Kitchen mixers Price comparison


Without a professional mixer, a modern kitchen remains incomplete. A cutting edge kitchen mixer does not only save time, it also elevates the look of the kitchen.  A high end mixer is capable of mixing various foods required to prepare different cuisines. Our best kitchen mixers ratings bring you the insight on them and enable you to easily identify the best product for satisfying your culinary traits.


Artisan 5-Quart Stand mixer


Best kitchen mixers ratings

Kitchen Aid’s Artisan 5-Quart Stand model really stands out for its powerful motor, beautiful design and easier operation. Its 5 quart stainless steel bowl, Tilt-back head, included three attachments and a large variation of mixing speed helped it to earn its place in best kitchen mixers ratings. The design of its head allows easy access to both the beater and the bowl. Not only that, it comes with a pouring shield which enables you to pour the ingredients to the right place. The flexibility of this mixer has increased significantly by inclusion of three accessories – a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip. This comes handy when you want to cream the butter, or knead the dough or whip the cream.



5-Quart KSM150PSMC mixer


This Artisan 5-Quart KSM150PSMC has secured top rates in current best kitchen mixer reviews. It has a superior capacity bowl of 5-quarts that has ergonomically designed handle. This fits perfectly with the hand contours. Thus lifting the superior bowl becomes very easy. The mixer has 325-watt motor which provides excellent mixing power and its solid metal construction gives it durability. It has a dimension of 14 by 8-2/3 inches by 14 inches which seemed to be the perfect dimension for any modern kitchen. For mixing speed, KSM150PSMC mixer allows to choose from 10 speeds which are more than enough for everyday blending and mixing.



KSM150PSER Series 5-Quart mixer


Kitchen Aid KSM150PSER Artisan Series 5-Quart mixer is a perfect example of stylish and useful kitchen tool. It has not only the esthetic beauty but also the proper working capability. No wonder this mixer has made its way to the best kitchen mixers ratings.  Its head, with the tilt-back option, helps you to get hold of the mixture very easily. Also it has 2-piece pouring shield and large chute. This makes adding more ingredients a child’s play. This device is capable of operating under 10 different speeds and has a unique 67 point movement of beater and bowl that ensures proper mixing of different food parts. It includes three different attachments which empower it to become one of most powerful kitchen assistant.  Moreover, the mixer itself has 325 watt motor. With Solid metal finishing, it has that sleek look that will provide a subtle touch of elegance in your modern kitchen.



KSM150PSPK Komen foundation series 5-Quart mixer


In short, Kitchen Aid KSM150PSPK Komen foundation artisan series 5-Quart mixer can be described as a durable mixer that has enough flexibility to meet everyday demand of mixing and blending, and it performs the tasks in a quiet mood! It has a very user friendly design. Its sturdy all metal construction blessed it with longer life span and the rubber at the bottom ensures its safe stay during operation. According to many top rated kitchen mixer reviews, it has defined a new benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness of kitchen mixers.  It is equipped with three different attachments for different tasks like making batter, or air-infused preparations, or mixing and kneading.



K45SS Classic mixer


Timeless thing is known as classic, and the quality and effectiveness of Kitchen Aid K45SS Classic mixer has ensured that it’s naming is justified. It performs all the tasks expected from a kitchen mixer quite superbly. Blending, beating, batting, kneading, mixing, whipping… you name it, K45SS Classic mixer does it, and it performs it remarkably well. Three different elements are supplied with this model – a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip, which are more than a match for mixing, blending and other similar activities. Powered by a 250 watt motor, and supplied with a 4-1/2-quart bowl, this mixer can hold dough for 2 loaves of bread. It has 10 point adjustable speed control that allows you to determine precisely how you want the ingredients to be mixed.