What to Consider When Buying a New Kitchen Rug


Protect your floors and add style and color to your kitchen with an attractive and functional rug. With so many kitchen rugs to choose from finding the right one for your space can be difficult. In this buying guide you will find helpful tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best kitchen rug in 2019.

Best Kitchen Rug


As stated in the best kitchen rug reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the size. You want it to be able to fit in the specified area, without overlapping on the sides of the wall. The shape of the rug will also affect its size. Most kitchen mats are rectangular to easily fit in front of a sink or stove, but there are larger circular rugs that are ideal for placement under tables and in the center of the floor.



The best kitchen rug reviews also suggest carefully considering the materials used in construction to ensure the mat can stand up to normal wear and tear. Recycled rubber is inexpensive, durable, and environmentally friendly, while nylon fabric is generally colorful and long lasting. Kitchen rugs constructed from latex are often designed for comfort, and mats with cushiony gel layers can prevent foot pain. You also want the kitchen rug to be constructed with a non slip backing which will prevent the mat from slipping on hard, slick floors, or from sliding dangerously out underneath your feet.



You can find kitchen rugs in a variety of styles and designs, which makes it easy to choose the perfect one to compliment your existing décor. Bright stripes and patterns can brighten up a darker area, while soft neutral tones are easy to blend in. Rugs that feature a stain resistant design are easy to clean and care for, and self sticking edges are always appreciated. Not only will this help keep the mat firmly in place, it can also help prevent dangerous trips and falls. Stain resistant material is always a bonus, and can make it easier to keep the kitchen rug looking like new.


Top Rated Kitchen Mats in 2019


While we can’t choose the right mat for you floor, we can show you the top rated kitchen mats for 2019. Designed to be stylish and functional, these durable and affordable mats can protect your floor while giving you a comfortable place to stand.


Apache Mills 60-764-1029 Masterpiece Aberdeen Entrance Mat


1.Apache Mills 60-764-1029It is easy to see why this stylish rug is a best seller on Amazon. Measuring 18″ x 30″ it is perfect for placing in front of a sink or stove, or even in the entrance to your kitchen. The warm brown and gold tones will blend in beautifully with almost any décor, and the elegant pattern adds an old world charm to your kitchen.

It is constructed from recycled rubber that is durable, and resistant to wear and tear. The kitchen rug also features a non slip backing that keeps the mat firmly in place, and prevents dangerous falls on slick hard floors. The tough fibers are flocked for added durability, and the stiff material will easily remove dirt and mud from the bottoms of your shoes.

The fibers also help to trap the dirt in the rug to keep it off of your floors, and the unique design includes small channels for easy cleaning. Along with giving the kitchen rug a 2D appearance, these tiny channels also allow the dirt to run easily through. Perfect for use in most kitchens, this durable rug will give you a comfortable place to stand while doing the dishes or cooking the evening meal.

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AmozonBasics Premium Kitchen/Office Mat


2.AmazonBasics Premium Kitchen RugManufactured by Amazon in the U.S.A., there is very little not to like about this durable and comfortable kitchen rug. It measures 20″ x 36″ making it the perfect size for use in front of most sinks and stoves, and it can also help you stay comfortably on your feet at work.

While this kitchen rug is designed to protect your floor, it will also help reduce the foot pain and fatigue you feel when standing for long periods of time. The durable mat includes a comfortable “gel like” layer that will support your feet, and prevent the normal aches and pains you feel after standing on hard surfaces. The mat also features a non slip backing that will keep it securely in place on slick hard floors, and you have the added advantage of the specially designed edges that won’t curl up over time.

This kitchen rug is designed to blend in with any kitchen décor, and you will love how easy it is to clean. The tough surface is resistant to normal wear and tear, along with most spills and stains. Designed to last for years and affordably priced, it’s easy to see why this kitchen rug is a popular choice with consumers.

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Townhouse Rugs Carnival Stripe Multi Rug


3.Townhouse Rugs Carnival Stripe Kitchen RugIf you love bright, bold colors and patterns, this might be the perfect rug for your kitchen. The striped pattern is festive without overpowering your existing décor, and is the perfect accompaniment for almost all types of floors. This kitchen rug also features an affordable price, and a durable construction that is designed to last for years.

The durable nylon material is resistant to stains, and designed to withstand normal wear and tear. The bright colored stripes are machine printed on, and won’t fade or bleed over time. You will also appreciate its “shed free” construction that keeps loose fibers off of your kitchen floors.

Constructed in the United States, this kitchen rug also features a non slip backing. The mat is designed to stay firmly in place, and to help prevent painful falls on slick kitchen floors. You will also appreciate how easy this rug is to clean. It is rated safe for the washer and dryer so it is easy to keep this colorful rug looking like new. Perfect for use in almost any kitchen and designed to last for years, this might be exactly what you need for your hard floor.

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