortless to use, the Jiffy PRO4 Propane Ice Drill only takes as few as 4 to 6 pulls to startup, and can drill through two feet of ice in mere seconds. Enjoy floodless and choke-free propane power with the quiet yet powerful 38cc overhead valve engine, for matchless torque levels from the hassle-free HTT transmission.

The ice fishing drill makes short work of shredding through the thickest ice, as it comes with the exclusive D-Ice’r Armor coating plus incredibly sharp ripper blades. Backed by a unique 2-2-2 warranty, the Jiffy PRO4 Propane Ice Drill lets you breathe easy. Enjoy peace of mind with the two-year engine, two-year transmission and two-year STX blades warranty that lets you rest easy knowing the ice fishing drill boasts superb quality and manufacture. Enjoy working with the superbly quiet engine that lets you make dozens of cuts without requiring quality ear muffs. High on performance and low on maintenance, this machine requires no messy gas-and-oil mixes.

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