Things to Consider When Buying a Top Jewelry Cleaner


If you own a vast collection of jewelry, or you are a collector of old coins, or you just want to give your CD’s, DVD’s and eyeglasses a new kind of sparkle, the products in the best jewelry cleaner reviews should enable you to carry out deep professional cleaning that no chemical cleaner can match. With a very capable electronic jewelry cleaner, you can give old coins, delicate jewelry, eyeglasses, DVD’s, CD’s and even dentures a thorough cleaning without damaging those items.

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Digital Functionality

Eliminate the guesswork by choosing the best jewelry cleaner 2019 built with digital functionality. Most models are equipped with a digital timer that allows effortless control of the machine’s cleaning cycles. Ultrasonic cleaners are equipped to run for a predetermined amount of time, so you can select from three to five minutes for a cleaning cycle. When you are able to program the cleaning cycle to run for a specific amount of time, you can do more without having to constantly monitor time manually.

The digital functionality should also come with an automatic shut off, so you wouldn’t have to run to the machine when the cleaning cycle is complete. When you choose a good product from the best jewelry cleaner reviews, you can enjoy convenient and reliable performance.



When selecting from the products included in the best jewelry cleaner reviews, make sure to check for the capacity of the machine. If you intend to use the appliance to clean eyeglasses as well as other small items, the machine should be large enough to accommodate that. Some really large cleaners can even be used to handle cleaning of auto parts and other items that require tougher cleaning compared to jewelry.

Some multi-cycle cleaning machines with stainless steel tanks hold about a pint of solution despite being compact enough to fit into a small counter space. Just make sure the basket can hold a relatively fair amount of jewelry and other things to be cleaned. A watch holder is convenient in addition to a strainer-like basket.



The top rated jewelry cleaners 2019 come with different settings and features. Some models include helpful tools such as small, soft brushes that can be used to remove stubborn dirt particles. Using either tap water or a special jewelry cleaning solution, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner creates sonic waves to dislodge dirt off from the things being cleaned. A different type of cleaning formula is offered by every manufacturer, but the solutions typically use nonabrasive detergents that can produce excellent cleaning results.


Top Rated Jewelry Cleaners in 2019


You want tough cleaning performance from an electronic jewelry cleaner but are not entirely sure which machine to get. With the number of models and brands available, making a choice can become a bit more difficult. You should be able to find the right machine for your needs with a fair amount of research and reading. One of these three products should be in your list.


Magnasonic MGUC500 Professional Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner


1.Magnasonic MGUC500Featured in plenty of best jewelry cleaner reviews, the Magnasonic MGUC500 restores your precious pieces of jewelry into their old, untarnished glory. Utilizing ordinary tap water, this nifty machine generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves to remove grime and dirt in minutes. Select from five preset cleaning cycles that let you control the cleaning intensity while getting professional results every time. This cool machine handles jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, razor blades, dentures, utensils and plenty of other items. It’s perfect for home, commercial or business purposes.

The jewelry cleaner has a robust motor that creates millions of ultra-tiny cleansing bubbles that lift grime and dirt away gently without requiring the use of scrubbing or chemicals. The mild action of the water is capable of doing deep and thorough cleaning by penetrating the most difficult areas. The digital display allows convenient use and the auto shut off gives you peace of mind. Superbly easy to operate, the Magnasonic MGUC500 comes with a basket and watch holder, for easy organization of the items to be cleaned. Delicate items can get gentle cleaning without being damaged in the process.

The digital display shows time countdown till the end of the cleaning cycle, and then the machine shuts down automatically.

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Sonic Wave CD-2800 Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner


2.Sonic Wave CD-2800The Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner looks smart with its combination of white with gray trim. It is a nice-looking jewelry cleaner that also boasts solid state circuitry to ensure that all the parts are working perfectly in delivering thorough yet gentle cleaning. This unit can be used at home or for business. The stainless steel tank is made to accommodate a good amount of items for cleaning. This cleaner can handle coins, jewelry, dentures, metal watchbands, keys and a lot more. It delivers deep cleaning without damaging the items in the process.

The Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner offers adequate cleaning power that works in just minutes. Holding up to a pint of water, the tank optimizes on the 42,000 cycle ultrasonic wave energy produced to remove deep-seated dirt, dust and grime easily. Delivering reliably professional results, the Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner restores your valuables to their former glory so they can look like new every time. People who own a collection of jewelry should have this machine in their homes. It offers convenient yet thorough cleaning compared to having to pay exorbitant fees to a professional jeweler who will also use the same type of machine.

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Ivation IVUC96S Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner


3.Ivation IVUC96SDefinitely the best jewelry cleaner 2019, the Ivation IVUC96S offers adjustable cleaning power with three different cleaning levels. Use the lower level of power for more delicate jewelry and other items, and the higher level for tougher items. This jewelry cleaner lets you tackle fine jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, contact lenses, CD’s, DVD’s, filters, dentures, retainers, shaver heads, ornaments and any fine household items. It is superbly simple to use. Just fill the tank with tap water and expect professional cleaning results in minutes. Engineered to deliver five various cleaning cycles, the Ivation IVUC96S produces millions of tiny cleansing bubbles through 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second.

The cleansing bubbles produce cleaning results that no brush or hand scrubbing can match. Cleaned items get that bright shine without the need for any harsh chemicals and vigorous scrubbing. The digital settings allow you to choose the duration of cleaning from 90 seconds to 8 minutes, so there’s no need to use more electricity and time than what is needed to carry out deep cleaning. Just select the cleaning power to match the amount of grime and dirt in the items to be cleaned. The removable water tank offers effortless filling. It comes with a detachable cover to ensure protection while cleaning. The water tank also facilitates emptying. The carry handle assists in emptying, as well.

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