A Useful Buying Guide on Laminators


If you’ve been looking for the best laminator reviews for some time, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you and explain to you what sets one type of laminating machine from another, and why one might be more advantageous for you than another one. Just remember, spending some time on reading some honest opinions about various models of laminators might actually save you bucks.

What to look for when buying the best laminator of 2019


Size of the laminator

One of the first and most basic things to consider when purchasing one of the top rated laminators of 2019 is the size of the item. It’s pretty clear that choosing a smaller-sized laminator will make it impossible for you to handle and properly laminate larger-sized documents. Products from this line can generally be split into three categories. There’s the home pouch laminator, that can traditionally laminate documents of 9” or 13” in width.

Then, there’s the office pouch laminator, which is available in a variety of sizes and is perfect for laminating documents of up to 13” wide. Finally, we have the professional laminator that is usually found in large offices and that can laminate documents of up to 44” wide. It’s up to you to choose the right size of the best laminators of 2019.


Laminating speed

This feature largely varies from one product to another. Devices for home use are known to laminate up to 10” per minute. Office laminators a little more productive and will handle up to 24” per minute. Professional products can laminate up to 40” per minute. Yet again, your choice should be strictly based on your personal necessities.


Reverse mode

As all laminators are made of rollers, they’re bound to get stuck at some point or the other. To prevent wrinkling your documents, the laminator you choose should always feature a reverse mode.



In the case of these devices, warranty is important because items of the line use both heated and cold rolling in order to laminate efficiently. Documents can be damaged when the heat level is increased, so be careful what model you choose.


Top Rated Laminators in 2019


Best laminator reviews claim that these are the most appreciated products of the market today: Scotch TL901, Apache AL18P and AmazonBasics PL9-US. Let’s see what makes every one of these item so special.


Scotch TL901


This device was manufactured for home use. If you are involved in the management of a small business or a startup, the product could also speak to your limited needs. The Scotch TL901 is one of the cheapest laminators out there and it’s also one of the best. It comes at a price of less than $85 and can laminate documents up to 9” wide.

Yet another plus of choosing this model is the fact that it is lightweight and thus it can be used as a portable device.

You might need to be a little patient with this one, since it heats up in about seven minutes. However, as previously mentioned in the buying guide, it is important to know whether you can somehow save documents that might suffer laminating accidents.

With this product, you can. It comes with a simple jam-release lever, which allows you to safely extract any item. This way, you can rest assured that all your precious photos, cards and documents are free from danger.

With more than 1,850 5-star ratings, it would be hard to say no to an item like this. Customers speak highly of the performance of the Scotch TL901 laminator. This model has some of the best laminator reviews of all.

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Apache AL18P


Also a great laminating machine, the Apache AL18P features a 20 pack laminator pouches (3 and 5 mil). The product is a little more advanced than the Scotch TL901 we presented above. First of all, it can laminate larger-sized documents, with widths comprised between 9 and 18”. The device is composed of 4 silicone rollers, which can use both heated and cold lamination.

Yet what truly sets the Apache AL18P aside from other models of laminating machines? The answer to this question is simple. Compared to others, this laminator features a sturdy build and a heavier weight. Additionally, it comes with a metal base that’s remarkably thick, which has an interesting purpose. The heavier the laminator, the few the vibrations encountered during the laminating process. This will result in perfectly laminated photos and documents.

The Apache AL18P is considered to be one of the top quality laminators out there because it’s built for a longer use. It’s almost a professional device. Sure, it can be used at home, but even if one needs it in the office, it’s certainly up to par.

With more than 45 5-star ratings and multiple satisfied customers, this device has received some of the best laminator reviews.

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Amazon Basics PL9-US


The Amazon Basics PL9-US is also one of those great laminators that anyone can use at home. It can laminate documents up to 9” wide. One other thing to consider when researching the features of this item is the fact that it really comes at a great price. It can be purchased for less than $22, which is why 280 people actually bought it.

Thanks to 2 temperature controls, this laminator makes sure it never damages your photos or important documents. In fact, it’s among the products that are actually fit to use with photos. If you’re a freelancer or generally work from home, this laminator is certainly for you. It doesn’t take up too much space. It’s also faster than other semi-professional devices, considering the fact that it heats up in a matter of only 4 minutes.

The package containing the product was especially developed by Amazon to eliminate any frustration resulting from customers’ inability to get the device out of the box. The Frustration-Free Packaging the Amazon Basics PL9-US comes in reduces waste and largely contributes to generally saving resources.

If you still aren’t convinced that this is the laminator for you, don’t take our word, take the one of more than 210 people who granted the device with 5-star ratings.

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