In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best iPod? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We genuinely wanted to provide you with enough information so you can get a hold of the best iPod on the market. This inspired us to go over dozens of expert review sites, social media activity generated by each model, and the overall brand quality. Thankfully, all the efforts we put into our research has enabled us to find out that the Apple iPod touch (6th Generation) is truly the best iPod out there compared to all other alternatives. The Apple iPod touch (6th Generation) has all the apps you want in an iPod, including Siri, Facebook integration, iMessage, Game Center, Game Time and many more. If that’s not enough, the App Store carries more games and apps than you will ever be able to use. The 6-mm 3-ounce device makes portability so much easier, so you can enjoy entertainment mobility every time. This model is equipped with the most advanced mobile operating system in the world, the iOS 6. Because of the huge likelihood that the Apple iPod touch (6th Generation) will be out of stock at online seller sites, we recommend getting the second best iPod instead, the Apple iPod Nano (7th Generation).



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Making the perfect holiday and special occasion gift, an iPod serves to tell the receiver how much you care. A portable media player is, after all, a gift that offers convenience, effortless portability and versatility, with all the features of a full fledged iPhone except for the call capabilities. Finding the right model for your nearest and dearest can be a dilemma, but let us give you a hint on what exactly to look for in this kind of device.

1.Apple iPod touch 16GB Blue


If you or the one you’ll be giving the iPod to has a huge media library, storage is an essential aspect. If the model you buy has more than enough capacity, there’s no need to choose between a favorite video and favorite pictures to be stored. There will also be no need to watch how much memory is left if you want to do constant updating when you feel like it. The device should have enough space to handle all the music, photos and movies on just one device.

The retirement of the iPod classic means you have more limited options on storage capacity, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. The humble 2GB of storage of the iPod shuffle is ideal for kids who like taking their music along. The iPod shuffle can accommodate about 450 songs encoded at 128kbps. The iPod shuffle has found a kickass counterpart in the iPod nano, which comes with a more generous 16GB. That’s capacity for around 4,000 songs, which denotes a really gigantic library.
On the other hand, the iPod touch runs circles around its other siblings with several different variants offering from 16, 32, 64 to 128 GB. This may not be quite a match for the humongous 160GB capacity of the iPod classic, but the iPod touch should be able to offer more than enough room to fit those photos, movies and music with room to spare.


Battery Life

Although an iPod is not comparable to smartphones as apples aren’t to oranges, battery life is still a vital aspect to think about in a portable media player. The iPod shuffle, with its small size and absence of a screen, may seem to win hands down in terms of battery life, but you will be surprised to know that it only offers 15 hours of that. On the other hand, the nano gives you about 30 hours, so that means a month or so with the device on an armband while you engage on those morning hour-long runs.

If you want the ultimate listening pleasure, you might prefer to own the iPod touch that you can set up on a docking station with speakers to enjoy an awesome 40 hours of music listening. If you plan to watch videos though, the battery life of the iPod touch gets reduced to only 8 hours while that of the nano will only be pegged at 3.5 hours. Despite what Apple has claimed on battery life improvement, nothing much seems to be going in the direction you want.



The 8MP camera of the iPod touch is unique to it; that is, it’s the only model equipped with a camera. The camera is similar to what you can get in an iPhone, basically. It’s got the same camera features including burst mode shooting as well as slow-motion video, but don’t expect time lapse capability as it has none. The unit also has a forward facing Face Time camera, ideal for video calls and selfies. This will be a good enough option since the camera enables you to do editing of pictures and sharing on Facebook and other social media networks if you have WiFi access. You can select from a variety of photography apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. Moreover, you can do video recording with the iPod touch.

2.Apple iPod Nano 16GB Space Gray

Video, Music and Versatility

For greater flexibility plus a bigger screen, the iPod touch clearly has the edge despite the fact that the iPod nano also plays video as the iPod touch can. Why? Using any app you have or using the iTunes Store as a source, you can play videos or stream them if you want on the iPod touch. However, the nano requires that episodes of your favorite TV shows or movies be copied to it first so you can watch them.

The nano comes with an FM radio and can play 4000 stored tunes in it. The touch offers access to the iTunes Music store for a more expansive range of choices, as you can just stream them or download them from Apple Music with a monthly subscription after the first three months of free use.

