If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best kitchen faucet money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We found it compelling to help consumers find the best kitchen faucet on the market, so we did a fair amount of research on this product category by going over expert review sites, owner feedback and overall brand quality. All of that paid off because we were able to conclude that nothing quite comes close to the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor. The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with pullout sprayer can respond naturally to the way you work. It features the state-of-the-art MotionSense technology that employs revolutionary sensors to detect movement via two sensing zones, activating water flow promptly. This simplifies tasks from filling a glass with water to washing the dishes and preparing dinner, so you won’t have to even touch the handle to get the waterflow going. The spray wand enables a full range of motion and effortlessly returns to the docked position no matter where you release it, perfect for double sinks. Thanks to the Spot Resist feature, the faucet resists water spots and fingerprints to keep the unit looking neat all the time. If the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is unavailable, we suggest going for the second best option, the Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland.



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Buying Guide


Kitchen faucets normally go through a huge amount of wear and tear, so you will want to buy one that not only looks fantastic but is also durable, safe and convenient. It pays to shell out more for a kitchen faucet from the best brands on the market to ensure that the following elements are sufficiently covered.

1.Moen 7594ESRS

Faucet Handle

Generally, kitchen faucets are outfitted with either a single handle that rotates directionally for changing the water temperature or a pair of handles to enable mixing of cold and hot water. Taking up less space and being easier to install and use, a single-handle faucet will not enable precise temperature adjustments as a two-handle unit. On the other hand, installation can be an issue with two-handle faucets.

Most models come with a pull-down or pull-out sprayer delivering stream and spray options. This is best for left handed users since you get versatility in just one unit. What is even better for that purpose is a hands-free faucet that employs either touch or motion sensors to control both water temperature and flow volume, which is also safer for homes with children. These types carry a universal design that promises easy access and the ability to adapt to any level of physical ability.



Top brand kitchen faucets come with tough finishes, with physical vapor deposition (PVD) being the toughest. During the process, the faucet gets bombarded with charged metal atoms that cling to the surface and create a bond, enabling the completion of a range of finishes. A PVD finish is highly resistant to scratches but staining can occur when corrosive chemicals such as drain cleaners come in contact with the finish.

Another popular finish is chrome, which is pretty durable except when scratched with an industrial-grade scouring pad. A bronze finish is the least resistant to abrasion. Brass finishes consist of zinc, copper and lead, which can leach into the drinking water and cause potential health hazards. To minimize the risk, brass faucets are only supposed to carry no more than 8 percent lead in them.

You can also opt for a sleek brushed nickel finish in a variety of powder-coated decorator colors. Interestingly, many kitchen faucet manufacturers do color combinations by giving their products one color for the body and then accenting that with another. They do electrostatic application of powder-coated hues that are baked on to deliver a tough and lasting finish.



For low water pressure, a spray or steam selector lets you switch from either a spray or steam flow of water to maximize what comes out. This will ensure maximum water flow even if the pressure is weak. Some models have finger-friendly buttons mounted to the side of the spray head for switching from steam to spray, ensuring the buttons remain in the last mode they were on before the faucet was turned off.

To filter tap water, some models feature in-faucet filters, but you need to decide if this is the best filtering option for the family while keeping maintenance and volume in mind. Some models also come with soap dispenser systems so the kitchen counter is kept more clutter-free. You might want a faucet with hot water dispenser as well, for convenient pot filling and hot beverage preparation.
While straight spout models are inexpensive and compact, gooseneck faucets let you fit a big pot under them because of greater clearance, but they are not great for shallow sinks because of greater probability for splashing. A pullout spout lets you work easily on all corners of the sink with a single-handle faucet head on a hose. Retracting the hose and spout neatly and easily is a counterweight system. This feature is handy when rinsing veggies and the sink as well.

Many single-handle faucets allow you to turn the units on and off without losing the last temperature setting they were on. This proves to be more convenient compared to units that completely reset the temperature every time they are turned on.

2.Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

Installation and Use

Many homeowners choose to install a sink and a faucet at the same time since it will be easier to install the faucet in the counter or sink before the sink itself is set into place. You also want fittings that can be tightened with just a screwdriver for a streamlined setup. Tools will be easier to maneuver when connections can be made lower in the sink with long water supply hoses.

