Expert Insect Fogger Buying Guide


Nothing can ruin your time outdoors quite like an insect attack. Flies and mosquitoes can drive you indoors, and make you forget about throwing a backyard BBQ. Many people are finding relief from flying insects with a convenient fogger. Easy to use and affordable, the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best insect fogger in 2019 so you can enjoy being outside again.

Best Insect fogger


As stated in the best insect fogger reviews you first want to decide on the type. Propane foggers are the most common and generally the most effective for larger areas, and are designed to be portable. While you don’t have to replace the propane canister in an electric fogger, you do have to use it near an outlet. There are some electric models that also include rechargeable batteries, but the higher price of these foggers might not be suitable for all budgets.


Easy to Use

The best insect fogger reviews also suggest choosing one that is easy and convenient to use. Not only will you be more likely to use it, these models are often designed to be safer. Insect foggers with simple controls eliminate the risk of accidentally spraying the pesticide on yourself or others. You also want the propane canister to be easy to replace, and the electrical cord to be compatible with most outdoor outlets.



Not only do you want the insect fogger to be durable and resistant to cracks, it should also be able to effectively kill and prevent insects from invading your space. Foggers that can dispel insecticide up to 10 feet can keep flies and mosquitoes away from the food and your guests, and are generally large enough to be effective at most backyard events. You also want to ensure that the fogger is designed to be compatible with safe and environmentally friendly insecticides, which is especially important if you are spraying around food and small children.


Top Rated Insect Foggers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right product for you we can show you the top rated insect foggers of 2019. Designed to be safe, effective, and easy to use, maybe one of these insect foggers is exactly what you need to reclaim your backyard from flies and mosquitoes.


Burgess 1443 Insect Fogger


1.Burgess 1443You will love the affordable price of this outdoor insect fogger, especially compared to the cost of hiring an expensive exterminator. This propane fogger is just as effective at getting rid of most flying insects, especially mosquitoes and flies that can ruin any outdoor event. It’s compact design fits easily on any bench or table, and since it runs on propane you can place it almost anywhere.

This lightweight fogger is designed to be easily portable, and is perfect for camping trips. Use it before your next picnic or BBQ, and it can even kill and repel insects from the swimming pool. The 40 ounce canister is perfectly sized for most backyards, and you will love how fast and efficient this fogger works.

In just minutes you can watch mosquitoes and flies dropping from the air, and enjoy an insect free backyard for your party. It easily shoots out a 10 foot odorless cloud of insecticide that will keep your backyard bug free for hours. The trigger can be easily locked into place to prevent accidental spraying, which is always an advantage when there are curious youngsters around. Affordably priced and easy to use, it’s not hard to see why many home owners depend on this fogger to keep their backyard insect free.

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Bonide 420 Insect Fogger


2.Bonide 420This propane fogger is designed to be safe and easy to use almost anywhere you have a problem with mosquitoes and flies. Since it uses propane to dispel the insecticide it can be easily taken with you on camping trips, and its versatile design also makes it perfect for your garden. Not only will it repel flies and mosquitoes, but also gnats and moths that can destroy the tender plants in your garden.

It features a nylon construction that is durable and designed to last through years of use, and the propane canister is easy to replace when needed. It also includes a clear container for the insecticide so you can easily keep an eye on the level and refill it when needed. When the fogger is used with the recommended Bonide pesticide you can easily take care of any outdoor insect problem before you next backyard BBQ or picnic.

The trigger is easy to press and will release an effective cloud of the pesticide. Since it is designed to dissipate quickly when sprayed, you don’t have to worry about any potentially harmful residue. Easy to use and designed to be safe and effective, it’s easy to see why this propane insect fogger is popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

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Black Flag 181389 Insect Fogger


3.Black Flag 181389Even the name of this fogger inspires confidence, especially since it is manufactured by one of the leading names in home insect repellents. This Black Flag fogger is designed to be effective and affordable, and since it is electric it is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug it into the nearest electrical outlet and let the fogger do the rest. It should be mentioned that like most thermal propane and electric foggers this unit is only approved for use outside.

The container is easy to fill with the insecticide, and once you have plugged it in simply wait a few minutes for the fog to dissipate. Use the fogger a few minutes before your guests are due to arrive, and enjoy an insect free backyard for your outdoor party.

It is capable of dispensing an odorless cloud of insecticide up to 10 feet, and the effects will last for hours. Perfect for use in the backyard, the fogger is also designed to be safe to use. The trigger includes a lock that will prevent accidental spraying, which is always appreciated when there are curious children around. Affordably priced and with a one year included warranty, this reliable electric fogger might be exactly what you need to keep your backyard comfortable and insect free at your next outdoor party.

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