Top rated laptops under 500 dollars


A growing number of people are searching for powerful laptops that can offer amazing computing experiences whenever and wherever. The market offers cheap laptops that don’t disappoint. The trick is to find the ideal product and use it without reservations. Now, we tried to make people’s job easier by testing 20 of the most popular laptops available for purchase. After one week of attentive study on computer force and interactive capabilities, we noticed that five products deliver great results. Considered the best laptops under 500 dollars, the models presented below offer a smooth computing experience without compromising on design and elegance.


Acer C720 Chromebook


Best laptops under 500Today’s need for affordable but still useful laptops is growing among students. This is why we recommend the C720 Chromebook from Acer. Part of the unique Chromebook series the device is designed especially for different web-based applications. This model is based on web apps and as a result, a connection to the internet needs to be present. People can use it in order to edit photos or create documents and spreadsheets through some of the most popular Google applications. It runs on the popular Chrome operating system which offers unique Google designed programs. Furthermore, users can store documents, videos and photos in Google Drive, making them accessible from anywhere around the world.

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Samsung Wi-Fi Chromebook


One of the best laptops under 500 comes from Samsung, the XE303C12 Chromebook! Very popular among Americans this device requires the internet in order to run. The laptop includes unique Google applications and the interactive Chrome operating system for an amazing computing system. The laptop is thin and very light and with a sleek design! This high quality Chromebook allows people to store videos, documents and photos in Google Drive. All files are password protected and accessible from anywhere around the world where there is a solid internet connection. Users have access to top rated applications like Search, Gmail and YouTube straight from the box!

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HP Pavilion 10-e010nr touchscreen laptop


How to find the best laptop under 500? Well, there are many possibilities out there but we gladly recommend the 10-e10nr Pavilion touchscreen laptop from HP. This beautiful laptop has a 10-inch diagonal touchscreen which makes it easy for users to go from one application to the next. Great for daily computing needs this laptop is thin and easy to carry around! The interactive touchscreen display allows users to swipe and tap with daily multi-touch gestures. It includes a special built-in media card reader which permits people to save various videos, applications or images. The Pavilion has 10.1” diagonal HD LED-backlit display and runs on Windows 8.1 operating system!

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Asus VivoBook X200CA-DB01T Touchscreen Laptop


For those that are looking for the best laptop under 500 we recommend the X200CA-DB01T VivoBook from Asus. This sleek laptop enhances the quality of daily computing experiences. It incorporates an intuitive touchscreen display that offers a comprehensive grasp on various applications, games and programs. Due to the portable design this particular laptop is great to carry around! The model from Asus features SonicMaster Lite technology for crystal clear sound. In addition to the compact and elegant design, the X20CA-DB01T incorporates a Super Hybrid Engine II with Instant On system which permits people to turn it on after only 2 seconds.

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Dell Inspiron i15RV-954BLK Laptop


With a great laptop people can handle easier different applications, gamers and programs. For amazing computing experiences we recommend the Inspiron laptop from Dell. Why this particular model? Well, this 15.6 inch laptop uses Intel Pentium 2127U processor which can handle even the most demanding of applications. It includes 4 GB DDR3L 1 DIMM memory for fast computing fluidity. With a smooth Black Matte and textured finish, the laptop runs on Windows 8 OS. This operating system is intuitive and responsive to user demands. The laptop from Dell is 1” thin and incorporates highly responsive 10-key number pad for daily calculations.

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