What to Consider When Buying a New Kitchen Table


One of the most important pieces of furniture for your kitchen is, of course, the kitchen table. Back in the days, people used to have their meals around a dining table, but, nowadays, most prefer the functionality and practicality of a kitchen table. When you are looking to purchase a kitchen table, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The following guide will help you identify the top rated kitchen tables 2019 and make a solid purchase that you will not regret.

Best Kitchen Table


One important aspect to consider when you are shopping for a kitchen table is the type of material used. While you may think that any kind of wood would do, you should think about a material that is more durable. Oak is a very good choice and it is a very durable type of wood. Basically, you will be making a small investment in your kitchen table, but it will be totally worth in the long run.



A kitchen table should not be only functional; it should also lend some sense of style to the entire room and its shape plays an important role. Square tables are very popular and they can easily accommodate four people eating at the table at the same time. Round tables are considered more stylish, and they can also be more useful when you want to add an extra person to the table. Other varieties of shapes do exist, such as rectangular and oval, but they are not that essentially different from square and round table.



For kitchen tables, there are certain standard dimensions available, in terms of height, in particular. If you happen to have some different preferences, you may have to shop around a little, until you will find a model to your liking.



There are quite a few other styles of kitchen tables available, depending on the purpose for which they are designed. For instance, bistro style tables can accommodate just two people. Extension tables are great for larger crowds, while standard tables can serve a lot of purposes, from serving the morning coffee to serving casual meals or using the table as a small office space.


Top Rated Kitchen Tables in 2019


Reading many of the best kitchen table reviews available on the Internet can help you identify a great looking piece of furniture for your home. If you do not have enough time to do that, fret not; we did all the reading for you and these are the most popular models of the moment you can purchase.


Coaster Butcher Block Farm Dining Table


1.Coaster Butcher Block Farm Dining TableDurability is what most people seek in a kitchen table. The Coaster Butcher Block Farm Dining Table is the very definition of durability, as it is made of brand new solid wood that makes sure that you will be using this kitchen table for many years to come. The traditional design adds to its charm, and you will surely love having this beautiful farm dining table in your kitchen.

The rectangular form makes sure that you will be able to accommodate your entire family around the table when serving meals. There is hardly anything more heartwarming than having everyone you love close together, sharing dinner and discussing about their day.

You will also appreciate that this table is easy to assemble. The manufacturer offers clear instructions on how to put the kitchen table together, so you will find assembly a real walk in the park. The natural wood look of this table is easy to integrate with any type of kitchen or dining room décor. All that remains is for you to purchase matching chairs, and you will have a great setup ready for serving dinners for the entire family evening after evening.

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Home Styles 5518-30 The French Countryside Pedestal Table


2.Home Styles 5518-30 The French Countryside Pedestal TableThe Home Styles 5518-30 The French Countryside Pedestal Table is praised by many of the best kitchen table reviews because of its outstanding looks and not only. Let’s talk about style at first, since this is what you will notice right away when you’ll have a look at this table.

The round shape makes the model a good choice for accommodating more people at the same time. The table is a combination of balance and elegance, but it doesn’t feel too distant or sumptuous looking. The rubbed finish lends it a warmth you would expect from a table on which you will be serving many dinners and casual meals.

The pedestal table is made of hardwood and the white finish for the leg designed French style makes it an elegant choice for any dining room. The top surface is made of engineered wood and its design creates an interesting effect. Made of oak, the surface was crafted by the manufacturer using various distressing techniques to create the illusion of an older table that has been through a lot.

Some assembly is required, but nothing very difficult and you will surely appreciate this aspect. The overall design makes it a great hit with consumers everywhere.

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Winsome Wood Groveland Dining Table


2.Winsome Wood Groveland Dining TableIn case you are looking for a kitchen table with unassuming looks that serves the purpose, you will not go wrong with the Winsome Wood Groveland Dining Table. The large number of positive comments from users recommends this model as the best kitchen table 2019, even when compared with much more elegant and over engineered models.

This kitchen table is a great representation of everything that’s classic in such a piece of furniture. Made of solid wood, the table is very durable and it will serve you and your family for a long time. The light oak finish is warm and inviting and creates a welcoming feeling that everyone wants to have in their kitchen. Although simple in appearance, the Winsome Wood Groveland Dining Table serves its purpose very well, and it makes for a fine addition to your dining room or your kitchen.

Because it is smaller than many other models, and it comes in a square shape, this table is a great choice for more cramped spaces. Now you do not have to worry that your family will not be able to share a meal together, as the table easily accommodates four people.

Assembly is very easy and the tools needed are included with your purchase.

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