Top rated immersion blenders in 2019


When looking for a blender, you might find it hard to make a decision because of the number of choices that are available in the market. In this case, the rest of this article can prove to be helpful as it will provide you with insights on some of the choices available based on the best blender reviews.


Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender


Best Immersion Blender ReviewsThis model is known as the Breville Control Grip, and it is called such for a reason. It makes cooking a snap, providing you with the ability to complete different tasks without any difficulty. The design in itself is already something that sets it apart from competition. It is functional and ergonomic, which is why it is a favorite within the product category. It is designed with the needs of users in mind, which is why it is able to captivate the attention of many.

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Cuisinart CSB-75 Immersion Blender


This immersion blender is equipped with two speed settings, which will allow you to choose from low and high. With this, it is flexible to a wide array of blending tasks in the kitchen, regardless of the ingredients that you would like to use. It is also a good thing that it has a stick design, allowing the blender to reach tiny pots. Lastly, it has also been rated by many to be excellent when it comes to ease of use since it has one-touch operations.

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Cuisinart CSB-79 Immersion Blender


Having 200-watt motor, there is no wonder why this model is often included in the top recommendations in the best immersion blender reviews. This makes it able to deliver consistent blending performance in different tasks. Also, another thing that you can possibly like about this product is that is has push button control, which will allow you to decide whether you want to blend continuously or in pulsating action. Lastly, it has a comfortable handle that makes it able to promote the comfort of its users even with continuous use.

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Miallegro Mitutto 9090 Immersion Blender


This model has 550 watts of power and 5 variable speeds. It is easy to use, store, and clean, which makes it a friendly companion in the kitchen. It has an all-around functionality. Apart from mixing, it can also be used for chopping, frothing, whisking, and grinding, among others. It has stainless steel finish that makes it look elegant and stylish. Many of the users of this product have also expressed their satisfaction with its interchangeable blades that make it flexible in terms of the tasks that it can do.

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Proctor-Silex 59738 Immersion Blender


This is another product that has been given high ratings in the best immersion blenders reviews. From the way the product looks, it is very apparent that one thing that you will enjoy from such is its simplicity. This makes it a breeze to operate, unlike other models that are replete with buttons and controls that will not be actually needed. With this, blending and mixing will definitely be something you would like to do more often.

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