Expert Buying Advice for Inflatable Rafts


An inflatable raft can transform your trip into a real adventure. Choosing the right model for your next trip to the great outdoors can, however, be a daunting task. Many of the best inflatable raft reviews recommend purchasing good quality products because safety is important, even when you are having fun. Investing some time and research into learning more about this type of equipment will help you save money. We also come to your aid with the following buying guide that offers essential information on inflatable rafts.

A.Inflatable Raft


The type of materials inflatable rafts are made of is extremely important. In case you only plan to smoothly glide over calm waters, regular PVC is a good choice, but, in case you are planning whitewater adventures, you need to know that the materials the inflatable raft is made of will not break easily. For these rafts, manufacturers use heavy duty materials that are usually coated with rubber or waterproof plastic, as many best inflatable raft reviews show.  As long as your raft doesn’t get punctured when gliding over sharp rocks, you will be safe, but you need to know that the model you are purchasing is capable of withstanding this kind of difficult conditions.



Do not neglect the importance of size when you are shopping for the best inflatable raft 2019. If you read the information offered by the manufacturer, you will notice that each model can accommodate a certain number of people aboard, and a certain weight. Do not neglect such essential information as going over the accepted limits can lead to unpleasant accidents. See if the raft can accommodate extra equipment, besides the people who are embarking on the trip.



Not all the inflatable rafts you can find on the market are created with the same purpose in mind. Some are made for fishing and camping, while others are designed for whitewater rafting adventures. There are even models that are made for people who just want to enjoy calm water recreational activities. Knowing exactly what kind of raft you want will help you save time and money on your purchase.


Top Rated Inflatable Rafts in 2019


With so many different inflatable rafts on the market, it is quite a difficult task to choose one that is according to your liking from the get go. Check the following models and see if one of them is the right pick for you. These top rated inflatable rafts 2019 are very popular among consumers at the moment.


Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station


1.Intex Pacific ParadiseIntex is a company well known for creating great quality inflatable boats and rafts, so it should come as no surprise that the number one choice for many consumers is this particular model. Enjoying an overwhelming number of positive reviews, the Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station is exactly what you need for a great vacation.

Created for four people, the model is designed to accommodate four adults, each one with their own seat, and their own drink holders. As you may suspect by now, this raft is intended for recreational use on calm waters and it is, by no means, meant for any whitewater rafting adventures.

Considered the best inflatable raft 2019 by the vast majority of users, the Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station comes equipped with many convenient features to help those aboard feel comfortable. The rope ladder has steps made of rigid plastic so you can get in and out the raft with ease. A rope is installed all around the exterior of the raft, so if you want to have fun in the water, but without letting go of the raft, you can hold on to this rope.

The mesh lounging area allows the raft occupants to dip their feet in water and enjoy both the coolness of the waves and the heat of the sun.

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Intex Excursion 4


2.Intex Excursion 4If your idea of fun is to embark on an action packed adventure, you will find that the Intex Excursion 4 has everything you need to make your next trip to the wilderness a great success. The vinyl construction is built to last and to withstand a lot of action.

This 4 person boat is mostly designed for fishing, but you can also take it along when camping. What the Intex Excursion 4 excels at is comfort; you and your friends will definitely appreciate being able to rest for hours on the inflatable seats while waiting for fish to bite.

For those who want to use this boat for other recreational and relaxing activities, the grab line comes in handy. You will be able to let your kids play in the water, as long as they hold on to the grab line, while you are relaxing inside the boat.

Many of the best inflatable raft reviews you can read at the moment consider this model to be worth purchasing.

Let’s not forget, though, that this raft is built for anglers. Two fishing rod holders are installed on the raft, so you can enjoy the silence and the beauty of the landscape, while you are waiting to catch something in your hook.

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Intex Challenger K1 Kayak


3.Intex Challenger K1 KayakFor people who enjoy adventuring on their own on whitewater rafting trips, the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is the most popular choice mentioned by the best inflatable raft reviews.

From the first look, you will see that this kayak is meant to withstand a lot of heavy action. The eye catching colors used are not there only for aesthetic purposes. The bright colors will make you and your kayak visible, and you will be able to avoid accidents if other passionate rafters happen to follow the same route as you.

Not as spacious as other models reviewed here, this Intex raft is intended to maximize its usefulness. The cockpit indeed feels like one, and it keeps you safe while you are navigating more dangerous areas. The seat is inflatable and the backrest ensures the occupant’s comfort. The cargo net can be used for storing additional gear and there is a repair patch included with the raft upon purchase, so you can take care of any unfortunate accidents, in case the raft gets punctured.

The high output hand pump is useful when you want to inflate the raft. For a great adventure, do not forget to get the proper raft along with you.

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