An Expert Buying Guide on In-dash Navigation


In-dash navigation systems are a convenient and easy way for drivers to get to their destination without getting lost. Instead of mounting, these small navigational systems are conveniently installed inside your dashboard. Easy to see and operate, these small devices are becoming popular with many long distance drivers. While this GPS system is ideal for almost all types of vehicles there are some aspects you will want to consider. In this informative buying guide you will find tips that will help you choose the best in-dash navigation in 2019 for your vehicle.


One of the most important aspects to consider is the size of the opening, according to the best in-dash navigation reviews. Most navigational systems are designed to fit into 4 inch openings, which are also referred to as double-DIN. 2 inch or single-DIN mapping devices are generally found on older vehicles, and can often be retractable. You also want to consider the size of the navigational screen, along with the resolution. The screen should be large enough to clearly see the directions, and include a high resolution.



As stated in the best in-dash navigation reviews you want the device to be fast and accurate. Some models are able to deliver information on traffic jams and accidents in real time, which is ideal for commuters who have to travel long distances for work. You also want to consider navigation systems that include free mapping updates, and are compatible with a smart phone. This lets you safely navigate the GPS system while you are driving. In-dash navigation devices that also include various points of interest can help to ensure you never get lost when you are following the planned route.


Ease of Use

The best in-dash navigation reviews state that you want a device that is easy to use and operate. Many models include an audio function so you can hear the directions as you are driving. Larger viewing screens are often easier to see and navigate, and devices that can connect to a Bluetooth give you the advantage of hands free operation. Some of the best in-dash navigation in 2019 also includes the convenient option of muting the audio while you are driving.


Top Rated In-dash Navigation in 2019


There are several mapping systems that are designed to get you safely and quickly to your destination, and only you know which one is right for your vehicle. We can show you the top rated in-dash navigations for 2019, and one of these devices might be exactly what you are looking for.


Jensen VX7020 Multimedia Receiver


As stated in the best in-dash navigation reviews this model fits 4 inch wide openings, and includes all of the features you need to safely get to almost any driving destination. The 6.2 inch viewing screen displays the directions in vivid color, and clearly displays all of the intersecting street names. You have the advantage of being able to see how far your destination is, and the expected arrival time.

The bright touch screen is easy to navigate, and you’ll enjoy the ease of hands free calling. The built in Bluetooth makes it safe and easy to call ahead to your destination, and you also have the advantage of being able to stream your favorite playlists from your tablet or smart phone directly to the vehicle’s speakers.

This navigation system also functions as the car stereo, and you can choose from AM or FM radio stations. Play your favorite CDs, and enjoy listening to books and music while you are driving. This system not only includes complete maps of the United States, but also Canada and Puerto Rico. Program your route past various points of interest or find the fast way there with this easy to use navigation system.

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Pumpkin Android Touch Screen GPS Navigation


There is very little that you can’t do with this versatile navigation system. Not only will this little in-dash device get you safely to your destination, it also functions as a car stereo. You have the advantage of listening to your favorite radio stations and CDs, along with enjoying all of your playlists. Able to support almost any Wi-Fi device, you will love driving long distances with this entertaining navigation system.

Not only will it connect to your mobile devices, you also get the benefit of the advanced mapping system. The 6.5 inch touch screen is easy to navigate, and you’ll appreciate viewing your directions in high definition color. The route is clearly displayed, along with interesting markers so you always know exactly where you are.

You also have the advantage of being able to avoid traffic jams, along with the convenient control function. You can control the navigation system from your steering wheeling, so you don’t have to take your eyes off of the road. The added bonus of the rear camera function is ideal for larger recreational vehicles, and this navigation system is designed to fit almost any budget.

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Ouku In-Dash Monitor


Brightly lit and easy to use, this in-dash navigation system is perfect for almost any vehicle. It is designed to fit 4 inch openings, and features an easy to navigate 6.2 inch viewing screen. You can see the route bright lit on the LCD touch screen monitor, and you also get the advantage of the included map card.

The high definition viewing screen can also be used as a rear camera for recreational vehicles, and the built in GPS system ensures that your maps are always up to date. Your route is clearly displayed, including distance and arrival times, and you also have the advantage of the built in Bluetooth that lets you safely make calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

Listen to your favorite radio stations and playlists on the car’s speakers, and you can also take advantage of the included USB port. Connect and charge your mobile devices, and keep yourself entertained while you are driving. This stereo and top in-dash navigation system is ideal for cars and larger recreational vehicles, and features an easy to operate design that will get you safely to your destination.

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