Expert Buying Advice for Kerosene Heaters


Heating systems are expensive, and looking for the best kerosene heater of 2019 is a great idea if you intend to save some money but keep the inside of your home as comfortably warm as possible. Before choosing a model over another one, we recommend you accurately assess your needs and decide whether you need a unit or not.

Considering the number of accidents that have been linked to this type of devices in the past, it’s safe to say that users need to pay a little more attention on handling kerosene heaters. We’ve put together a list of things to consider that will help you understand what you need to look for in such a space heater.

A.Kerosene heater

Safety first

One of the first things to consider when buying a kerosene heater is its safety. While some modern devices pose little to no threat to the health of users, some older ones might affect it negatively. Regardless of the unit you decide to purchase, what you need to know is that children and people of old age are advised to stay away from these devices.

Toddlers have a certain innate curiosity and it is up to parents to keep them as far as possible from kerosene heaters. On the other hand, older individuals might not be able to take care of the ventilation by opening a window, particularly if they are disabled. People with special needs are also advised to stay out of reach.

Always open a window while the heater is turned on.



Although it’s tempting to use cheaper fuel instead of classic kerosene, doing so will ensue a series of risks. Diesel and gasoline are strictly prohibited from being used in a kerosene heater, as they pose the risk of explosion.



Since kerosene is quite expensive, buyers must pay attention to the BTU design of heaters. The majority of devices are rated at 23,000 BTUs, but smaller ones come with 10,000 BTUs.


Brand and warranty

Considering the safety factors, it’s a great idea to pick a trusted brand instead of a hazy one, regardless of the low price offered by the second. Most kerosene heaters will come with warranties between 1 and 2 years.


Top Rated Kerosene Heaters in 2019


After having analysed the performance of hundreds of models that currently exist on the market, we have selected three dependable ones for your consideration. Our picks are based on the best kerosene heater reviews and on the number of safety features they may come with. We’ve also looked at economy and convenience.


Dura Heat DH2304 Convection Kerosene Heater


1.Dura Heat DH2304This Dura Heat model is among the top rated kerosene heaters in 2019. It’s capable of projecting 23,000 BTUs of heat. The main advantage of the unit is its shape. It comes with a round shape resembling a cylinder, which makes it possible for the device to heat up space in a 360 degree radius. Considering the fact that this is a portable model, it can even be placed near a door between two rooms.

The model can heat up to 1,000 square feet and is one of the safest we’ve come across on the online market. When tilted, it will automatically shut off. The Dura Heat comes with its own drip tray.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this convection model, which has over time gathered some of the best kerosene heat reviews. Some buyers state that it is easy to install and put together, and claim that it requires little to no maintenance. In fact, it is common knowledge that these devices should be checked by a professional once a year.

A female customer shared a story about how the device might have saved her life during a snowstorm. Having been completely sealed from the outside world, she was able to heat two rooms with the help of this device, and use it as a light source.

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Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater


2.Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6BSince 23,000 BTU is a standard, this Dyna-Glo model also features it. As is the case with the aforementioned Dura Heat device, this one is also capable of heating up to 1,000 sq ft. It does a great job at providing enough heating between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the type of kerosene chosen by the user. This is one of the reasons why it’s known as the best kerosene heater of 2019.

As for safety, this one comes with a switch that instantly shuts the unit off when it’s tilted or knocked over. It is UI certified and complies with all known safety standards.

While the size of the device might be an inconvenience for some buyers, others consider it to be an advantage. In this case, the bigger is the better.

The manufacturers are offering a one year warranty with this product.

Buyers speak highly of the wick of the model and claim they’ve used others before sticking to this one. It appears that the Dyna-Glo comes with the most long lasting wick of all the available units, which is why it’s gathered the best kerosene heater reviews. This device seems to speak to the needs of people whose homes have large-sized rooms.

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Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat Kerosene Heater


3.Sengoku CTN-110When it comes to small-sized kerosene heaters, this unit is a winner. The Sengoku comes with three safety features, making it the perfect choice for people who are worried about using it in the proximity of children or elders.

As is the case of the previously mentioned models, this one comes with a tip over switch, but also features a safety protected guard and a shut-off switch.

One of the interesting features of the model is that it comes with a 1.4 gallon tank but this fuel quantity is capable of heating spaces up to 14 hours. It goes without saying that the unit can easily be carried around, considering its small size and its small fuel capacity.

Over 90 individuals have awarded this Sengoku heater 5-star ratings. Compared to its Dyna-Glo and Dura Heat counterparts, it might not have received the best kerosene heater reviews. However, it’s easy to install and does come with a long-lasting wick. The smell of burnt kerosene is perceptible only when users start the machine for the first time. This is why they’re advised to leave it to burn for an hour before using it indoors.

This one is highly recommended for 1-room apartments or small-sized spaces such as garages or workshops.

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