Professional Buying Advice for Jab Saws


One of the main advantages to buying a jab saw is that it is a relatively inexpensive tool, which can be used for cutting drywall. Some people say that jab saws aren’t particularly versatile, while manufacturers like to claim that they’re multi-purpose tools. So, what’s the truth? Is it worth buying a keyhole saw just for the price? We say it is, but don’t expect any unit to cut neatly on most thicknesses of plywood.

If you want to get one of the top rated jab saws of 2019, here’s what you should consider:

Best Jab Saw


We’ve done our homework in the matter and performed a thorough research, which is what you should do if you want to get the bang for the buck. Some professionals say that it’s impossible to use jab saws for anything else than drywalls, but some models have been proven to work on plastic, wallboard and even plywood.

Since all this information can risk making customers feeling baffled, it’s recommended that they check with some of the best jab saw reviews to find out just what to expect from a model.



Some units can cut either when being pushed or when being pulled. Others, however, are able to cut in both directions. The safest way of knowing that you’ll be able to utilize your jab saw for any type of task is to purchase a tool that works both ways.

Versatility also relates to blade length and overall item length, as these two can greatly impact the usability of a product. For example, individuals with smaller hands might feel uncomfortable operating lengthier models, while folks with larger hands may feel the same way about smaller units.

The longer the blade, the deeper the cut. Choose wisely to avoid having issues with customer support and warranty policies.



As previously stated in the beginning, the cost of keyhole saws is minor compared to the one of other hand tools. Some models can cost as little as twenty dollars, while others can go over forty. Whatever the case, buying a jab saw will definitely not make you go through bankruptcy.


Top Rated Jab Saws in 2019


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models we have come across. All of the following varieties have been praised for being dependable and convenient, and have acquired the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers. We believe that they might be worth having a look at.


Dewalt DWHT20123 Folding Jab Saw


1.Dewalt DWHT20123This is a pretty basic folding jab saw that is known for doing what it is supposed to do. Some claim that it is the best jab saw of 2019, and the manufacturers are keen on stating that it is a multipurpose tool. A well-informed customer should know better than that, though, and should avoid being impressed by overdone product descriptions.

There’s a net advantage to choosing the Dewalt DWHT20123, and it stands in the stainless steel material that has been employed to develop this product. It is common knowledge that stainless steel is among the most durable materials out there, and it greatly contributes to increasing the overall jab saw life.

The model can be purchased along a folding retractable utility knife.

While some online marketplaces sell it for around thirty dollars, Amazon customers can sometimes get it for half of this price, provided that they take advantage of the retailer’s seasonal discounts.

Close to 80% of the people who’ve chosen this unit were satisfied with their purchase, so much so that they ended up expressing their opinions in a positive way. From what we’ve seen, the Dewalt DWHT20123 has gathered some of the best jab saw reviews.

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Milwaukee 48-22-0304 Rasping Jab Saw


2.Milwaukee 48-22-0304Milwaukee has been manufacturing power and hand tools for quite a while now, and this product is definitely no different when it comes to the brand’s quality standards. This is a rasping jab saw that can be used both with 6-inch plaster and with drywall. The item gives a helping hand to users looking to perform rapid cuts on these two types of material.

As for usability, this model is a net winner, considering the fact that it features a rubber over mold grip. This grip makes it possible for users to actually feel comfortable while operating the unit.

Milwaukee is a bit more straightforward compared to Dewalt, which is why the brand is not claiming that the jab saw is a multipurpose tool.

Let’s see what customers had to say about the Milwaukee 48-22-0304. A whopping 83% of the individuals who’ve chosen this variety have provided 5-star ratings, and the detailed reviews that we’ve consulted state that this is the best handheld solution. According to various buyers, the performed cuts are clean and quick.

The model is easy to use and requires no setup on the part of the user. Small and medium sized cuts are a breeze with this one.

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Klein Tools 725 Jab Saw


3.Klein Tools 725This handsaw is one of the most affordable variants that now exist on the market. Yet you do not need to be fooled by the price, as this one is capable of cutting anything from drywall and wallboard to plywood and plastic.

As previously mentioned in the buying guide, it’s a plus if a unit is able to cut in both directions, which is an exact feature of this particular model.

Looking to perform fast cuts? That is no problem with the Klein Tools 725, considering that its blade has triple-ground teeth.

All things considered, this is a lightweight jab saw that performs well and of which the handle structure has been developed with durability and strength in mind.

The length of the blade is 6 inches and the overall length of the unit is 12 inches.

Even though it is considerably more affordable compared to other two models we have showcased above, the Klein Tools 725 takes the cake in terms of reputation. Close to 90% of the people who have bought it were kind enough to award it a 5-star rating, and most of these individuals praise the value they received for the money.

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