Juicers Price comparison


The natural health practice keeps on increasing in the recent days. Fresh fruit juice plays a vital role in it. To enjoy the delicious juice in the house, the best juicers should be available in the user’s kitchen. The naturally extracted juice from fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and more nutrients which are needed to the body. Based upon the chefs and user best juicers ratings, these are the best juicers which can be purchased from the market.


Omega J8004


Best juicers ratings

From the large number of products in the market, it is very tough to identify the efficient juicer within a short period. With the help of users review, the Omega J8004 juicer is found to be one of the excellent professional juicers which grab a special place in the kitchen. The commercial motor with single gear can run in the speed of 80 RPM which can be able to give delicious fruits juice without foaming and clogging. The main advantage of the omega is it’s easy to operate, clean and assemble without any trouble. It can be also used for whipping and beating food ingredients. It gives the professional experience in every household during the preparation of juice.



Breville 800JEXL


The Breville 800JEXL is declared as one of the efficient juicers in the best juicers ratings. During the preparation of delicious drinks in the kitchen, it gives the maximum help in achieving your delicious juice. The filter activity in this juicer is enhanced with the help of 1000 watts electronic motor which is made in Italy. Depends upon the softness of the fruits, the speed can be adjusted in this juicer. The pulp can be extracted with the help of three inch feed tube present in the Breville juice extractor. The flat cutting blade helps in cutting the fruits and vegetables within a fraction of second. The stainless steel casted juicer helps in providing the delicious fruit drink without any flavor.



Super Angel All-Stainless steel Twin Gear


Choosing the best juicer among the latest and stylish juicers in the market can be achieved with the user’s feedback and experts ratings. The super angel juicer is made up of professional stainless steel with twin gears to provide the enhanced performance in extracting the pulp from the fruit. The blade is made with surgical stainless steel with two stage juicers. The main advantage in the Super Angel juicer is easy to clean and operate at any environment. It is the most stylish one in the market when compared with the other juicers. It gives better performance in squeezing the fruits to prepare fresh fruit juice.



Omega J8006


Omega J8006 Nutrition Center commercial masticating juicer

It is one of the best commercial models which can be proudly declared as always welcome in all ranges of kitchen. With the help of Omega J8006 masticating juicer, good quality fresh fruit drinks can be obtained within a short period of time. It is comprised of powerful electronic motor which runs in the great speed of 80 RPM. The significant key factor is, the speed of the juicer never disrupts the quality of the juice. The pulp will be removed from this masticating juicer with the help of auto pulp ejection function in it.



Breville JE98XL


The Breville JE98XL is the best energy saver juicer in the market which has been advised by most of the household users. The 850 watts electronic motor runs with the feeder chute of 3 inches. With the help of this chute, the juicer can chop any fruits and vegetables. It is fixed with dual speed motor with strong stainless steel blade. Through this, variety juices can be prepared without any effort. The speed of the electronic motor can vary from 12 RPM to 6.5 RPM, which depends on the softness of the fruits and vegetables. It is the user friendly one and advised as easy to operate by any kind of person with or without experience.