Kindle eBooks bestsellers price comparison


E-books that have a simple reading interface and attractive screening process are widely read and are very popular. The main objective behind reading books is to gain knowledge. Apart from this, books introduce a person to the world of romance, crime, and mystery. Books relax an individual. The following top rated Kindle e-book reviews act as a basic guideline for making the best pick.


No Easy Day


Kindle e-books bestsellers ratings

Mark Owen belonged to the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group and was popularly known as Seal. Seal had his role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden and was one of those people who had an encounter with Osama and even had a chance to witness the final moments of Osama. Seal had been associated with the operations in Iraq, rescue operation of Captain Richard and even with the compound encounter of Osama. No Easy Day gives a detailed insight regarding the operation that was planned to kill Osama. It focuses on America’s War on terrorism and vigorous training the armed officers have to go through. This book traces Owen’s life since youth and honors those who died fighting the war against terrorism.



Gone Girl


Gillian is highly acclaimed for her suspense writing and keeps her reader glued to the book till the end. This book focuses on the ups and downs of marital life. The story is set out in North Carthage Missouri. The story gives an insight into the life of the wedded couple Nick and Amy. The story starts with the fifth wedding anniversary preparations of the couple when suddenly Amy disappears. Nick presents a series of lies to save his face and is ready to stand by his innocence. However, the mysterious killing of his wife is still a question. This suspense thriller takes one into this interesting journey of the twists and turns of marriage.



Fifty Shades Freed


This book starts with the affair of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey who is basically an entrepreneur. Anastasia has a feeling of discomfort for Christian’s erotic taste and is compelled to demand a deep commitment. However he agrees. Both have a feeling that going through the different phases of the relationship would not be very easy. Anastasia has to reconcile with Christian’s lavish lifestyle. Similarly Christian has to fight back his past. When things finally start to settle down, Anastasia’s worst nightmare comes true. This book portrays passion, romance, wealth and intimacy in the most interesting possible manner. This book is for a mature audience.



Mocking jay


Everybody is well aware of the Hunger Games book series and Katniss Everydeen is the famous character who is ever in an adventurous mode. Katniss has emerged as a survivor twice in the Hunger Games. However her life is still at stake. Capitol on the other hand seeks revenge and there is utter unrest. To add fuel to the fire President Snow is of the opinion that no one else’s life is secure either, may it be Katniss’s family, her friends or the residents of district 12.  This thrilling book is bound to create history and heights of popularity.



Catching Fire


This book focuses on the prevalence of injustice.  Katniss and Peeta are able to achieve a victory in the Hunger games. This should be a source of happiness for the two. The victory should bring the message of happiness and safety for Katniss and her family. However, it is vice versa. The victory of Katniss and Peeta in the Hunger games gives rise to an unbeatable rebellion which becomes a reason of concern for the Capitol.  Simultaneously the scenario angers Capitol’s leader and Capitol wants to seek revenge. This book is worthy of achieving a spot amongst the Best kindle eBooks bestsellers ratings.



Our husband


The story of this book is laid out in such a manner that it can easily grasp the attention of the reader. This book deserves to have a place in the Best kindle eBooks bestsellers ratings. This book focuses on the life of three different women who belong to different walks of life. One is a doctor, one is a socialite and one is a stripper. However, the common aspect of their lives is a husband. However, the husband ends up dead and then the trio starts an endless journey to uncover the killer and a lot is awaiting them, more than what they expected.



The Hunger Games


Best kindle eBooks bestsellers ratings reveal that Hunger Games has made a mark for itself. This story offers a unique combination of adventure and romance. The story is laid out in North America; it talks about Capitol that is surrounded by 12 districts. The districts wage a war against Capitol, but are defeated. The penalty is that each district has to send a boy and a girl to an event known as the Hunger Game. There they have to fight death. Katniss Everdeen is sent from her district and she perhaps has to fight the toughest battle kill or get killed.



Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days)


The story is based upon the concept that the angels of apocalypse have specially descended to destroy the modern world.  There are street gangs haunting the day, while fear and endless doubt is loitering in the night. Seventeen year old Penryn has to deal with the bitter truth that her younger sister has been kidnapped since the warrior angels have taken the little girl away. She strikes a deal with a fallen enemy angel. Penryn begins her endless journey towards Northern California, where she would have to counter the stronghold of angels in California and rescue her sister by any means necessary.



Widow of Larkspur Inn (The Gresham Chronicles)


Jullia Hollis’s luxurious life tumbles down when her husband dies. However the worst is yet to come, the fact dawns upon her that her husband had lost all his fortune in gambling. The only array of hope lies in Larkspur, which is her coaching inn based in a village known as Gresham. Jullia is desperate to provide for her family and converts the coaching inn into a lodging inn. She who was used to being served has to let go of her ego now and then suddenly a new array of hope emerges in the form of new vicar who has just arrived in town.



September Fair (The Murder by Month Mysteries)


This book has achieved a high ranking for itself by award winning authors. The story is laid out beautifully. Mira James is an assistant librarian by profession. The Minnesota State is enjoying the festival fun until an unlikely event takes place. Milkfed Mary is a native of Black lake and is the queen of the dairy. She is mysteriously murdered. Mira is covering the fair, however the story is based upon the question whether Mira would be able to uncover a deadly secret regarding the State fair and reveal the real killer to win applaud and honor for her actions. The novel has been highly appreciated for its plot and the twists.



While the World Watched


This book provides an aspect of intrigue. The writer of this story is the survivor of Klan-Planted bomb. A bomb was planted in a church on 16th September 1963 that killed four of the survivor’s friends. The writer talks about how she is brought up in Birmingham and the impact of the tragic event on her life. However, she still looked up to her religious virtues to provide her the power to heal and to forgive the sinners. This book provides excerpts of famous speeches of Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy and Governor George Wallace. This book is among the Kindle top sellers.



 Married by Mistake


This book is another spot holder among the Kindle bestsellers. The story revolves around Casey Greene. She is abandoned by her fiancé on live TV. However, Adam Carmichael who is a millionaire wants to assist Casey in saving her face. Therefore, he steps into to marry her. He is ready to put up a fake show, but is taken in by surprise when he comes to know that the fake marriage has turned out to be binding. The circumstances force them to put up their best love act. However, in this process they forget that whether it is an act or is it all happening in real.



Too Darn Hot


The writer gives an insight into the real world and presents a well defined romantic comedy. The story revolves around Chef Eric who is making an effort to raise his twin sons when the tide is not in his favor. His restaurant is not running well. He is waiting for the day when things would improve. However, he is ignorant of the fact that the new customer who has been intriguing over his pecan tart is the one and only Linda Holland who is a reviewer and applaud from her side can change his world. The interesting part is that no one has had a glimpse of Linda and the Chef holds quite a negative opinion himself. That’s the point from where the fun starts.



Fire-up your fat burn!


This book is a perfect guide for the Americans who are fighting obesity. The book reveals tips and approaches towards healthy weight reduction. The techniques presented are proven and many have benefited by adopting the presented tips. The book reveals how diet and fitness routine can reduce belly fat forever.  It also reveals how energy levels can be boosted up easily. This book presents the facts how certain foods can do a wonder job when it comes to weight loss. The main objective of the book is to promote weight loss in a healthy manner. The guidelines can easily help initial or advanced obesity levels.





The attractive element about Bloodstone is that the author has not revealed everything in one go. The story takes the writer through a series of twists, turns, mystery and magic. The story unfolds with Stacy who wants to overcome the arson attack that struck her cousin’s bar. However, once things gradually start to settle down, a girl named Ivy appears on her doorstep and claims to be her sister and informs Stacy that her mother’s life is in danger. However, Stacy has her doubts whether Ivy is her real sister or not. Then a man is found dead at Stacy’s grandmother’s bed and breakfast and finally Stacy decides to look into the story given by Ivy.