If you’re here just to find the best jack hammer and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have been able to collect plenty of information on different products for sale by checking out reviews and ratings for various products in actual power feedback and then taking the data alongside claims in expert review sites. Out of all the products we have compared and evaluated carefully, we believe the Neiko® 02845A is the best because of its high performance 11.3-amp motor that delivers an awesome 1,700 beats per minute to enable the machine to effortlessly break through concrete, ground, brick and other hard surfaces and to make short work of demolition jobs and ensure fast project completion. The all-metal, heavy-duty construction is complemented with a powder-coated finish to ensure durability for years of use, so you can work on project after project without having to replace your power tools often, saving on operating costs for your business. The ergonomic auxiliary handle swivels 360 degrees and comes with a non-slip grip to give you optimal control and comfort during operation. Should the Neiko® 02845A run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option, the XtremepowerUS X1108.



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Invented by William Mcreavy who then sold the patent to Charles Brady King, the jackhammer combines a hammer and a chisel and operates as a pneumatic tool by driving the internal hammer up and down. Some handheld models are powered by compressed air while others are driven using an electric motor. What distinguishes the best jackhammers from the rest?

1.Neiko® 02845A

Most practical source of power for your purpose

Like buying most tools for concrete and cement breaking, getting a jackhammer involves choosing the type of power source that will be most practical for your purposes. This will also involve deciding on how mobile you want to be when using the tool plus the level of power the project will best benefit from.

Gas-fed pneumatic models are perfect for those who demand constant mobility coupled with superior power levels. A machine that uses compressed air as its power source is called a pneumatic jackhammer. Driven by a diesel engine, a portable air compressor provides the air supply. There was a time when reciprocating compressors were employed. The diesel engine drove the reciprocating sensor through a centrifugal clutch, with only two speeds available. Today’s units use rotary compressors with more variable advanced speed governors. Often trailer-mounted, they come with an electrical generator to drive electric power tools and lights.

An electric jackhammer, often called an electro pneumatic or rotary hammer, is equipped with an electric motor that rotates a crank. Two pistons are in the hammer, a free flight piston and a drive piston. Both the flight piston and the drive piston are propelled back and forth by the crank in the same cylinder, with the drive piston never touching the flight piston. Air is compressed in the cylinder by the drive piston and the mechanism drives the flight piston against a striker that hits the drill bit. When there’s limited or no access to a compressor, an electric jackhammer can prove to be a practical choice. An electric model is best used in crowded construction sites, inside buildings or in a remote location. A variety of chucks for attaching chisels is used in electro pneumatic tools. The size of the connection end relates to the tool’s breaking energy.

Hydraulic jackhammers are large and can be fitted to backhoes or mechanical excavators. Widely used for quarrying, road work, general construction and demolition groundwork, these breaker types are mounted to larger machines, earning them the tag ‘machine-mounted’ or ‘rig- mounted breakers’. These tools can be used against vertical walls or even ceilings thanks to the vehicles they are mounted to that are powerful enough to exert the necessary force to break cement or concrete without the help of gravity. Hydraulic jackhammers are practical for use in mines where there’s risk of an explosion, as they do not employ any high-power electrical circuitry that can trigger sparks.

Jack hammer drills can be integrated with different types of drill bits and chisels. Flat tip chisels enable execution of fine finishing and direction control around edges. Spades deliver flat finishing for edging in dirt or concrete. For tile removal and scraping, you need the flexible metal blades in flex chisels. Concrete can be driven from stakes using stake drivers. For smoothly finished surfaces and cleaning prior to bonding, use scrabblers. For general breaking, use points. You can knock down rough spots on concrete and also clean seams using the multiple carbine points of brushing tools.


Good percussion rate and impact

The percussion rate of a jackhammer refers to the tool’s ability to deliver demolition for rock and concrete surfaces. This value is measured by the blows the hammer can deliver every minute. Machines outfitted with larger motors generally offer a high percussion rate, which also guarantees more capacity to demolish hard surfaces.

