If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best insect killer money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information about various products for sale on the market by looking into user comments in actual owner feedbacks and comparing them to how the expert review sites rate those products. Out of all the products we have looked into, we believe the Aspectek HR292-1 Indoor is the best because of how it delivers cutting-edge bug zapping and fly zapping power using its pair of UV bulbs that generate attractant ultraviolet rays that won’t hurt pets but can draw pesky mosquitos, flies and other small flying pests even from a distance of 80 feet away. The insects then get zapped by a strong 2,800-volt shock that immobilizes them for good so they no longer swarm around your property. This model offers a chemical-free way of getting rid of pests in the home without the use of potentially harmful sprays and pesticides, as it acts quickly to do fast zapping of bugs without stickiness and messes. If the Aspectek Electronic Indoor is unavailable, we urge you to get only the second best option that is just as great, the Flowtron FC-8000.



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Buying Guide


The need to kill flies or mosquitoes is not just confined to specific parts of the world, but the methods by which the end is achieved can vary. Whether you want an insect killer for home or institution use, the elements to consider in this type of equipment are universal. How can you tell if the unit you have can deliver as designed?

1.Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Safe bug zapping capability

A lot of electronic insect killers are equipped with a high-efficiency non-clogging electronic grid housed inside an enclosure. Most of them also employ one or two UV lights that draw the insects into a metal enclosure with an electronic field that kills the insects when they come in. The metal enclosure that kills the insects is housed in another open grid metal housing that protects pets and children. This type of equipment is designed to be not harmful to dogs and yourself, on bad days, from accidentally sticking your fingers in and getting zapped. Of course, the zap wouldn’t kill you if you touched it but would only hurt a bit despite being powerful enough to kill very tiny organisms like insects.

The protective grid or mesh that covers the entire body of the electronic insect killer is made of rods that should be spaced wide enough apart to ensure that insects do not clog the openings and create a mess by caking over. When insects clog up the protective mesh, it can create safety issues due to short circuiting or combustion.

Most models also come with proprietary attractant in a slow release cartridge to draw bugs from many feet away. The attractant should be USDA approved to deliver a powerful insect zapping ability while eliminating the need for harmful sprays and pesticides. This makes an electric insect killer the perfect choice for hospitals, kitchens and school and of course, for the home. The bug zapper should deliver effective insect killing capability while being certified safe by CE standards and with RoHS compliance. It should not damage or harm the environment or injure people or pets and should also also not emit any harmful smell.



Sufficient coverage and versatile zapping capability

Most kill lamps can draw insects in by the dozens but the high quality ones have a unique selling point in that they work on just about every possible insect you can think of, from gnats, stinkbugs and house flies to mosquitoes. A premium quality unit, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor electronic insect killer, will emit enough wavelength to attract bugs to fly towards the electric panes from a long way away, varying in coverage from 1 to 1 ½ acres of outdoor property to the whole interior of the house. So if you’re looking to rid a 320-foot house of flying insects, get yourself the highest rated indoor electric insect killer you can find.

2.Ohuhu Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Easy and durable use

While some models have an open bottom that allows insects to fall into the ground or floor, some models take it even further by being equipped with a removable or pull-out tray that allows easy disposal of dead insects and easy washability. This means no mess that you can accidentally step on out in the patio or inside the home. A removable protective net will make cleaning easy.

Some top rated units are equipped with UV lights that offer thousands of working hours in their lifespan so your home remains bug-proof for well over a year before the need to replace the bulbs. The bulb should be easy to replace. Most models are able to stand on their own or can be easily hung using a supplied chain hanger. The protective safety grid should not only provide an effective means of separation from the electric light panels but should also be made of durable alloy or steel material that is rust proof and oil resistant.



Top rated insect killer in 2019


The market for electric insect killers has grown steadily, what with the advancements in insect-zapping technology that have been introduced through the years. Although this can undoubtedly complicate the entire buying process, the buying guide above should help you decide on the essential aspects to look into when getting this type of equipment. We have also showcased the best products below for reference in the buying process.


Our recommendations


Aspectek HR292-1


1.Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Designed to be RoHS compliant, the Aspectek Electronic Indoor works better than gallons of harmful insect sprays and pesticides that can damage the environment and endanger your health. This powerful electronic bug zapper is equipped with two UV bulbs that produce strong ultraviolet rays that attract mosquitoes, flies and other flying pests even up to 80 feet away. The large coverage area is complemented by the unit’s delivery of a powerful 2,800 volt shock that ensures flying bugs and insects no longer bother you regularly. The tool offers a chemical-free means of handling insects without messy and sticky sprays and poisons that can not be used in settings including kitchens and hospitals.


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Flowtron FC-8800


A growing number of the latest top rated insect killer reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users and specialists in the field emphasize on the strong functionality and efficiency of the Flowtron Diplomat insect killer. Designed with attention to details, the Flowtron Diplomat can control with efficiency any night flying insect for around 2 acres. Furthermore, the Flowtron Diplomat has a solid 120 watts UV lure power that covers with precision 1.200 square feet without any problems. This device can be used both indoor and outdoor and mostly its ideal for barns.


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Flowtron BK-40D


Best insect killer reviews

The latest top rated insect killer reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users underline the efficiency and solid design of the Flowtron BK-40D electronic device, a product very efficient in killing off any type of insect. This insect killer has an advanced electronic insect control with non-clogging killing grid that helps in delivering the very best of results. The Flowtron BK-40D insect killer has an impressive 1 acre killing radius which is more than enough to stay comfortable. You should also know that the Flowtron has a powerful 40-watt bulb which delivers continuous operation.


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Stinger MA06


A growing number of people consider the Singer MA06 the best insect killer in 2019, due to its fluid functionality and efficiency. With a solid structure and a reliable set of features, the Stinger MA06 catches flying insects with efficiency, thus helping you to stay in a bug free environment. The MA06 is very silent and operates without creating any problems at all. The Stinger MA06 comes equipped with a capable bulb that lasts up to an impressive 1.000 hours and needs to be plugged into a solid 120v outlet.


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Black & Decker EP1100-A


It can be pretty difficult to find the best insect killer due to the many models present on the market today but once you manage to read the current top rated insect killer reviews you will better understand why the Black & Decker EP1100-A model delivers the best results. This model from Black & Decker has multiple pest settings that repels insects without any problems . This insect killer is ideal for garages, barns or basements, keeping out any pests that might disturb your calm.


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Products which are no longer available



Flowtron Electronic


Considered by thousands of satisfied buyers as the best insect killer in 2019, the Flowtron electronic insect killer delivers high performance and good results every time you use it. This model has an advanced electronic insect control system that kills with precision any insect. With an impressive ½ acre killing radius this device is recommended not to be used  within a 25-feet area where other people might be present. The Flowtron electronic insect killer has instantaneous operation service without causing problems of any type.



Ohuhu Electronic Indoor


2.Ohuhu Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

If you’ve long been annoyed by the many small flying pests in your home, the Ohuhu Electronic Indoor bug zapper will ensure that you won’t have to reach for the first can of insect spray you find on the grocery shelf. This chemical-free tool is outfitted with two 10-watt UV lights that generate a 365 nm wavelength to attract flying bugs and insects while covering 320 square feet. This is the perfect indoor insect zapper that is scent-free and easy to use and clean. Made of aluminum alloy and ABS resin, a light yet tough, economical, stain- and heat-resistant plastic that is also used in medical equipment, boat hulls and telephones, this bug zapper offers durability and strength for years of use.