Useful Tips When Buying a Jump Starter


Getting caught on a rainy night with your battery dead in a huge, empty parking lot can be the nightmare of your life, which is why people have developed an interest in reading the best jump starter reviews. However, it is not sensible to just go for the first unit you find.

Jump Starter Type


Featured in the best jump starter reviews are products called trickle chargers or plug-in battery chargers/jump starters. These types provide between 2 to 10 amps, with many models having multiple settings. They have a START setting that provides much higher amperage. The immediate start you obtain from a plug-in unit can be convenient but may not be good for your charging system. Modern alternators are not geared to charge completely dead batteries, and forcing a unit to do that can shorten the alternator’s lifespan.

On the other hand, a jump box is fundamentally a battery in a box. A sealed, maintenance-free battery is permanently connected to a set of heavy-duty jumper cables, with everything contained in a usually blow molded plastic package. The portability of jump boxes makes them a favorite in the best jump starter reviews. A jump box might not be able to charge a dead battery, but it can provide the needed amperage to start a car with a completely dead battery.


Battery Power

The battery of the best jump starter 2019 should have ample peak and cranking amps to be able to start your car during an emergency situation. Greater power is delivered to your low battery to boost it to start your vehicle if the peak amps are high. What works for many applications is peak amps of approximately 900 or higher, as well as cranking amps of 225 or greater. Match the cranking amps to your car’s battery type for hassle-free usage.


Jump Starter Features

A smaller size and weight is great for infrequent jump starting needs. Recharging the battery requires an onboard method. Heavy-duty, well-insulated clamps ensure safety by preventing shocks. The cables should be long enough to provide flexibility during use, and three feet or more is ideal. The top rated jump starters 2019 come with helpful extras such as a built-in radio and lights. They may also have an air compressor to sufficiently inflate a flat tire.


Top Rated Jump Starters in 2019


You can’t simply pick out the first product you read about in the best jump starter reviews. Aside from the considerations to think about before purchase, you may need to do more reading on the unit’s overall performance. The three products described below are certainly not short in that department.



Clore JNC660 ‘Jump-N-Carry’ Jump Starter


The Clore JNC660 is truly the best jump starter 2019, as it delivers 1700-ampere starting power and weighs just 18 pounds. Highly functional for a wide array of jump starting applications, the Clore JNC660 can be used for industrial, automotive and marine purposes. Giving you the power to overcome dead battery problems, this portable, handheld jump starter comes with 425 cranking amps of starting power. It comes with unparalleled power and durability.

Made to reach the starting points of most vehicles, the JNC660 has a heavy-duty 46-inch cable. The supplied JNC105 Clore PROFORMER battery is designed for jump starting vehicles. With extended cranking duration, extreme starting power and remarkable durability, the JNC105 Clore PROFORMER battery is the best element to power the JNC660. This jump starter comes with automatic recharging through a built-in charger. Simply connect an extension cord to the unit and it’s ready to recharge.

The unit has charging status LEDs that let you keen an eye on the charging process, and when a full charge has been achieved. The jump starter can be left connected to AC power indefinitely, without having to worry about overcharging or possible explosion when the unit is not unplugged immediately. Every component in the jump starter is designed to promote extreme starting power capability, and this includes the power path components.

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Brightech SCORPION Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger


If you’ve ever experienced being towed because of a battery that suddenly died on you in the middle of nowhere, you will surely appreciate the efficient functionality of the Brightech SCORPION Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger. This revolutionary device not only jump starts a V-8 diesel truck, recreational watercraft, a motorcycle or a car, but also recharges various electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, laptops and more.

The Brightech SCORPION jump starter may be the smallest such unit on the market, but it’s the best thing to have during emergency situations. Lightweight at just 14 ounces, it is small enough to bring along in your travel bag and is just the proper size to fit into a dashboard compartment. The built-in LED helps you safely find your way in the dark, as it functions as a flashlight. The LED also send out SOS distress signals when needed.

The box has a compact external power battery with 400 amp peak. The jump starter is also outfitted with power ports that let you revive your camera, Kindle, Bluetooth enabled device, and much more to boost up sagging energy levels,, for strong connections all the time. The long-lasting 44Wh battery offers low discharge, perfect for bringing lifeless vehicle batteries back to running condition.

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Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2 Jump Starter


The Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2 Jump Starter is a portable power unit that has 2200 peak amps, and 330 cranking amps plus 275 cold cranking amps. This enables it to support power boosting of dead vehicle batteries. It is a hardworking, versatile device that also serves as a power source for all 12-volt DC accessories outfitted with a 12-volt accessory plug. Onboard is a 22 Ah industry-grade and high output AGM battery that offers low discharge to bring dead batteries of vehicles back to life.

The built-in 3-ampere automatic charger ensures that the unit always has enough cranking power to promote battery boost. The replaceable copper jaws on the heavy duty clamps ensure problem-free connection to anything through which requires cranking power. The 4-gauge 50-inch cables ensure reach and flexibility from the device to the item to be jump started, for a variety of applications. The high-impact rubber base as well as the robust polypropylene vented case keep the unit grounded and safe to use.

The Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2 Jump Starter should be brought along to serve as an effective solution for jump starting needs when tailgating, camping, in power outages and plenty of other purposes.

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