You can also select between top mount and bottom mount faucet installations. A bottom-mount faucet attaches with screws through the top of the faucet body, while a top mount screws in place through the bottom of the faucet body. You can also choose from different faucet mechanisms depending on your preference for repairs and maintenance with use, whether ceramic disc, ball valve, cartridge or compression valve.



Top rated kitchen faucets in 2019


Out of the many different models and manufacturers, we believe the following products are the best kitchen faucet units you can get on the market.


Our recommendations


Moen 7594ESRS


best kitchen faucetAccording to the best kitchen faucets reviews, the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is made from a Spot Resist stainless that prevents fingerprints and water spots from showing. It also uses a pull-down spout and a one-handle lever design for an easier use. If you are looking for a quality, modern-looking faucet that can deliver both speed and efficiency, we highly recommend the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motionsense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet. Other features that make this unit popular is its reflex system for a smoother and easier movement and a more secure docking. Its hands-free control will surely provide pleasure to all kitchen users.


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Moen 7594CSL


With a classic stainless steel design, the Moen 7594CSL received high marks from the current top rated kitchen faucets reviews that describe the model “as a reliable and efficient kitchen component, vital in any sink”. The Moen Arbor is easy to use and very flexible and it delivers a real feeling of style in your kitchen. This high-arc pull-down model features a one-handle lever design that allows the user to easily control the kitchen faucet. The Moen 7594CSL is ADA compliant and includes the Duralast cartridge which provides a smooth feel due to the aerated stream.


Buy from Amazon for ($313.68)




Premier 120334LF Essen


This kitchen faucet amazingly lit up my kitchen by bringing a modern look that even my guests noticed. Its single-handle control feature brings uttermost convenience and accuracy, and its quality ceramic disc cartridge will certainly increase its durability. I love how I can set it from a steady stream to a powerful, high-volume spray with just one click. With a PVD brushed nickel finish, it features a excellent height of 22-9/16 inches, and an eye-catching, durable stainless steel hose protector coil. Its design is also built for uttermost protection to prevent scratching, tarnishing, corrosion, and discoloration. With an optional deck plate and a matching Premier soap dispenser, the Essen faucet can be mounted on one-hole to four-hole sinks.


Buy from Amazon for ($245.55)




Delta 9178-SS-DST


Most of the present top rated kitchen faucet reviews underline the efficiency of the Delta 9178-SS-DST Leland single handle pull-down model, known for its modern aspect and stainless steel design. This charming teapot inspired kitchen faucet is ideal for any sink, bringing a touch of elegance into the mix. The Delta 9178-SS-DST also has a high-arc spout swivel 360-degree which allows the user to have complete access to the sink, thus preventing the apparition of problems or limiting factors. Furthermore, the single handle control provides precise control of operations while doing the dishes.


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Kraus KPF-1612


Considered as one of the best kitchen faucet 2019, the Kraus KPF-1612 single lever model is constructed from solid brass with a stunning and strong triple chrome finish. This model is simply beautiful and adds a touch of glamour to the place where it is installed. Furthermore, the Kraus KPF-1612 contains a sedal drip-free ceramic cartridge that prevents unwanted spills and it can even save you some money on the water bill. In addition to its great structure, this model has spout which swivels 180-degrees and in the basic package you will find all the mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines.


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Pfister 133-10SS Series


Made out of stainless steel for extra durability, the Pfister 133-10SS kitchen faucet is one of the best kitchen faucets 2019 taking into consideration its efficiency and design. This pull-out kitchen faucet comes with a ceramic disc valving system for a reliable and also leak-free operation. The Pfister 133-10SS is a family model, ideal for kitchen, laundry, tub/shower and also lavatory usage. It has a compact structure and won’t disappoint you once the installation is over and ready to be used.


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Products which are no longer available



Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Velino


Top rated kitchen faucet reviewsWith a classic and simple design, the Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Velino pull-down kitchen faucet comes with efficient integrated soap dispenser and provides a real taste of style to the user. The Delta 16971-SSSD-DST includes the advanced Diamond Seal technology that uses a valve with a strong diamond coating. The particularity of the Diamond Seal technology makes the faucet last for up to 5 million uses which is quite impressive. In addition to its solid structure, the 16971 comes with the MagnaTite docking touch clean brilliance finish with soap and lotion dispenser, thus placing the model among the current best kitchen faucet 2019.