How to Buy the Safest Indoor Trampoline for Toddlers


With the advent of technology today, kids are spending less and less time performing physical activities and this has an important negative impact on their health. If you want to make sure that your little one gets to spend his pent up energy in a healthy manner, a good idea is to get an indoor trampoline. Small models, geared towards toddlers, are readily available and they can offer your kid exactly what he needs to stay healthy, happy and entertained.

Best Indoor Trampoline for Toddlers


Trampolines are a lot of fun, but even the best models should come equipped with some safety features. In the case of an indoor trampoline for toddlers, one easy to spot safety feature is the extra bar on which children can hang on, so that they do not lose their equilibrium while jumping up and down. A sturdy, stable frame is a must, as well.



Even if your kid is still too young to use a trampoline outside, this doesn’t mean that he should not take full advantage of a properly sized model. Search for models that offer plenty of jumping surface, so your child can have fun all the time.


Weight limit

It is a good idea to check the weight limit allowed for the model you intend to purchase. If more than one kid gets on the trampoline, that can become an issue due to overloading and accidents may happen.


What Are the Most Appreciated Indoor Trampolines for Toddlers


The best trampoline is the one that manages to keep your kid happy and healthy. Since there are no cookie cutter answers for finding the best toys for your child, you may want to shop around before making a decision. The following three models, popular with parents and kids alike, may be a good starting point.


The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline


The Original Toy Company Fold & Go TrampolineWhen you purchase a trampoline for indoor use, the last thing you want is to spend hours trying to install the toy in your kids’ room. This great trampoline from The Original Toy Company will not have you work at all when you will try to install it. The model unfolds with ease, and you only need to screw in the legs, attach the handle and then call for your kids to come try it out.

A great thing about this indoor trampoline for toddlers is its size. At 35 inches in diameter and having a 150 pound weight limit, the Fold & Go Trampoline is guaranteed to provide your kids with means of entertainment for hours and hours. Instead of having your kids glued to the TV or the computer monitor, offer them an alternative they will enthusiastically embrace.

The trampoline reviewed here doesn’t skimp on safety features. Besides the stability handle, it has a circular safety pad that attaches with ease. Your child will be well protected all the time and he will have a great time.

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Little Tikes 630354M Trampoline


2.Little Tikes 3' TrampolineToddlers can be a handful, and parents often find themselves wondering what kind of toys should they offer to their children to keep them entertained. When the weather outside is not ideal for a walk in the park or for playing in the backyard, your kids can still have a lot of fun inside.

The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is an indoor model that helps your energetic toddler enjoy himself, bouncing up and down for hours. The large jumping surface makes it a good choice for an energetic kid who can use the trampoline without losing his equilibrium and risking injuries. The trampoline is made of metal and plastic, and it provides reliable stability and durability to the user.

The model has a nice, quirky design that your kid will absolutely love. Be aware that this model cannot be used by more than one kid at a time, and the maximum weight limit is 55 pounds. The trampoline is easy to assemble and fold for easy transportation, so you can take it along with you on fun trips.

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Bazoongi 19401 Bouncer Trampoline


3.Bazoongi Bouncer TrampolineMeasuring 48 inches in diameter, the Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline offers plenty of jumping surface for your kid to enjoy himself tremendously. What parents seem to absolutely love about this trampoline is ability to withstand a lot of bouncing from kids. The 150 pound weight limit is quite generous, but by no means is this a trampoline for adults, and it should not be used by anyone else except young kids.

An interesting feature of this trampoline is its adjustable handle bar. On most models, the handle bar is fixed, but this one can be adjusted to fit a taller or a shorter kid without any inconvenience. The galvanized springs are built to last, so there will be a lot of bouncing on the trampoline, before the springs start giving up.

The frame pad is larger than what you can see in other trampolines, as this manufacturer truly cares about safety. Energetic kids may sometimes fall and hurt themselves when playing, so having enough safety features to go around is essential for your peace of mind, as a parent.

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