Comparison Table


Product Power source Price Voltage Motor power (Amp) Our Rating Where to buy

Bosch JS470E

Corded electric $$$$$ 120 7.0 A+ AMAZON

DeWalt Bare-Tool DC330B

Battery $$$$ 18 N/A A AMAZON

Makita 4329K

Corded electric $$$ 120 3.9 B+ AMAZON

Porter-Cable PC600JS

Corded electric $$$ 120 6 B AMAZON

SKIL 4395-01

Corded electric $$ 120 5.5 B AMAZON



Top rated Jigsaws in 2019


Choosing the perfect jig saw for you has everything to do with your intended use as well as your personal preference. There are different features that you have to consider, especially its functionality an use for multiple projects. If you intend to use it for small and easy tasks, you should consider buying a cordless jig saw. On the other hand, bigger projects require a much powerful jig saw. You can find the products that you need by reading the best jigsaw reviews online. Meanwhile, I compiled here a list of my own. I considered all the features and advantages of each product over the other.


Our recommendations


Bosch JS470E


Best Jigsaw ReviewsOn top of the list of the most popular products based on the best jigsaw reviews online is the Bosch JS470E Top-handle jigsaw. Because of its tool-less blade change feature, you need not touch the hot blade as you insert and eject it. You can choose between smooth to aggressive cuts with four blade strokes settings. The Bosch JS470E also allows you to control the operating speed through the accelerator trigger.


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DeWalt Bare-Tool DC330B


The All-metal property for lever action and keyless blade change feature of the DEWALT DC330B is the reason why it is the best jigsaw in 2019. These properties make for quick and convenient blade changes. It is great for bevel cutting because of its versatile keyless shoe bevel. The DEWALT DC330B gives you solid control as you cut with quality and speed. Aside from that, it also has a comfortable anti-slip grip and conveniently adjustable dust blower.


Buy from Amazon for ($189.99)



Makita 4329K 


If you are looking for a jigsaw which is ergonomically designed, you should check out the Makita 4329K top-handle jig saw. It has a rubberized grip which is designed for added comfort. With this jig saw, you can cut without too much vibration because of its counterweight balancing property. It also has a more solid performance than the rest of the products on the market. The Makita 4329K jig saw can cut through various materials, making it the best jigsaw in 2019.


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Porter-Cable PC600JS


Being a top rated jigsaw in 2019, the Porter-cable PC600JS has really great features. It shows optimum performance and great versatility, with ability to cut through different materials. The handle with soft grip property will add comfort to the user. Its LED lighting is designed for better visibility and the lock-on button gives you control of the tool for extended use. It is made of high quality materials and it is known for its superb cutting performance.


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SKIL 4395-01


Cutting various construction materials has never been this easy. With the Skil 4395-01, you will surely finish all your cutting tasks in no time. Its 5.5 amp motor is very powerful and it can tackle even the toughest cutting jobs that you may encounter. The stable foot system provides you stability and great control as you go on with your cutting. All its great features are the reason why it is a very popular product on the market and considered as one of the best sellers.


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