Machines offer percussion rates ranging from less than 1,000 blows per minute to more than 3,000 blows per minute. The stroke impact or impact energy is quantified in feet per pounds or joules. Along with the percussion rate, those values offer pretty good information about the power capabilities of the jackhammer. Choose the model that delivers the capabilities you want for your project. It is sensible to choose a model that goes over your requirements to ensure long life out of your gear.

2.XtremepowerUS 2200Watt

A comfortable weight

To know how effective you can be working with the jackhammer, check out the weight of the machine. For large demolition projects or for extended use on really tough surfaces, go for heavier machines. For versatility and easy wall and ceiling demolitions or other above-ground surfaces, choose lighter models.



Top rated Jack Hammers in 2019


There are plenty of choices on jackhammers so whether you’re planning on working on small or large demolition tasks, there’s a suitable one for your needs. We know how stressful the shopping journey can be so we have devised the above buying guide to help you have adequate information about this type of equipment. To help you even more, we have showcased the best products below.


Our recommendations


Neiko 028-45A


Are you looking for an electric jack hammer with heavy duty construction? You better check out the industrial-grade Neiko Jack hammer. With this powerful electric jack hammer, you don’t need to experience a backbreaking labor while you dig a hole. It offers an excellent performance for your landscaping projects in the backyard and on your lawn. According to the best jack hammer reviews, this is an exceptional tool for a price that is convenient for you.


Buy from Amazon for ($149.85)




XtremepowerUS X1108 


1.XtremepowerUS 2200Watt

The XtremepowerUS X1108 is a heavy-duty corded electric demolition jackhammer outfitted with a 2200-watt input motor that drives the machine to deliver a no-load speed of 1900 blows or impacts per minute at 55 joules to break concrete and other hard surfaces with ease. This piece of equipment comes with a 1 ⅛-inch bull point chisel as well as a flat chisel with the same dimensions. The 15-kilogram lightweight tool lets you handle different projects from demolition to chipping, trenching, breaking holes in brick, block or concrete, as well as moving oil, slab, concrete or foundation chimneys without difficulty, even for females. It also ships with a blow mold case, an oil feeder, a hexagon bar wrench, safety goggles and gloves and a safety mask, so you have everything you need to get started.


Buy from Amazon for ($122.95)




TR Industrial TR89100


The TR Electric Demolition jack hammer is unlike any other jack hammers on the market. Its heavy duty metal handle has an ergonomic structure which is designed for added comfort, eliminating the cause of joint aches after long durations of digging. It has two strong chisels and it is enclosed in a heavy duty casing made of high quality steel. It operates with reduced vibration and the heat treated core can last for long working periods.



Buy from Amazon for ($229.99)




Neiko TR81007


Another excellent jack hammer unit from Neiko, this particular tool is the best jack hammer in 2019. It is designed to hold up very well, even in long periods of work, and it doesn’t heat very quickly. It can perform small pavement jobs and it doesn’t require pulling air compressor trailer. The Neiko 6-Piece Electric Jack hammer has just the right weight for a comfortable use, eliminating unnecessary joint aches after work. It has great ergonomics for added comfort as well.


Buy from Amazon for ($269.08)




Sky Enteprise USA


Are you looking for an efficient jack hammer that comes at a very reasonable price? The Demolition Electric Jack hammer is certainly worth more than what you spent for it. It can remove hard packed dirt as well as concrete, making it a perfect tool for digging holes. This is a heavy duty jack hammer which you can use even for extended digging periods. For a jack hammer in its price point, this is definitely a champion tool. No wonder it is considered as the best jack hammer in 2019.


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Arksen TR81007


If you need a top rated jack hammer in 2019, this electric demolition jack hammer fits perfectly for you. This is intended for serious demolition tasks and its heavy duty construction increases its durability and its high quality metal construction is great for long hours of digging job. Its auxiliary handle is designed for maximum versatility as well as a comfortable use.The package includes two steel chisels made of Chrome-vanadium.



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