Both the nano and the touch are customizable with different color cases for girls and boys. You can also purchase some nifty accessories to go with each model, for optimum enjoyment and use.



Top rated iPods in 2019


You pretty much have a wide variety of options on which iPod model to get for yourself or a loved one, but for the ultimate in portable music players, we have found the following to be the best iPod units on the market.


Our recommendations


Apple iPod touch, 6th Generation 


1.Apple iPod touch 16GB Blue

Easily mistakable as the iPhone minus the calling capabilities, the Apple iPod touch is a pretty impressive portable media player that delivers internet capability. For headphones, this model comes with Apple EarPods that enable private listening. The brilliant Retina display is a fantastic screen with many pixels packed tightly together your eyes won’t even perceive them any longer, giving a smooth, natural view. You get a faster processor plus a better camera. The device enables you to play the latest games and employ the latest apps that proved too intensive for older hardware. This model is ideal as a secondary media player or a kid’s device.


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iPod Nano, 7th Generation 


2.Apple iPod Nano 16GB Space Gray

The iPod Nano is perfect as a device for younger kids due to its diminutive size and sandboxed design. Offering greater capacity than a Shuffle, this is an attractive option thanks to a gym-friendly design and an integrated fitness app that lets you attach it to a holder for running so you enjoy music as you exercise. The longer screen delivers a familiar smartphone-type interface. There’s a number of wireless audio accessories for use thanks to the unit’s Bluetooth compatibility. The robust 16GB storage lets you take nearly all your iTunes media anywhere, including music, videos, podcasts, photos and audio books.


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Apple iPod touch ME179LL/A


1. Apple iPod Touch ME179LL AConsidered the best iPod 2019, the Apple touch 16 GB model represents the best way to listen to music in a high quality manner without worrying about dealing with disturbances. It is the world’s most popular music and gaming device that includes iOS system with 200 features like iMessage, notification center, Wi-Fi with message, FaceTime calls, record high definition movies and many more. You can use the device to video call other people or you can take photos or capture videos through the two cameras (one in the back the other in the front).


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Apple iPod touch MC540LL/A


Apple iPod touch MC540LL AEverybody loves the Apple iPod touch and for good reason given it’s subtle and smooth functionality. With a slim design and an internal memory of 8 GB that can store by up to 2000 songs, 10.000 images or 10 hours of videos, the Apple iPod touch is the ideal device for anyone in touch with technology. This model can play by up to 40 hours of audio music or 7 hours of movies supporting formats like AAC, H.264, MPEG-4, MP3 and many more with ease. On a beautiful display of 960 x 640 pixel resolution you will be able to control the abilities of the product that received high marks from the current top rated iPod reviews.


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Apple iPod touch MC544LL/A


One of the best iPod 2019, known for its beautiful design and high advanced media features is the Apple iPod touch with an internal memory of 32 GB. The latest installment of the Apple touch generation, the iPod 32 GB model has a 3.5-inch TFT LCD display and a 960 by 640 pixel resolution which allows you to see around 40.000 photos clearly, listen to almost 8000 songs and enjoy almost 40 hours of video playback. You can take photos with the two cameras and record with them videos in high definition. One special feature is the iMovie which lets you combine and edit videos, reaching to the desired end and sharing them with the world.


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Apple iPod touch MC904LL/A


Apple iPod touch MC904LL AThe Apple iPod touch with a capacity of 64GB has a 6-mm ultrathin design and a superb 4-inch retina display that simply delivers pleasure on everything you see on it. The model has a 5 megapixel iSight camera that allows you to take detailed photos or record 1080p high definition videos. You can listen to music for up to 40 hours or watch videos for around 7 hours, which is quite impressive for any battery. In addition, the Apple iPod touch 5th generation has a FaceTime camera with 1.2 megapixels and 720p high definition video recording and comes with the highly anticipated Apple EarPods.


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Apple iPod touch MC544LL/A


Receiving positive marks and notes from the current top rated iPod reviews, the Apple iPod touch 32 GB black version is the latest model from its generation, bringing to the public high quality in all of its features. The iPod touch 32 GB has a 6-mm ultrathin design, a great 4-inch retina display and the powerful 5-megapixel iSight camera that lets take great photos or record in 1080p resolution videos. The music you love will take on another level of clarity once you play it on this model. In addition, the Apple iPod touch comes with the most advanced mobile operating system iOS 6 which makes getting from one application to the other extremely simple.


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